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Fire Island  Online
Original Title :
Fire Island
Genre :
TV Series / Reality TV
Cast :
Khasan Brailsford,Jorge Bustillos,Patrick McDonald
Type :
TV Series
Time :
Rating :
Fire Island Online

Docuseries following a group of young, New York City professionals who leave behind the stress of their big city lives and escape to the magical sun-soaked oasis that is Fire Island Pines
Series cast summary:
Khasan Brailsford Khasan Brailsford - Himself / - 7 episodes, 2017
Jorge Bustillos Jorge Bustillos - Himself / - 7 episodes, 2017
Patrick McDonald Patrick McDonald - Himself 7 episodes, 2017
Brandon Osorio Brandon Osorio - Himself / - 7 episodes, 2017
Cheyenne Parker Cheyenne Parker - Himself / - 7 episodes, 2017
Justin Russo Justin Russo - Himself / - 7 episodes, 2017

User reviews



There is something seriously confusing about this show. These guys go to one of the gay heavens and all they do is talk about their boyfriends, trying to "fit in" society, judging people for having fun and being free, and trying to connect with their families. If you want to do any of those things probably you should do them the rest of the year. That way there would be no need to go to a place where people try to escape all the pressure of all that mentioned already just to deal with the same issues. Furthermore I doubt anybody would want to go to Fire Island to fight with his roommates. All of that made it very hard for me to find a good point in the mere existing of this show other than seeing a bunch of good-looking guys hanging in Speedos (apparently a very controversial topic).

I always thought Americans gay guys are more tame and family-oriented than Europeans at least on the outside. However, a show about summer, freedom and vacation being turned into very cheap to the point of fake drama is actually dangerous. I would give up hope forever to being able to go to a drama safe place in this world if I were to listen to those guys. Please, enjoy your summer vacation and try to stay positive, drama free and relax!


I was hoping for a fun carefree show that gave a good reality show laugh and summer vibes. What I ended up getting was a bunch of 20/30 year olds acting like whiny teenagers.

5 episodes in and there is really no plot. They go there every weekend to party but nothing really changes. The characters are all kind of just bland and forgettable. I'm sure these guys are nice in real life but just not TV material.

Whoever is producing this show needs to take a page from the Bachelor or the Flavor of Love playbook and make something more compelling than just watching fit people drink. Maybe show some of their passions or talents! I mean they are dancers/models/artists from NYC for god sake why don't the collaborate on a project or something for an episode?? The lack of character development really starts to hinder wanting to watch the show past episode 2. Also more diversity in casting would have been nice too, the whole thing is like 95% white.

I was hoping for another Finding Prince Charming level of quality show but I guess I'll just have to wait for season 2 at this point.


What a bunch of 'needy eydie's' -- all I wanted to do was scream "grow up"! This is their mantra - "want me, need me, love me" - each one can offer up the first two 'want & need' but love doesn't fit into the picture because the next tight buns that walks past will capture their mantra.

What is the objective of this show? I can't figure it out.

All I can fathom is that this is the gay version of all those other bitchy 'housewife's of' and 'little women of' shows who's plot is the same every week - get together for a party, get bitchy and fight, make-up, then party so you can get bitchy again.