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One Touch of Venus (1955) Online

One Touch of Venus (1955) Online
Original Title :
One Touch of Venus
Genre :
Movie / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
George Schaefer
Cast :
Janet Blair,Russell Nype,George Gaynes
Writer :
S.J. Perelman,Ogden Nash
Type :
Time :
1h 30min
Rating :
One Touch of Venus (1955) Online

While in a museum of modern art, Rodney Hatch, a barber, places the engagement ring he bought for his girlfriend, Molly, on the finger of a statue of Venus. Magically the statue comes to life. Learning of Rodney's love for Molly, Venus banishes her to the North Pole and sets out to win the reluctant Rodney's love.
Credited cast:
Janet Blair Janet Blair - Venus
Russell Nype Russell Nype - Rodney Hatch
George Gaynes George Gaynes - Whitelaw Savory
Laurel Shelby Laurel Shelby - Molly Grant
Mort Marshall Mort Marshall - Taxi Black
Iggie Wolfington Iggie Wolfington - Stanley
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Adnia Rice Adnia Rice
Mildred Trares Mildred Trares

This "Hallmark Spectacular" was broadcast live from the Texas State Fair in Dallas.

George Gaynes' TV debut.

'One Touch of Venus' opened at the Imperial Theater on October 7, 1943 and ran for 567 performances.

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Janet Blair was a Hollywood semi-star in 1940s musicals and comedies (her most famous role was as Eileen opposite Rosalind Russell in "My Sister Eileen" before it was musicalized), but somehow never made it to the top, and went into TV in its early days, becoming far better known in the 1950s as a variety show regular and as Sid Caesar's wife (after Nanette Fabray).

Blair had a wonderful contralto voice and a great way with a song, either uptempo or slow and sultry. In "One Touch of Venus," she gets to show off all her gifts and we see what Hollywood somehow failed to use. Yes, the plot is creaky, the 1955 TV telecast practically prehistoric, and Russell Nype (the nerdy lead) and George Gaynes (the suave villain) are not special. But most of the original score by Kurt Weill and Ogden Nash has been retained (unlike the film version, with the stunning Ava Gardner, which cuts much of the score and rewrites the Ogden Nash lyrics, and not for the better), and even the ballets (Venus in Ozone Heights) are included. You get to hear not only "Speak Low" and "That's Him," but also the gorgeous "I'm a Stranger Here Myself" and others.

Above all, though, is a chance to see Janet Blair singing, dancing and using all her charming talents as Venus. You'll have to search around for this title, but it's a very cool oddity.


"One Touch of Venus" was originally a play, then a 1948 movie and now, in this case, a made for TV movie. I am not sure, but assume it was performed live--like other teleplays of the era. Most of these early TV productions no longer exist, as the networks often taped over the old shows...so we are fortunate we have this one.

The story finds the nebbish, Rodney (Russell Nype) slipping a ring he'd bought for his girlfriend on a statue of Venus...and the statue magically comes to live. Inexplicably, this ancient goddess is instantly in love with super-nerdy Rodney but he's not at all pleased. Soon, however, he gets in a fight with his girlfriend and he announces he's through with women. So, it's up to Venus to uses her charms to make him succomb.

I don't know if it's because the cast had weak voices or just that television didn't show off this talent very well. And, because there was a lot of singing, this one suffered more than other teleplays like "Days of Wine and Roses" or "12 Angry Men". And, because there were so many songs, I felt as if the entire production suffered. Enjoyable, yes...but not among the finer moments in the history of teleplays.

By the way, I was very shocked when at one point Venus cursed...something unthinkable in 50s TV. I wonder how she got away with it...or did they?


A lot of efforts by cast and production crews went into this show. It's good to see how TV was over 60 years ago. Hats Off to all


Story about a man who kisses a statue of Venus and she comes alive. Unlike mannequin, where no one can see her alive, everyone can see Venus. Music is very well done and so is the story. The statue is located in a department store as part of a display. A salesman falls in love with the statue and winds up kissing her. She then comes alive and wreaks havoc with his life. He is engaged so when he tries to help Venus fit in, he gets in trouble with his fiancé. The fiancé eventually falls in love with someone else. Since Venus doesn't have any inhibitions, she winds up causing all kinds of problems for the salesman. The owner of the store finds her and also falls in love with her.