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Venus and Mars (2001) Online

Venus and Mars (2001) Online
Original Title :
Venus and Mars
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Harry Mastrogeorge
Cast :
Lynn Redgrave,Daniela Amavia,Ryan Hurst
Writer :
Ben Taylor
Type :
Time :
1h 34min
Rating :
Venus and Mars (2001) Online

After years of absence 26-year old Kay returns to her home town. Her soccer coach died and the girls from the team all gather for the funeral. The stories of Celeste, Lisa and Marie seem to prove what Kay has long suspected: love makes you unhappy. But Kay's mother predicts that when Venus lines up with Mars, Kay will meet the man of her dreams. Then suddenly a mysterious American appears and an unpredictable adventure begins that changes Kay's idea of a happy life.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Lynn Redgrave Lynn Redgrave - Emily Vogel
Daniela Amavia Daniela Amavia - Kay Vogel (as Daniela Lunkewitz)
Ryan Hurst Ryan Hurst - Roberto
Fay Masterson Fay Masterson - Celeste
Julia Sawalha Julia Sawalha - Marie
Julie Bowen Julie Bowen - Lisa
Michael Weatherly Michael Weatherly - Cody Battle Vandermeer
Michael Brandner Michael Brandner - Ernst
Sebastian Gosch Sebastian Gosch - Patrick, Kay's Brother
Manou Lubowski Manou Lubowski - Andre
Jens Neuhaus Jens Neuhaus - Denis
Hedda Oledzky Hedda Oledzky - 'Crazy' Lady
Hella von Sinnen Hella von Sinnen - Bertha
Frank Behnke Frank Behnke - Wilhelm
Harry Weber Harry Weber - Celeste's Trashman

User reviews

Risky Strong Dromedary

Risky Strong Dromedary

I saw this film at a test screening here in Berlin and I fell madly in love: with this adorable film, the actors and they way this made me and my boyfriend feel. It is not a "message" film, but it is perfect for a date on Saturday night...bring popcorn,sit in the last row and start kissing. And if you are not bringing a date, at least this will remind you what it feels to be young and in love. And unless you are completely jaded and cynical, this will make you smile.


"Venus and Mars" is nice romantic-comedy. This is not a great movie, but this is not a bad movie. Michael Weatherly play in that movie his role good but not so great like in "Dark Angel", but this actor has got big potential to became very popular cinema movie actor, not only TV actor. Daniela Amavia play her role nice, but she is not so good in romantic-comedy like Meg Ryan or Sandra Bullock. This movie is good production to watch if you want to spend free time with your girlfriend. "Venus and Mars" is nice German production (I do not specially like German actors) with many actors from USA or some from Englad, that is big + of that movie. Julie Bowen also play in that movie, this actress is well know from comedy TV series "ED". Michael Weatherly who play in two very good TV series "Dark Angel" and "NCIS" in that movie is not so good like in his work in TV movie "Mystery of Natalie Wood" but his acting is similar to Wilson brothers (Luke and Owen)... If someone like some actors from that movie, then you should watch "Venus and Mars"...


This is a very non-cynical film. Basically the moral behind it is - if you believe in love it will find you. Hard to believe when my girlfriend just dumped me..

Anyway, the film is about a group of American girls who are reunited at their European school when their favorite teacher and soccer coach dies. They are now all in their 30's and are having problems with their love lives. Basically they all sort out their lives over the period of about 7 days.

I really enjoyed the performances of the actors and the film kind of reminded me of a cross between Sex in the City and My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Unfortunately the direction is really weak. Parts of the movie are very predictable. The performances of Julie Bowen (Ed!), Ryan Hurst (Remember the Titans) and Daniela Lunkewitz (Children of Dune) stand out.


Since I used to know some of the people involved with this film, I decided not to review it professionally. After finally seeing it, I can hardly resist the urge to comment on it as a private moviegoer/renter - especially in the light of the dubious raves being published here. Yes, "Venus and Mars" is THAT bad! Not only that it's a bad film, it's also a waste of money, time and talent: Lynn Redgrave was delightfully funny - let's make this peculiar -in "Gods and Monsters". Ryan Hurst was great in "Remember the Titans". I just love "Dark Angel" - and not just because the spunky charm and great looks of Jessica Alba, but also because of Michael Weatherly, whose brilliant, low-key performance single-handedly provides a counter-balance to the series' outrageously futuristic plot. Why all these great actors (and some others in the cast) didn't chose to act, would even puzzle Melville's Bartleby. Let Variety proclaim that the announced Actors Strike was narrowly avoided - I'd say that it did happen indeed: and it happened during the shooting of this film. But then again, why should they have put any effort into this cheesy train wreck of a romantic comedy: the plot is somewhat appealing in its naiveté - four girlfriends return to their German hometown to mourn the death of their soccer-coach - but it's the kind of 'nice' idea that needs great dialogue, perfect execution, charming ambiance and romantic spirit to come to fruition. Needless to say, all of this is lacking in "Venus and Mars". The dialogues don't just border on the ridiculous - it's fair to say that it's miles south of the border, let alone the equator. The pacing is uneven. Continuity in the case of this film only means that the celluloid does not tear. And when all girls find their perfect guy in the end (no spoiler, that's what we expect from a romantic comedy), the audience does not swoon, but is bound to groan loudly. There is the name of a director in the credits - but somehow I doubt he exists. If he does, I would not even let him direct cart-traffic on a golf-course, because of the legal ramifications, let alone the bloodshed. He might have said "action" and "cut" during the filming, but so does a parrot. As for the leading lady Daniela Lunkewitz, I do have to surmise that she is no Meg Ryan - or Jeri Ryan, for that matter. "Venus and Mars" is the kind of romantic-comedy nobody needs - and I'll have to take my hat off to the investors and the unsuspecting patrons who bought a ticket. Charity is rare these days - but I'd like to suggest that there are causes out there far more worthy of your 8 bucks or the few millions that were pumped into this little endeavor.


Maybe it is because I saw this movie in a wonderfuly special place that it means so much to me. Or maybe it is because it is such a good movie. I always love it when I see a movie and it reminds me of the great feeling you get when your in love. This is a movie to see with someone close to you, either a great friend or your loved one. To all the actors, I say "wonderful work," to the director "brilliant", and to the writer "the godfather of romantic comedy" you never cease to amaze me, I still can't believe your in my life. Thanks for always inspiring me in every walk of life.

GREAT FLICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is such a great movie. The basic premise of a "return to home and meet up with friends you haven't seen for ages" is played out here with the friends realizing things about themselves that they didn't know. The classic "mom v. daughter" and why we move away from home (but still return) is done very well by Lynn Redgrave and Daniella Lunkiwitz (sorry for any mis-spellings. The story line is excellent with some great one-liners. I highly recommend this movie. Michael Weatherly and Ryan Hurst play the sensitive, devil-may-care personalities very well. This is truly a great work of filmaking. I had to tape this when it was shown on TV because as of yet there is no way to buy it. When's the DVD coming?


***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** I had already heard that this film was supposedly the most unfunny comedy ever to be filmed on German soil, but for some perverse reason I decided to see it anyway to find out if it could really be as bad as my friends said.

It is: the story is right out of a daytime-soap. Kay, a German girl who's given up on love goes back to her home town to help bury her soccer-coach and meets up with her three girlfriends from high school - two married, one not.

Soon after her arrival, she's told by her wacky mother that love is in the stars for her when Venus and Mars align - and before you can say "Seen that before" an American hunk named Cody appears (have you ever noticed that these guys are always named Cody or Ken? If they go by Ken, they are made out of plastic; Cody acts like he's made out of wood).

The rest is easily told: after some unfunny interludes, all girls fall in love and live happily ever after. Kay gets Cody, who turns out to be the heir to a fortune. The one who's married to an old-millionaire gets the hunky trash man - sorry, waste-removal-technician. The other married one simply gets laid with her husband and falls for him all over again. And the cute one who was after a gay guy suddenly decides for the shy cab-driver, who has helped her stalk Mr. Right-But-Not-Straight.

According to the credits, this film is directed by a Harry Mastrogeorge - who has directed it right into the remainder-bin at your local video-store. The acting is universally bad, with the possible exception of the guy playing the soccer-coach, but only because he's supposed be dead throughout the film - the other thespians don't have that excuse.

Some of the characters in this film are supposed to be American, some are German, but since the director did not choose to staple the character's passports to their foreheads and the screenplay only offers vague clues, international confusion rules. I guess the filmmakers were aiming for the US-market as well as the German.

Guess what guys: you missed the mark by a mile as well as a kilometer.