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Predator Island (2005) Online

Predator Island (2005) Online
Original Title :
Predator Island
Genre :
Creative Work / Action / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi
Year :
Directror :
Chuck Gramling
Cast :
Dan Gordon,Hank Torrance,Libby Krall
Writer :
Chuck Gramling
Budget :
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
1h 13min
Rating :
Predator Island (2005) Online

Three young couples venture out on an idylic weekend boat trip off the coast of New England. When a meteor crash creates a fierce storm, they are stranded on a remote island inhabited by only the lighthouse keeper and his wife. The meteor has unleashed vicious alien creatures who roam the island in search of prey. The group faces a night of living hell, as they fight for their lives against the evil creatures. Will anyone survive the carnage?
Credited cast:
Dan Gordon Dan Gordon - Chris (as Dan Gordon)
Hank Torrance Hank Torrance - Roy
Libby Krall Libby Krall - Rene
Tom E. Dahl Tom E. Dahl - Eric (as Tom Dahl)
Ilana Becker Ilana Becker - Kim
Michael Wrann Michael Wrann - Kevin
Kevin McCauley Kevin McCauley - Lt. Correll
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Sean Gallimore Sean Gallimore - Blarg
Dana Goudreault Dana Goudreault - Featured Extra
Roger Katz Roger Katz - Extra
Tiffany Kenney Tiffany Kenney - Running / Screaming Girl
Plato McFudge Plato McFudge - Pippet
Iris McQuillan-Grace Iris McQuillan-Grace - Heather
Matt Picciuto Matt Picciuto - Jacob
Melissa Roby Melissa Roby - Denise

Tom Logan's character (William "Bullwhip" Maplethorpe) was cut from the final version in order to reduce the already bloated running time.

This film's original title was "Hell's Beacon."

The rain for the storm was done by using hoses.

The dog in this movie belonged to one of the producers.

Over 300 people showed up to be extras for the ending. However, only about 150 of said extras were actually used for said ending.

User reviews

Silver Globol

Silver Globol

It's incredible how a movie can take so much time and effort and still end up being abominable. For those of you who appreciate painstaking special effects and inconceivable detail in every shot you will watch this film in awe. Simply because Predator Island contains none of this. It is a redundant remake of every horror monster movie in the last two decades. Now I appreciate bad horror films, they have a certain flare for humor in the most dramatic of circumstances. However, if your goal is to create a memorable work that will thus be engulfed in the Cult Hall of Fame then my first suggestion is to find some imagination/creativity plus get some talent. Oh, and a few extra bucks to put into your picture.

One horror film tradition has been to shock the audience with violent deaths and gore. However, shock doesn't deliver for more than a few seconds. To really evoke a satisfying reaction from paying crowd there should b development of characters, some identifiable traits. I know, you're probably saying this guy is not providing anything intelligent to the filmmakers, he's just stating an amateur remark. Well, that goes to show you how amateur these filmmakers are.

Despite having to go through the horror of watching this movie, there was a silver lining. The performance by Dan Gordon as Chris is splendid. He is given nothing to work with in a script and yet he is able to come out of that film looking like a star. Out of all of the actors he is the only who believes in what he is reciting. He not only provides the audience with someone we can identify with but we also have someone we look forward to watching so we can get through the rest of the film. Gordon shows genuine talent and the ability to pull off quality work and overcoming a huge obstacle, that being the rest of the cast. Dan Gordon is going to be a star, hopefully sooner than later. That is to say if he can get away films like this that will hold him back.


This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The highlight of the movie is a comparison between the smell of natural gas and a dirty vagina.

The acting is pathetic. I know acting is hard work and stuff, but that's why it should be left to real actors. Watching these people act is like watching Michael J. Fox perform brain surgery. It's shaky at best.

One of the other comments would have you believe that the movie is saved by the acting talents of Dan Gordon as Chris. Only Dan himself or maybe his mother could believe that was good acting.

The special effects in this movie were terrible. The worst special effects were for the gas explosion in the lighthouse. It looked like someone was shining an orange light up from the bottom of a model constructed from a refrigerator box. Sure there was a little bit of computer animation layered over top, but it didn't help. I suspect that the special effects on this movie were created and rendered using a single Amiga computer from the late 80s.


The kind of B-movies from the 1950's that were schlocky yet so much fun are to what Predator Island pays homage. Filmed in Connecticut, Predator Island is set on an island called with a lighthouse Hell's Beacon which is inhabited by only the couple who tends the lighthouse. In typical 1950's sci-fi fashion after a half dozen young adults crash their boat into the island's rocky shore hideous creatures from outer space invade the island after a meteor hits nearby. The creatures start both inhabiting the bodies of their victims as well as devouring them. Lots of cursing and lame comebacks are the primary form of dialogue in this movie. It is so hokey that you just have to laugh at times. If you are looking for a movie that is stupid, but in a fun way, then this one fits the bill.

Interesting note: I appear in the film as a dead body in the far background of the final scene. During filming they needed about 50 extras, yet around 300 people showed up for the opportunity. They eventually used nearly 200 of them.


OK, I see a lot of really bad comments here, but this is one of those low budget shot-on-dv type horror films that stand as far superior to garbage like "Death Factory" & "Jack-O-Lantern" (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0325228/ & http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113449/).

You should see the writing, directing, acting and FX in those films. You watch that junk & it puts ultra-B films such as this one in perspective. Granted, this film isn't the best, but having seen FAR, FAR worse it certainly stands out ahead of the rest.

I also agree with some of the other user comments that this film does reminds me of those cheesy 80's films which I just love. And where 80% of filmmakers out there say they can make movies, few ever see world-wide DVD & TV distribution such as this one.

Overall, not great, but not the worst either. It at least seems like these producers had fun making it. I rented & watched it, but I wouldn't buy the DVD. None the less, a decent enough try.


Three attractive young couples go to a remote peaceful island off the coast of New England for a weekend frolic. Things turn sour when a crashed meteor creates not only a fierce storm which traps the kids on the island, but also unleashes a lethal humanoid alien creature that goes on a murderous rampage. Writer/director Steven Charles Castle crafts a really nifty, lively and entertaining Do-It-Yourself low-budget Grade B indie sci-fi/horror romp: the acceptable acting from a game no-name cast, a reasonably brisk pace, the likable characters, a generous smattering of splatter, the sharp photography, a cool rockin' score, a tight 74 minute running time, and the startling downbeat surprise ending are all pretty solid and up to par. Granted, both the tacky CGI effects and silly guy-in-an-obvious-bulky-rubber-suit monster are admittedly cheesy, but they possess a certain clunky charm that's impossible to dislike. Better yet, there's a raw energy and infectiously wholehearted go-for-it enthusiasm evident throughout that's both endearing and enjoyable in comparable measure. Overall, this engagingly modest picture amounts to good, cheap fun that's pleasingly reminiscent of such funky 80's items as "Nightbeast" and "The Deadly Spawn."


Wow, just watched this movie, It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Heather (Iris McQuillan-Grace) is so strangely attractive however her hair style keeps changing (maybe I was watching her to much) for me she was the star would love to see her again in the future. Chris (Dan Gordon) was very entertaining as well. The film is basically meteor hits and an alien is on the loose (like with the Deadly Spawn) killing people who have to fight to survive. The effects are bad but I've seen worst (really). Everyone has to start somewhere as with Peter Jackson who's first film BAD TASTE took a long time to complete with no budget, and look at him now directing LORD OF THE RINGS. The future looks bright for this film company and I wish you all the best for the future.


I got to see the local premiere of this movie last night and it was quite a fun time. The movie doesn't try to pretend it's anything it isn't and tries to not take itself too seriously. During the screening my friend had asked me if it was okay to laugh at it and I was like of course, you're supposed to. It was a nice change to see a low budget horror film come up with a different type of villain than the average serial killer or vampire angle. The production values were very well done for the film's budget and the acting from all the CT locals was fairly adequate. While the dialog was somewhat cheesy at parts, there were definitely a few great memorable lines. Let's just say that it's nice to finally know what gas smells like. Synthetic Cinema is a great local film company and I look forward to see how their films improve with big budgets and more experience.


Overall ten times better then I thought it would be. effects could have been better. A different plot idea that allows for a couple of twists, but has a species kind of feel. There are a few really funny moments and the acting is tolerable for the entire movie, which is a rarity now a days. In my opinion there was only one real star of this movie, but I'll leave that up to you to decide. The location was good and it's nice to see more people filming movies in connecticut. I enjoyed watching it though and look forward to future releases from this director and film company. just roll up a blunt and enjoy it for what it's worth.


Not a lot of people liked this movie because of the bad story which almost maybe has been taken from predator ((Arnold)), And the week special effects, also the acting.

For me, I liked this movie for 2 reasons: 1) The acting is pretty good but not good enough , thats because the actors and the actresses fist experience. So I appreciate their work. 2) The elite script and scenario.

Well, the scenario as you know has a strong language and it's normal for such a horror movie, The best thing in the scenario that I liked that it is so elite , even children can understand , no strong plot, no speaking scenes that make you think about what will happened or why. Everything has been done with an elite scripts as I said.

Final Word , If you want to give the guys a chance in their near future and if you want to waste just one hour and 10 minutes if you don't have anything to do , just give it a try . You will like it but not of course like the big movies.


I carefully checked if there's another movie named as this one, and there isn't ! But I really don't think we all saw the same movie ! There's no way ! How can you vote more than "1" for this movie ?! The idea of this movie let's say it's acceptable. Oh, and the acting of Dan Gordon (Chris) is quite good. But those are the only two things acceptable in this project. The others are... awful ? It's a very delicate word to describe the acting of the other actors, the directing, the (so said) "special" effects, even the way that the crew was filming ! I don't even like the way that the camera operators were moving to record the scenes ! This may be the most miserable film I've ever seen. I really don't remember a movie lower than this one... Maybe there is, but... I don't think so... Ehh, what's done, it's done... That's the movie and there's too late for anyone to change anything. I've voted "1", but my realistic vote starts with a "-" (minus) in front....


Six people head out on a weekend boat trip. When a meteor crash creates a storm they end up stranded on a remote island and the only other people in the island is a lighthouse keeper and his wife and dangerous alien creatures created by the meteor. The group have to fight for their lives against the evil creatures.

OK this is a science fiction/horror so the above story is fine.

The actors have only done this or one or two other movie so i wasn't expecting great acting and at most time its average but no surprise there.

The effects are as basic as it gets.

Men in rubber suits (Aliens) are OK for what it is.

A lot of it was filmed in the dark so you couldn't see much of what was happening, why filming anything if no one can see it?

There is a random scene where 2 girls kiss each other.

There isn't the usual lot of female skin on display, in these movies they usually add some topless women to keep people interested. We only had a small bikini shot.

There isn't much gore.

The editing was a bit random.

The film quality was OK.

The sound was average.

The most annoying thing about this movie is the people who immediately spout out that this is the worst movie ever. I must have seen over 100 message boards with that comment lol. People tend to exaggerate especially if they have paid out money to watch it and storm to the message boards in a rage about spending their $1.50 on the DVD they didn't like. But thats what you get from impulse buying, we have so many ways of checking out a movie nowadays before actually buying it and with a movie like this all you have to do is check out the cast listing and see its not going to be a blockbuster especially if its reasonably new movie and it's in the bargain basket.

Overall yes this is bad movie if you want to compare it to something like Predator which is a good one to compare with as they both have predator in the title :p and Predator has exactly 100 time the budget of this movie. Taking that into account and the people's experience in making movies working on this, it wasn't too bad and definitely NOT the worst movie ever. So my advice is to think about what you are watching before you make yourself look stupid by posting such bold statements especially when you don't explain why you think it is the worst ever. It just makes it a pointless post.

Anyway its best to check this movie out when it's on TV or grab it at a pound shop, or dime store or whatever those places are called because at best this is average, unless you was involved in it then it was brilliant lol. I gave at a below average of 3/10 and definitely not a 1/10.

10 = Excellent 5 = Average 1 = Awful


The best way to describe this movie is that its like taking a hit of acid while simultaneously knife fighting with a panda bear, then jumping off the side of a building while singing the lyrics to "Remember the Name", eventually landing in a giant bowl of ducksauce attracting a swarm of highly intelligent bee's who come to worship you as a god, leading to a highly controversial war with the ancient tribes of Siberia, known as the "War of Frozen Honey". Then after losing this war due to a deadly plague caused by Cinnamon Toast Crunch, you journey back home to your native homeland inhabited almost exclusively by flying hampsters.

Oh Yeah and this movie has Tom Logan...


We have all heard about this movie, but lets drop the act and talk about why we really want to see this: Tom Logan...

The film begins in Connecticut (I know I'm sorry, but try to soldier on). The audience is then taken through a journey, which is as memorable as Citizen Cane and as tasteful as European Porn.

This film shares great similarities with the Godfather, except for the plot, the quality of the acting, the budget, the reviews, the scope, the drama, and the overall ability of everyone involved.

I would caution audiences against the violence in addition to the graphic graphic graphic sexuality (all of which involves Tom Logan, sometimes even just by himself). Linda Blair from the Exorcist commented that, "This is messed up! Seriously! Way too disturbing for film! I mean come on, it's Tom Logan!" So if you're looking for a warm family film to take the kids to, I would highly recommend this for people of all ages. However, if you take your wife she will leave you for Tom Logan...it will happen.


I see that the majority of the comments so far have been if not overly positive, then at least positive. I can not understand that. The only explanation I can find is that the people who commented had something to do with the film, because this is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. It makes "Boggy Creek II" and "Mutant" look like masterpieces of horror. The acting is shaky at best, and awful for the most part. The entire movie is almost pitch black, probably so they could shoot it all in the same location. The monster looks like something from one of Roger Corman's worst films. And the plot...well, the less said about it the better.

One to avoid at all costs.


While the special effects are less than special and the dialogue leaves a bit to be desired, it was the first film from TRIPEG studios in connecticut, and it did manage to gain enough support/ momentum to be carried in 9,000 blockbuster locations. The newest film from the same studio is due out next year as one of 4 direct to video releases. So enough about that. three key points: 1. Everyone has to start somewhere - and this is better than the crappy stundent films i've had to sit through 2. It's decent mindless entertainment and only 72 minutes - Remember Alexander was over 2hrs 3. It's independent, outside Hollywood and it still made it onto your local blockbuster's shelf, so give it some credit.


this movie is so bad. but its so bad that i was laughing my ass off. for people that like movies, do not watch this one. for people who like movies good and bad, i recommend this one. the story lines shaky,the script is horrible,the acting is horrible to mediocre. the soundtrack throughout the movie was corny but i loved it. the cool catchphrases were a plus tho. ha ha. "if it can bleed, it can die". the fight scenes cracked me up. it seemed to me like they spent more time on those parts than any other cuz the fight scenes for the most part were pretty clean. i almost feel like this movie could have been good if it weren't for the f/x....no it would have still been a crapshoot. the eye thing was corny. and how the chick was eating the guys stomach in the kitchen,they coulda done something where shed be actually eating something or at least put more of the fake blood on her face. and the lighthouse explosion disappointed me. i thought they might have gotten real fire instead of crappy computer synthesized stuff. and the ending was so predictable, which surprised me when they actually did what i though they might do. so overall. id say this is a classic as far as crappy movies go. its in my bottom 5.


What do you do with a few thousand dollars and a long weekend??? MAKE A MOVIE!!! Yup, the budget is low, the special effects are... well, basically nonexistent... but if all you want is about an hour and forty five minutes of silliness and fun.. check it out. Especially when one of the main characters tries to lure the monster into the open and refers to himself as all kinds of food products. "Come and get it, dinner is served... MEATLOAF, KELBASA, MEATBALL...MEATBALL!" It's obviously meant as a joke, and it comes off really funny.

The acting COULD have been a lot worse, but it's not gonna get Oscar nods either. I've seen a LOT worse than this, and if you're a fan of "B" (better make that "C") horror movies it's worth the watch.


Rented(free rental thank goodness) this as supposedly filmed in CT where I live....could have been filmed in a tunnel for all that matter! Dark ninety percent of time, and just an awful attempt at a low budget flick, which can be good if done right. In a nutshell about a bunch of young adults who witness meteor fall, and subsequently fall prey to aliens on a lighthouse island, assisted by keeper and wife. Analysis:

  • acting = dreadful

  • writing = uninspired

  • story = done a million times before with different settings

  • production values = okay (lighting) for budget

  • effects (creature, digital, other) HORRIBLE,VERY CHEAP LOOKING

So, you get the gist of it. To add insult to injury, end credits has bloopers of filming - really now......who cares! Distributed under a Universal company, shocked they would even do so after viewing.

Finally as alternative, try "CREEP". Low budget, but well written, well acted, and fairly, well, creepy!


Predator Island starts as six friends, Eric (Tom Dahl), Chris (Dan Gordon) along with Heather (Iris McQuillan-Grace), Kim (Iana Baker) & Denise (Melissa Roby) get invited to spend sometime on Kevin's (Michael Wrann) father's boat partying in the open sea. What could go wrong with such a super sounding idea? Well for starters a big green meteorite could crash into the sea near your boat & an alien life-force could emerge from it & try to kill all of you, then again that's just a ridiculously stupid idea, isn't it?

Co-edited, written & directed by Steven Castle I thought Predator Island was crap & it's a simple & straight forward as that really. The script is of the worst kind, you know the sort of abomination that's full of highly annoying teenage character's who do & say the most stupid things, it's full of clichés & is utterly predictable, it makes next-to-no sense, things just suddenly happen without any build up or explanation, it's boring even at only 70 odd minutes & it has virtually no entertainment value whatsoever, not even unintentional laugh value. The film doesn't really have much of what I would call a plot, there's no explanation given as to why or how this alien creature can take over people's minds or why it can be selective in the sense that one moment the person will be 'normal' the next, when the story calls for it & with no apparent cause, they suddenly get green glowing eyes & a sudden urge to turn cannibal. There's not enough horror in it, the so-called action scenes are pitiful & I really don't want to waste another second thinking about Predator Island let alone wasting my precious energy typing these words...

Director Castle doesn't do anything to make this thing watchable & the 'special effects' are absolutely terrible, this alien creature dude wouldn't even get into a 50's sci-fi film. The filmmakers even play some blooper footage over the end credits but this has to be the least funny collection of mistakes ever, I mean they can't even get it wrong right if you know what I mean! Forget about any decent gore as there isn't any, there's a bit of cannibalism & some intestines placed on the unfortunate actors stomach so another unfortunate actor can pick them up & pretend to eat them.

With a supposed budget of about $150,000 I have to concede that the filmmakers were working on a seriously low budget, that's still no excuse for making such a poor film. The whole thing looks very cheap & the acting is pretty bad.

Predator Island is crap, I'm sorry but that's the way it is & I just fail to see what anyone would get out of it. In my humble opinion this probably one to avoid.


I like to think I have seen it all. SS DOOMTROOPER. The one about a family of sabertooth tigers. The one about a family of pteranodons. GOAT EATER. DEMON CHILD (a nonanimated child's rubber doll with horns glued on its head. Several SASQUATCH flicks, none of them good. A couple of giant spider/insect flicks. Endless HELLRAISER sequels. Endless LEPRAUCHAN sequels. Endless JASON sequels. A kickboxing scarecrow. AX 'EM, which is actually about an urban street parade recorded on someone's $199 camcorder. And so on. I watched part of an STV the other night about folks stranded on a desert island kickboxing to the death with a group of badly animated totems. I have even sat through DREAMCATCHER, as recently again as last night -- well, I should say I sat through parts of it, having seen it in all of its awful glory years ago. But nothing compares to PREDATOR ISLAND, about a group of youths trapped on an island during a storm, forced to do battle with aliens that arrive in a meteorite. The meteorite looks like it came out of a SUPERMAN cartoon from the 1940s. So do the aliens, for that matter. The photography and acting and directing and writing are all equally bad. I turned it off halfway through. Good luck.


This has got to be the WORSE move I've EVER seen!!!!! It was not only boring, it was "gag me with a spoon" dumb. Where'd ya find the actors ... on a street corner? Who did the special effects...Maaco? For God's sakes I could have made a better movie with my CELL PHONE. And if that wasn't bad enough, you even had extras at the end of the movie so we could see just how stupid the actors are in real life. Who ever did the makeup for the aliens...must have spent $5 at your local used costume store and called it a day. And who in the world wrote up the movie description on the back of the DVD case should be shot. PUHLEEZ!! It's not even 1/8 % of what it is described as. That description is just to suck people in to buying, renting or paying a ticket to see it. No wonder there was never a trailer to it....ya would have drove them all away!!!!!!!

Bad Actors...$5

Special Effects...$5.50

Fake Fire....$1.89 (cigarette lighter)

Time Spent Watching This Movie....total waste! (I should sue ya for my time watching it)


From the opening shot of the meteor falling towards Earth, you know you're in for something special.

This is an ultra-low budget shot on video movie about a group of teens stranded on a lighthouse island with some monsters. The story is unremarkable and nothing you haven't seen a thousand times before. The acting isn't great but isn't completely horrible, however the special effects - of which there are a good deal - are laughable at best. In fact, if you can read this sentence, chances are better than 50% that you could do a more credible job creating the video explosion and compositing effects in this movie than the filmmakers.

The movie's saving grace - if you're in the mood for a grade Z turkey of a film - is that there's always something happening and it never gets boring. And if you like making fun of bad movies with your friends, you might just find this worth a dollar rental.

And I must say I appreciated the opening joke, "that is the dumbest name for an island I've ever heard." Probably the best moment in the movie.