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Комодо против Кобры (2005) Online

Комодо против Кобры (2005) Online
Original Title :
Komodo vs. Cobra
Genre :
Movie / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Jim Wynorski
Cast :
Michael Paré,Michelle Borth,Ryan McTavish
Writer :
William Langlois,Jim Wynorski
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 34min
Rating :

While attempting to find a research facility on an island, a group of activists discovers two giant creatures that have escaped the facility.

Комодо против Кобры (2005) Online

While attempting to find a research facility on an island, a group of activists discovers two giant creatures that have escaped the facility.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Michael Paré Michael Paré - Mike A. Stoddard
Michelle Borth Michelle Borth - Dr. Susan Richardson
Ryan McTavish Ryan McTavish - Jerry Ryan
Renee Talbert Renee Talbert - Carrie
Jerri Manthey Jerri Manthey - Sandra
Ted Monte Ted Monte - Ted
Glori-Anne Gilbert Glori-Anne Gilbert - Darla
Rene Rivera Rene Rivera - Dirk (as René Rivera)
John Henry Richardson John Henry Richardson - Dr. Richardson (as Jay Richardson)
Rod McCary Rod McCary - General Bradley
Roark Critchlow Roark Critchlow - Major Garber
Paul Logan Paul Logan - Major Frank
Damian T. Raven Damian T. Raven - Weeks (as Damian Raven)
Chris Neville Chris Neville - Lerner
Delpaneaux Wills Delpaneaux Wills - Marsden (as Del Wills)

User reviews



This is like a zoology textbook, given that its depiction of animals is so accurate. However, here are a few details that appear to have been slightly modified during the transition to film:

  • Handgun bullets never hit giant Komodo dragons. It doesn't matter how many times you shoot at the Komodo, bullets just won't go near it.

  • The best way to avoid being eaten by a giant Cobra, or a giant Komodo dragon, is just to stand there. The exception to this rule is if you've been told to stay very still, in which case you should run off, until the Komodo is right next to you, and then you should stand there, expecting defeat.

  • Minutes of choppy slow motion footage behind the credits really makes for enjoyable watching.

  • $5,000 is a memory enhancement tool, and an ample substitute for losing your boating license/getting arrested.

  • Members of elite army units don't see giant Komodo dragons coming until they are within one metre of the over-sized beings. Maybe the computer-generated nature of these dragons has something to do with it.

  • When filming a news story aiming on exposing illegal animal testing, a reporter and a cameraman with one camera is all the gear and personnel you will need; sound gear, a second camera, microphones etc are all superfluous.

  • When you hear a loud animal scream, and one person has a gun, he should take it out and point it at the nearest person.

  • When you take a gun out, the sound of the safety being taken off will be made, even if your finger is nowhere near the safety

  • Reporters agree to go half-way around the world in order to expose something - without having the faintest idea what they're exposing. Background research and vague knowledge are out of fashion in modern journalism.

  • Handguns hold at least 52 bullets in one clip, and then more than that in the next clip. Despite that, those with guns claim that they will need more ammo.

  • Expensive cameras (also, remember that the reporter only has one camera) are regularly left behind without even a moment's hesitation or regret. These cameras amazingly manage to make their way back to the reporter all by themselves.

  • The blonde girl really is the stupid one.

  • The same girl that says not to go into a house because a Komodo dragon can easily run right through it, thus making it unsafe, takes a team into a building made of the same material for protection - and nobody says a word about it.

  • High-tech facilities look like simple offices with high school chemistry sets.

  • Genetically-modified snakes grow from normal size to 100 feet long in a matter of a day, but don't grow at all in the weeks either side.

  • The military routinely destroys entire islands when people don't meet contact deadlines.

  • Men with guns don't necessarily change the direction they're shooting when their target is no longer right in front of them. Instead, they just keep shooting into the air.

  • The better looking you are, the greater your chance of surviving giant creatures.

  • Women's intuition is reliable enough to change even the most stubborn of minds.

  • Any time you're being hunted by giant creatures is a great time to hit on girls half your age.

  • Animal noises are an appropriate masking noise for 'swearing' at the same volume.

  • Old Israeli and Russian planes are regularly used by the US Military.


If you're looking for a movie that's fun to watch simply because you can make jokes about the not so great acting, cheesy "special" effects, and typical sci-fi plot...then this is the movie for you! Not at the acting was bad, in fact, a few actors were actually fairly decent. The special effects weren't the greatest (to say the least); the animals looked completely computer animated. There was an annoying squawking to cover up the swearing and there was only one song played over and over again throughout the entire movie. Overall, a good movie if you're looking for something completely cheesy and fun to make fun of. Not a good movie to watch if you're looking for something serious.


Komodo vs. Cobra is not going to set the world on fire. It's not a hallmark of cinema history. What it is is a group of underfunded filmmakers trying to make another movie, make another paycheck, and continue to support themselves and their families. As such I give these efforts a lot of slack. I mean, come on, it has to be hard to be a Russian special effects technician. Not a lot of big budget films getting made there. BUT-- they are a dedicated bunch and more than willing to throw their all into whatever lame American monster flick needs affordable SFX. And I get a kick out of looking for the same locations appear time and again in these flicks. If for some reason you find yourself watching this again, look at the sequence where Pare and company are walking through a "jungle." Look at their feet and you'll see paved walkways. And if you happen to still have a copy of "AI Assault" (shown a week or two earlier also on SciFi), you'll see the folks in there tramping through the same ersatz jungle. Come to think of it, I think the helicopters land in the same clearing in both flicks. I can admire the thriftiness of these films. Every dollar really does show up on the screen! Too bad there just aren't enough dollars......


So, Wynorski remakes Curse of the Komodo a second time, this time replacing the interesting characters of the original with a bunch of obnoxious environmentalists / anti-capitalists. And he adds a Cobra. Most of the movie is spent listening to the self-righteous characters prattle on about the evil capitalist pigs, while sandwiched between this cavalcade of condescension are flashbacks to what happened on the island before they got there. DNA experiments were conducted, critters started to grow, people spoke to each other without coming off as being morally superior jerks, etc. Needless to say, it would have been a much better movie if they would have made the flashbacks the movie and forgotten about the sanctimonious do-gooders. Lest I forget, there are a few short scenes scattered here and there where the holier-than-thou posse gets picked off one by one, but they probably comprise less than 2% of the film. The main event pitting our title characters against each other lasts about one minute and is as exciting as watching the previews for the latest Dino-Crisis video game.

The acting is pretty bad overall, even for this sort of film. Half the actors seem like they're more concerned with pronouncing every last syllable of every word than speaking their dialog in any sort of believable manner.

I actually did make it through to the end, but it's one of those movies I wish I would have recorded and then watched later, because there are plenty of parts that need to be fast forwarded through. Overall, I give this effort one star, it has absolutely none of the elements that make a B-movie fun to watch. It's a sad day indeed when you can say with sincerity that the makers of this movie could have learned a thing or two from watching Boa vs. Python.


"When a top secret island research facility goes dark, a crack team of commandos is sent to investigate. Once there, they are shocked to find that giant Komodos and Cobras live on this island and they're really hungry. Now with the deck stacked against them, and nearly no hope for survival, the team is locked in a battle of survival with two of nature's most formidable predators." Also on the island - big-breasted women and Michael Pare! Komodo vs. Cobra is the highly anticipated movie smackdown that will answer the age old question: who would win in an apocalyptic battle between a giant Komodo dragon and a giant cobra? Oh, yes, and there are big-breasted women and Michael Pare running around trying not to get caught in the crossfire.

Enormous reptiles? Big breasted women? Michael Pare? This has got to be a Jim Wynorski film. Hold on. Let me check IMDb just to make sure. Let's see...

IT IS!!! Oh, who am I kidding? I already knew KvC was a Jim Wynorski film, although I wasn't aware that the movie co-starred rising scream queen Michelle Borth and reality show banshee Jerri Manthey.

And as hard as it might be to believe this, it isn't meant to be a sequel to his recent giant Komodo dragon flick Curse of the Komodo, although I'm sure it was the inspiration as well as an ominous measuring stick of KvC's potential quality.


Komodo vs. Cobra starts as 'One Planet' environmentalist Jerry Ryan (Ryan McTavish) & his girlfriend Carrie (Renee Talbert) hire Captain Michael Stoddard (executive producer Michael Paré) to take them to an island in the South Pacific, at first Stoddard is reluctant since the island is a top secret military research base but soon changes his mind when a load of cash is offered. Along with TV news reporter Sandra Crescent (Jeri Manthey) they set sail for the island & once ashore find out that the military have been funding illegal DNA genetic experiments which have resulted in huge Komodo Dragon's & King Cobra's that have eaten almost every other living thing there & Stoddard & co are next on the menu...

Co-written & directed by the ever awful Jim Wynorski under his Jay Andrews pseudonym this is just plain awful, this is just plain hard to sit through & is even worse than the usual rubbish 'Creature Features' the Sci-Fi Channel have the nerve to air if that's possible. The script is terrible, predictable & utterly boring, some giant monsters of some sort are created by scientists messing around with DNA, a group of people are trapped with said monsters & have to try to escape being eaten. That's it, that's the whole plot of Komodo vs. Cobra, maybe this was trying to rip-off AVP: Alien vs. Predator (2004) with the title but all the 'vs.' bit amounts to is a rubbish thirty second stand-off between the two titular beasts at the very end, boring as hell & surely a big disappointment to anyone hoping to have a full on monster mash. The character's are poor, the dialogue is awful, the pace is slow, the story is predictable & cliché ridden & the whole film just sucks really with a lazy script that states wrongly that both Komodo Dragon's & Cobra's are amphibious which they are not. Hell, Komodo vs. Cobra isn't even worth watching for any unintentional laughs since it's so dull & hardly anything ever happens although the sight of a woman hiding behind the smallest rock on the beach from the Cobra is quite funny for the wrong reasons.

How does Wynorski keep getting directing jobs? He is probably consistently the worst director currently working, how can he keep getting fun sounding films set on beautiful locations with half decent casts & still churn out such an awful film? I think this was cut to get a PG or for it's TV showing since every time someone swears it's masked by a Parrot squeak! There's zero gore or violence & the monster scenes are limp, people just sort of stand there, the monsters just sort of stands there too hissing or roaring & that's about it. The CGI computer effects are terrible, this is really poor stuff that just looks horrible.

With a supposed budget of about $450,000 this looks as cheap as it was, the Hawaiian locations are nice to look at but that's about it. The acting is poor from an uninterested looking cast.

Komodo vs. Cobra is an absolutely terrible Sci-Fi Channel 'Creature Feature' from Jim Wynorski, films don't get much worse than this.


This movie is Hilarious what is better than watching two creatures battle one another? GIANT cgi versions of these beasts which battle! However I do require one of the guns used in the movie. Because apparently they are using cheats. Count the amount of shots they use before having to...oh wait that's right they never have to reload. Regardless count the shots... it's hilarious.

The sound effects used in the movie for the Komodo vary from a tiger to an elephant. Oh and did I forget to mention that apparently these GIANT Komodo dragons are stealthy as hell? Because somehow even when the actors are looking in the direction that the beast comes from they are surprised when it appears.

Whenever someone dies you can tell its coming because they all brace for it, they put their arms up in the air and cross them to save themselves... it never works.

The final gem is that these script writers brains are just a gland full o' knowledge. With "facts" such as both of these creatures being amphibious to comments such as "helpless animals" they are just full of fun facts.


I can admit right away that this is one of the worst movies i have seen in my life. And that is not saying a little, because i consider myself to be somewhat of an aficionado when it comes to crappy film. But this is beyond bad. This movie is so awful that there is no fun left in it, it's just bad.

Reviewing this is almost impossible. There are no strong points and nothing positive to say. I'll just ramble about a few of the points that sucked. First off, the CGI has to be one of the worst i've seen. I can't believe this movie was made in 2005, the CGI reminds me of something i might have seen in Babylon 5 way back when CGI was new and fresh. It's poor beyond belief. Second, the actors all seem like they belong in the worst kind of daytime soaps. And looking at their resumes i see that i'm correct... Thirdly, being able to breed enormous reptiles is no match to the other technology they invented in this movie: the recoilless pistol with infinite ammo! Seriously, Michael Paré fires 100-200 times without reloading in every other scene... As if that was not enough there are also shape-shifting planes! At first they are regular F-16 fighters, in the next scene they are something else completely, and in the third scene they are F-16 again! If you're buying stock footage, please don't mix it like this!

Honestly, there is loads more to say, but i think i'll stop. You all understand what i'm saying. Honestly i didn't think this kind of movie was made any more. It's like something Ed Wood would do. Completely ignorant of quality, not caring how anything looks... It's almost amazing in all it's awfulness. If i could give it 0/10 i would, but 1/10 is the lowest grade. So that's it.


KOMODO VS. COBRA is another Z-grade slice of movie monster entertainment from prolific B-movie king Jim Wynorski. This one's a bottom-of-the-barrel production that throws together all the elements familiar from Wynorski's movies: bad acting, cardboard characters, top-heavy starlets in revealing attire, and massive CGI monsters that look like they belong in an old Playstation game.

This one's a kind of spiritual successor to the awfulness that was BOA VS. PYTHON, as it follows almost exactly the same storyline. On a remote tropical island (shades of JURASSIC PARK, which this film so wants to be), dastardly scientists have been genetically experimenting on the wildlife, leading to a pair of giant monsters wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting tourists. What it all boils down to is an average action-adventure template with characters running around and emoting and occasionally being bloodlessly eaten by the beasties.

The special effects are very poor here, although not the poorest I've seen, but the monster action could have been worse, I suppose. There are a few memorably icky moments, like the bit with the giant leeches, which is well achieved. Otherwise, it's business as usual for the B-movie genre.


Another laughably lame and senseless low-budget sci-fi TV presentation… but actually its kind of amusing… kind of… in a passably undemanding way. Am I being soft? I don't know why they come up with these titles. Yes there's a komodo. And yes there's a cobra. However what's the deal with 'versus' in between? Sure they do come to blows… in only two sequences (one recapping an incident and the other being the dodgy climax) and quite boring exchanges I might add. The get-up is the same old routine of a scientific experiment getting out of hand on a secluded island (no dinosaurs about), and some innocent bystanders (environmentalists hoping to expose animal testing) getting caught up in it. This sees a komodo dragon and cobra becoming massive in statue with the government soon wanting to destroy any sort of the evidence (including witnesses) of its existence by blowing up the island. So this leaves the survivors racing against time to find a way off. The prominent staples existed of awful video game CGI, hack script, few dingy sets (although the tropical island setting was easy on the eyes), throwaway characters (but I found the performances faired up), lifelessly tacky thrills (which for some reason kept using the same repetitive shot of the victim just standing there in terror… which implied I'm waiting, please eat me now, I'm not going anywhere and eventually they were swallowed whole… well almost as it seemed to always take a second gulp to finish them off or just save the hassle by stupidly squashing them) and a very hysterical edge with some sort of wretch message amongst the acts of survival. Director Jim Wynorski seems to be on cruise control throughout. Michael Paré has fun with his gruff dialogues and Michelle Borth added much needed sparks. Renee Talbert is there to pout a lot, quite successfully too.


As a total movie geek with the fortunate job of video store manager, I tend to watch all sorts of movies, from good to very very bad. This was a movie with so many corn-ball lines, cheesy CGI effects and predictable plot points that I ended up laughing extensively before switching it off after 30-40 minutes. The "creature feature" genre of movies has been putting out some pretty awful stuff in recent years (Godzilla 2000 anyone?), but this movie makes me think the creators weren't even trying. It might be worth checking out just for the "make fun of me" potential (count the gunshots!), but I couldn't in good conscience recommend this movie to anyone.


Laughable would be a good term to describe this movie. But, since this movie deserves nothing good said of it, I'll use the term god-awful instead.

Centering around the adventures of a bunch of eco-warriors investigating the nefarious doings of the military on a semi-tropical island, the lack of a budget rapidly becomes apparent. Michael Pare (a real actor! But only in the sense that Pinocchio was a real boy...) leads the bunch of fools through a series of monster chase-and-gobble-hapless-victim scenes. There is some vague attempt at pseudo-science to explain the presence of the giant reptiles, but it convinces the viewer about as well as the acting does.

As if this doesn't insult the viewer enough, the movie also features what I'll call "Guns of never-ending ammunition". I never saw Mickey Parrot or his female side-kick change clips once during the entire film, yet I can positively report they cap off at least 40 rounds each in any scene where they are required to fire their weapon. Forty rounds may not seem like that many, but we are talking standard handguns here. I figure 15 round clip, tops. And remember, they never change clips, nor even appear to carry any extra ammo.

It's dumb-assery like this which consigns movies to the eternal fires of celluloid hell, and rightly so. The third-rate CGI does little to help matters and the acting is best laughed at, else you'll start crying. Why SciFi Channel repeatedly churns out this mush is anyone's guess.

My advice....give this one a wide berth...a very wide berth!


When moviegoers hear two popular villains/characters will be fighting, they flock to the theaters to see how the battle will end. There's Freddy vs. Jason, in which two very popular horror icons try to kill each other. And, more similarly to this, there's Godzilla vs. (Insert Name Here). But the very generic Komodo vs. Python is just a horrible title, and an even worse premise. Obviously, the movie's a D-list picture, but, at least come up with a more compelling name, maybe something that can trick the unsuspecting viewer into watching it. With a name like this, you know what you're getting in to.

A group of military men/women, including a 20-something year old sexy scientist woman are left for dead by the military on an island inhabited by a giant komodo dragon. As long as they can make it off the island and to the boat, they'll be fine, but...no...there's a giant python guarding the ocean and the way off. Let's hope all these guys can make it off the island, and that the python and komodo don't verse each other in some sort of horrible special effect battle.

Really, this movie is bad in almost every way. The acting is pretty bad, or maybe it's that the special effects are so cheesy, that the acting is unbelievable because no one believes that these people are in any danger with creatures that look like they were made on an early 90s computer. Nonetheless, this movie is actually pretty funny. The creatures are so clunky looking, and the actors really give it their all pretending like they're in danger.

I'd like to say that this movie is a steaming pile of sh*squawk!*...but I can't. This PG-13 rated film actually bleeps itself out. Every time a curse word comes, a parrot noise beeps out the word. Even words that can be said on network television. How *squawk*ing cheap that they bleep out words, and with a parrot no less. Eventually these parrot noises got to me and I couldn't help but laugh at the incompetence.

This movie is bad, from the silly beginning to the ridiculous Night of the Living Dead style ending, but it's also kind of funny. As a horror movie it fails miserably, as an action movie, it fails slightly less, but still pretty bad, and as a comedy it shines.

My rating: * out of ****. 95 mins. PG-13 for some violence and Squawked out cursing.


I am currently watching this movie and I have absolutely no hesitation in reviewing it now. The acting is ridiculous. Half the cast must be retired porno actors, and to get kicked off pornos you could imagine the quality of acting.

The graphics are unlike anything I have ever seen. I think there are puppet shows with more believability. They can't even afford blanks for the guns they shoot at the pathetic excuse for monsters. Perhaps I should also note how incredibly impressed I am at the number of 'bullets' their pistols can hold.

If asked to summarise the movie, I would say that someone had rustled up a group of complete no-hopers at the local county-fair, slapped them on an island, added needlessly intense music and let a 6 year old do the editing.

I can honestly not formulate any possible explanation for why this movie was released, recorded on DVD and costs $6 from my local video store for one day. If anything I have received the benefit of knowing that I am a lot smarter than all parties involved in this film.

I hate this movie with great intensity. Why? I wish I knew Captain, I wish I knew....


"Scientists at a remote lab experiment on (insert scaly creature here) and create out of control monsters. In the meantime a crack military team/the scientist's daughter/bank robbers find their way to the remote place and are menaced by the giant critters. One by one they're eaten, all during an "exciting" race to not be blown up by the forces who initially created the monsters..." The sad thing is that this sounds like about a dozen movies which have appeared on the Sci-Fi Channel. I have to wonder just what is going on? Sure... I like bimbos and Hollywood-Hunk wannabes be eaten by CGI critters as much as the next person... but where's the plot or originality? Granted, there are times when Sci-Fi Channel Shines. Battlestar Galactica, if a bit dark, can be very good. Writers have continued to pump life into the various Stargate offerings, and the latest BBC import of Doctor Who is surprisingly good.

Even in the various "giant animal" movies on Sci-Fi, the animation seems to be getting better all the time. Compare the kommodo in this film to the rather clunky version in the first giant kommodo film on Sci-Fi.

But goodness... how about a different plot? Maybe some -different- giant critter? On a whim, I started searching around the internet. Among the litter I found a few interesting stories which might appeal to SF fans and out of work Russian CGI animators at once. I offer http://www.macrophile.com/~arilin/archive/metamorphosis-day to the network with a suggestion that they contact the author for the story rights. (The story contains violent images generally on a par with those of various Sci-Fi channel offerings).

The story has subplot, ethical and moral comment on the nature of humanity and ends not on one of those horrible "did they REALLY kill all the monsters???" moments, but rather leaves you guessing completely and in an entirely different mindset.

Which is generally what science-fiction is supposed to do, no?


Somehow, this silliness is entertaining. Some of the cheapest CGI (an Etch-a-Sketch toy makes more lifelike images), and some of the lousiest acting make for a comic masterpiece.

The title implies a competition between the two monsters, but they encounter each other at least a half dozen times, just looking at each other stupidly, before finally having a fight. They take turns butchering a bunch of hapless environmentalists and a TV crew in tow who are on a private island with some government cover-up (eek!) going on. The animal lunch morsels are led by a guy from a garbage scow who took them to the island and now talks tough.

The acting looks like they hired some of those brain-dead people Jay Leno finds for his on-the-street interviews: people who could barely read a script, let alone understand it. I love the actress playing the brilliant scientist; she looks like she should be in a cell phone commercial. There isn't much to this script, to begin with, though; just another experiment gone wrong that turns little animals into giant hungry ones that develop a taste for bad actors.

On the plus side, there's plenty of action and violence featuring the fake CGI monsters. There's all the evil government clichés. In short, there's plenty to laugh at; nothing boring here.


I was watching the sci-fi channel when this steaming pile of crap came on. While not as bad as Wynorski's "Curse of the Komodo", this still sucks...BAD. Wynorski uses the same island as in "Curse of the Komodo", as well as the same actors and house. The effects are top notch (suprising) but thats about it........I don't know what else to say about this movie.......oh yeah! As in "Curse of the Komodo", the government gets involved and decides to bomb the island! Also....when i saw this part i laughed hysterically...A KOMANBRA!!! (part man, komodo AND cobra!). Overall this movie is utter crap even on bad movie standards. Just remember if Jim Wynorski had anything to do with a movie....steer clear....to avoid from falling asleep keep repeating "It's almost over..it's almost over...". 0 out of 5.


"Komodo vs. Cobra" is a severe disappointment as a creature feature.


Mike Stoddard, (Michael Pare) a sea-boat captain, takes an environmentalist group, lead Sandra Crescent, (Jerri Manthley) supporter Jerry, (Ryan McTavish) Carrie, (Renee Talbert) Ted, (Ted Monte) and Darla Marks, (Glori-Anne Gilbert) to a secluded island to expose a secret about the island. Searching the island, they come upon the research center and are only able to find Susan Richardson, (Michelle Borth) one of the scientists' daughters, alive. When a military intervention keeps them stranded on the island, they come face to face with a giant Komodo dragon and cobra. As the lizards pick off the surviving members of the group, they resort to increasing measures to get to safety from both the monsters and the threatening military expedition.

The Good News: This had the potential to be a great creature feature romp, and there are many signs that prove this. First of all, there is a fairly small cast, which allows for the titular creatures to have plenty of time to duke it out. Even though there isn't a large cast to be munched on, the fact that there are quite a lot of deaths is a little more than satisfactory. There are around a dozen deaths in this, and that keeps the film moving along at a fairly brisk pace. The film is over pretty quickly, and it does feel like it doesn't waste too much time viewing it. The fight scene here was greatly anticipated and the nervousness leading up to it helps to make some of the jumps along the way work.

The Bad News: WE'VE COME FROM THE DINOSAURS IN "JURASSIC PARK" TO THIS??!!! There is no way in the world to explain the regression in CGI-rendering that the cinema has gone to. The creatures here are so hideously rendered and executed that it's really a joke to the film-makers using this technique. No way are these creatures capable of delivering anything more than unbridled fits of laughter from the viewer at the almost total ineptness on display. You'd think that since it's been so long since "Jurassic Park" came out that the technology to do things would have been available to the general public by now. There is almost no excuse for the creatures in this film. Even the fight between the two at the end isn't all that terrific. For such a build-up, it fails to impress greatly. The action is so un-passionate that not even a real fan will much excitement in it. The script is also very clichéd and hackneyed. Environmental activists coming to a secluded island to protest a secret experiment and find the cause of it that leads to disaster for the team? I can't really count the number of films that have had a plot that was either very similar or the exact same as that. It was really sad to see something that could've been great turn itself into a disappointing, clichéd mess of a film.

The Final Verdict: This could've been a great, fun cheesy movie, if only it had actually done something interesting with it. The creatures are such a disappointed that it'll be hard to get through the movie if you don't like that style, and those who don't will find it hard anyway. Only those who pride themselves on cheesy movies and the Sci-Fi Channel films should really invest time in this one.

Rated PG-13: Violence and some mild language


probably the worst creature feature ever,boa vs python was a million times better then this & that wasn't great either,bad acting,bad effects & guess what the DVD is one of those one with 3 hours of previews before the main menu.probably the least scary movie ever,no blood or violence,people are stupid and keep using pistols when they have no affect on these animals, the only cool part was the radioactive leeches that was pretty cool,i name of the island is just a rip off of Jurassic park boring tiring & not worth even looking at but i suppose the characters stupidity is pretty funny so it would make a good comedy film but definitely not a thriller


Writer & director Jay Andrews, a.k.a. Jim Wynorski, serves up more of his characteristic shlock with a decent cast menaced by grade-Z computer generated reptiles in "Komodo Vs. Cobra," as generic a rip-off of "Mysterious Island" meets "Jurassic Park" as you can imagine. The chief problem with this predictable yarn about monsters dining on mankind is the incredibly phony special effects. The cobra and the Komodo are hilariously awful. However, the graphics people do an okay job of integrating the monsters with their victims, not that any of this is in the least believable. Clearly, "Komodo Vs. Cobra" had a budget that so low that virtually everything non-human in its looks as fake as all get out. This cheesy monster epic takes place on a remote island where the U.S. military conducts top-secret DNA testing on animals. The result is that gigantic Komodos and cobra thrive in this tropical island paradise. As the action opens, the primary scientist is gobbled up by a cobra that likes to swim. After, we are introduced to a group of 'Greenpeace' like environmental protesters and a journalist. Planet One organizer Jerry Ryan (Ryan McTavish of "Hellbent") pays charter boat skipper Jim Stoddard (Michael Pare of CBS-TV's "Houston Knights") five grand with the promise of another five grand if he will take them to this forbidden island. Meanwhile, the U.S. military suspect that something is amiss on the island so they send their own team of men who give eaten by the supersized predators. Our heroes run into the last remaining scientist on the island, Dr. Susan Richardson (Michelle Borth of "Wonderland"), the daughter of the scientist responsible for this insane science project, who tells them that the military is going to target the island for destruction. The title match between the two overgrown predators occurs in the last quarter hour after our heroes, who have been consistently whittled down by the monsters, find a helicopter and take off in time before the military pulverizes the island. There's no tension, suspense, or anything worthwhile in this substandard creature feature. The best thing about this yawner is composer Chuck Cirino's orchestral soundtrack; it gives "Komodo Vs. Cobra" an epic feel. Usually, Jay Andrews writes and directs tolerable drivel, but this ranks far below his low standards. The sexy women fare better at survival than the guys. In one scene, our heroic group fords a river and we don't get to see any wet T-shirts. Drat! There's nothing in the way of memorable dialogue or relationships in this dreck. I think that the military guys do far too much saluting when they get their heads together to conspire. Let's hope that Michael Pare got a good payday out of this garbage. The ending as one of the scientists takes on the characteristics of a lizard comes strictly as an afterthought. It's not so bad it's good, it's just bad.


This movie isn't Spielberg, but coming from a line of people who like cheesy fantasy/sci-fi/horror movies, it's an excellent way to indoctrinate your offspring (in my case my 6 year old daughter) into the wonderful world of imaginative story telling. Since The Philadelphia Experiment was one of those great sci-fi's when I was kid, it's fun to find familiar faces like Pare from my childhood. Oh, and Michelle Borth, a tasteful website would hardly be narcissistic; I vehemently encourage you to tastefully capitalize on your assets. All in all, the flick's heavy on the formaggio, but true to the B-class of it's genre.


Within the first 5 minutes of this movie I knew I was in for one of those "pick at the faults" kinda movie. The acting was terrible, the script was even worse. Who ever let these people write write such crap for a movie need to be feed the Komodo's themselves. With Russian Mig jets posing as U.S. Air Force jets, and pistols that can miraculously shoot 50 - 60 rounds rapid fire without reloading is poor detail to any story. In one scene komodo are killing special forces troops at night, while in another they are explaining how the komodos and cobras are cold blooded and don't come out night!!!! Also with fantastic special effects available in today's movie industry, they were only average even for this low budget movie.

All that being said, I did watch it to the end curious as to what other wonders bad film making could produce. Shame Shame Shame, for producing such rot!!!

This movie should have been left on the cutting room floor!!!


Bad, bad, movie, so bad it is worth watching. As long as you watch this movie knowing that it is bad and you'll be spending 2 hours of your time watching a bad movie, it's worth it. The special effects are cheesy and the animals look fake and the acting is bad, but watching the faces of the actors as they try to look frightened is just very funny. If your sister is about to be eaten by a giant komodo dragon wouldn't you do a little something to try and save her? If she did get eaten wouldn't you fall on your knees crying your heart out? This guy just sat in a chair and ran his fingers through his hair. How anti-climatic is that? Maybe he was supposed to be in shock or something. He does join his sister in the komodo's belly - oh didn't mean to spoil it for you.


This TV movie is OK. It has a nice background music and the performances weren't bad either especially from Michelle Borth as Dr. Sara or Michael Pare as Captain Mike. And the special effects are passable too but what's with these mutants? They move so slow and thus affect the pace of the movie. If you're gonna eat the humans, just get to it and save our time! That's what annoyed me about the movie, the pace at times is quite a torture. Most of the time, the characters engage in lot of talk on how to escape from these creatures or the military who wants to destroy the island rather than the action which we expect more.

I still like to watch such movies cause they're fantasy or escapist cinema and is a nice way to relax. More mutants or zombies for moi :)


UniMas, which was previously TeleFutura, often shows silly movies which are high on action/adventure but low on...um...Oscar-winning cinematography. If it ain't a Steven Seagal or Jean-Claude Van Damme film, it's a TV movie from Syfy. As a fan of "Mystery Science Theater 3000," I was riffing on "Komodo vs. Cobra" like Mike, Crow & Servo. But since that show was on Syfy, maybe that's why this movie tried to take itself seriously, coming off like it was a Vietnam War film, not something exploitive like "Sharktopus." 1st of all, lemme describe the plot. 2 bigass monsters blah blah blah government/military experiment & conspiracy blah blah blah determined band of good-looking, 2-D survivors blah blah systematic yet not-too-gross deaths by monster blah blah blah final monster letdown - ahem - showdown...the end. Funny that I mention "survivors" as Jerri from "Survivor" is in the cast; that's the only recognizable thespian in this movie (except for that guy from "Eddie & the Cruisers"). Oh yes, there's another actress named Renee Talbert, who I thought was Summer Glau but only looks like her. (Good thing Glau avoided this crud.) Also, I'd describe "Komodo vs. Cobra" as a movie that would've been cooler as an exploitation monster movie but is instead a wimpy family-friendly film. Yes, you see beautiful actresses in paradise. But they don't do a gratuitous scene bathing or frolicking in a lagoon. The only girly thing they do is scream near the monsters & act frightened while the men shoot infinite bullets @ 'em, including tough "survivor" Jerri & Michelle Borth, who actually was packing heat a little earlier in the movie. It was like watching "MST3K: King Dinosaur," which also had bad special effects, uninteresting characters, & some sexist undertones. There was lazy violence & nonexistent gore. The victims were eaten in one swift gulp & swallowed w/o chewing like in cartoons. & I think KvC relied almost entirely on CGI; not a prosthetic dismembered limb in sight. & only one guy had full make- up. But of course, major props to the two men in uniform who did not go to Kauai (I assume it was shot there) but stayed in Hollywood moving about in the same building talking their mouths off about military nonsense & how the conspiracy's playing out. Oh. Have I mentioned the stock footage of non-American planes? At least the number of stock footage was minimal compared to earlier movies I saw on MST3K (e.g. "Invasion USA"). To summarize, "Komodo vs. Cobra" is a cookie-cutter B-movie - TV-movie, pardon me - that's better watched in Spanish so I don't need to learn the abhorrent storyline. And a favor for all you MSTies out there: please watch this crappy film a few times & compose a few pages of riffs and broadcast it on YouTube or RiffTrax. Don't let the Mads win!