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Декстер This Is the Way the World Ends (2006–2013) Online

Декстер This Is the Way the World Ends (2006–2013) Online
Original Title :
This Is the Way the World Ends
Genre :
TV Episode / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
John Dahl
Cast :
Michael C. Hall,Jennifer Carpenter,Desmond Harrington
Writer :
James Manos Jr.,Jeff Lindsay
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Декстер This Is the Way the World Ends (2006–2013) Online

Stuck in the ocean miles from shore, Dexter is rescued by an old boat carrying illegal immigrants to the US. He even manages to render them a service. Once ashore, he heads home hoping to figure out where and when Travis will stage his last tableau. Travis has holed up in a small house and has killed the occupants. While he's away, the police show up and Dexter has something of a surprise waiting for him. Dexter makes it to son Harrison's school recital only to have Travis take the child. Meanwhile, Debra has a plan to catch Travis and gets LaGuerta's support for her plan. Debra also comes to terms with her feelings for Dexter. In his final confrontation with Travis, Dexter has him tied down on his execution table. Someone walks in just as he's committing the deed.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Michael C. Hall Michael C. Hall - Dexter Morgan
Jennifer Carpenter Jennifer Carpenter - Debra Morgan
Desmond Harrington Desmond Harrington - Det. Joseph 'Joey' Quinn
C.S. Lee C.S. Lee - Vince Masuka
Luna Lauren Velez Luna Lauren Velez - Capt. Maria LaGuerta (as Lauren Velez)
David Zayas David Zayas - Sgt. Angel Batista
James Remar James Remar - Harry Morgan (credit only)
Colin Hanks Colin Hanks - Travis Marshall
Aimee Garcia Aimee Garcia - Jamie Batista
Billy Brown Billy Brown - Det. Mike Anderson
Josh Cooke Josh Cooke - Louis Greene
Rya Kihlstedt Rya Kihlstedt - Dr. Michelle Ross
Evan George Kruntchev Evan George Kruntchev - Harrison Morgan
Luke Andrew Kruntchev Luke Andrew Kruntchev - Harrison Morgan
Cory Blevins Cory Blevins - Uniform Cop

When Travis 'Doomsday Killer' Marshall is looking at Dexter's driver's license, the last three digits are shown as "66-6".

According to his driver's license, Dexter was born on 02/01/1971. This is the real-life birthday of Michael C. Hall.

The boat that rescues Dexter from the ocean when it looks like his end is near is named the 'Milagro' which means Miracle in Spanish.

Travis Marshall leaves the house saying "Today's the Day." This is similar to but the opposite of the common phrase Dexter has been known to use throughout the series "Tonight's the Night."

At one point Travis Marshall is seen eating an apple. The symbolism is a well-known biblical reference to having knowledge of good and evil, as is fitting with the themes of season six.

User reviews



From the general feedback of this episode, people seem to be quite disappointed with the way that this episode and in general this series of Dexter has turned out.

(Caution Spoilers Ahead) Firstly, people seem to be quite reserved about the relationship between Deb and Dexter evolving but is this simply because of the fact that they are family (however not biologically related) being such a taboo that people are not ready for such themes or the fact that it was an unexpected twist to the story that people may find unnecessary? As for the taboo, this is a show that by it's very nature is pushing the boundaries of what is considered moral and decent by sympathising with a serial killer, so is it that unexpected that the writers wish to push the boundaries that little bit further? The plot twist did come rather unexpectedly however I don't feel that it was at all out of place. I personally find it quite sweet and hope that maybe it may develop into something more next season. It certainly evolves the character of Deb, suggesting that she is in fact a much more complex persona than we originally expected. The depth of the characters is probably the deciding factor between a forgettable show and a timeless one.

The religious subtext also jumps up a lot when people attack this season. The writers are not specifically targeting the Christian religion but are rather stating that quite often, people hide behind religion purely as a way of justifying their actions, something that was made blatantly clear during Dexter's speech to Travis before his death. Christianity was probably picked due to the intense imagery found in the book of Revelations which would translate well to a screenplay rather than any specific targeting of the Christian faith. Maybe this topic is a bit too political for this show but with the state of the world these days, perhaps a little bit of understanding could be shown to those who, like Travis, disguise their true intentions by hiding behind a loose interpretation of common ideals. I could write for pages and pages but I am quite limited by space.

I hope that the next season will live up to the expectations that have been laid due to the shocking ending of this episode. As every person who has found out about Dexter's dark talent has either been killed or has disappeared from Dexter's life, what will this mean for Deb? Will it in fact bring the two closer together as they share such a powerful secret or will it tear them apart as Deb betrays the man she loves? Only time will tell.


Dexter is adrift in the middle of the ocean but is rescued by a boat transporting illegal immigrants to Miami. When he arrives home, he does not have any idea where Travis might be. But he is summoned to a crime scene in a house where Travis was hidden after killing the dwellers. Then he goes with Harrison to a recital about Noah's Ark at school and Travis kidnaps his son to sacrifice him during the eclipse staging his last tableau. Debra is supported by LaGuerta in her plan of putting one police officer on the top of each skyscraper of Miami. But Dexter rescues Harrison and defeats Travis, bringing him to a killer room at the old church. But he has an unexpected visitor while killing the Doomsday Killer.

"This Is the Way the World Ends" makes the Sixth Season worth with the last scene that will certainly affect the life of Dexter and mostly Debra's life. What will be her attitude after witnessing Dexter getting rid of Travis? Will she suspect that her stepbrother is a serial-killer? Will she protect or arrest him? My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "É Assim Que o Mundo Acaba" ("This Is the Way the World Ends")


This episode was good in the fact that some things were finally brought into light. Throughout the whole series there has always been that taboo relationship/sexual tension with Dex and Debra that was never really brought up, except maybe by Masuka. The sexual tension could have been natural chemistry between the two actors considering they were married off screen, and I find it ironic that after their divorce that Debra finally admits she "LOVES" Dexter. As a viewer, when watching a show thats run as long as Dexter, You know the writers and producers are going to throw this giant ball from left field that we all knew was inevitable in the first place.

The other big inevitability was Dexter killing Travis in front of Debra. After Debra tells Dex to do a final sweep of the old church, Dexter gets the wonderful idea of using it as his killing floor, never thinking for one second that Deb would come to check on him. Low and behold, as soon as Dexter plunges the knife into Travis, Debra stumbles upon the happening, both characters with shocked expressions as the scene ends. Im glad that the writers FINALLY allowed Debra to see Dexters BIG secret, which we all knew was going to happen one day as well as Debras secret love for her brother, I was just surprised that they pulled a double whammy in this single episode, either way, Dex has some explaining to do. Good job Producers, Cant wait till next season.


Season 6 of Dexter was a little disappointing in my opinion. It was not horrible, but not great either. I expected more with Dexter returning to his full and dark form. I will give it up for Colin Hanks, he did bring us a new sadistic killer that we hadn't seen before. Of course he couldn't beat Trinity or Ice Truck, but he gave Dexter a run for his money. The religious aspect was pretty cool, but I was upset when they killed Brother Sam. He was a very unique character and a good friend for Dexter. Even though my favorite episode this season, besides the finale, was Just Let Go, ironically when Sam died. I loved the ending and seeing Dexter lose it.

But this finale was by far the best episode of season 6. It started off a little predictable with a cat and mouse game between Travis and Dexter. We figured Dexter would get Travis on his table as usual. But we did not see the ending coming. I'll get to that in a second. What also I think saved the season was the mysterious Louis side plot. Am I the only one who is not looking forward to that next season. They didn't give us anything because they want to make him an important character for next season.

And now we have one of the greatest cliffhangers ever. Deb caught Dex! THe moment we have been waiting 6 years for! I have so many theories as to how she is going to react. She might not even think he is a serial killer, but maybe just avenging her because Travis tried to have her killed. But most likely Dex will confess his true side. Dexter is renewed for 2 more seasons, so obviously she won't turn him in. I can't wait to see how this plays out. Kudos to the writers for taking another risk like season 4!


Did that really just happen! This season's Dexter has been out of this world and I can assure you the ending is explosive...literally can't believe what I just saw. Excited about season 7.

I have to say, for a fairly mediocre actor, Colin Hanks has been decided mesmerising in this season of Dexter and Edward James Olmos has not been Adama! The pace of the season has been just right and the plot twists (in a show infamous for this) have been so unexpected. I can't recommend this season highly enough, and you really get to appreciate just how and why Michael C Hall has won a golden globe!

Give it a whirl. The season finale will blow you away. I wasn't completely sure how it would end, but really, where do the writers go from here?


When I came to season 5 I did so on a wave of criticism and disappointment from message boards and reviews. I didn't totally agree with that even though I thought that the fifth season was only good when the others had been great. Well it transpires that the sixth season is when I join the mob saying "what has happened to this show" because this one has seen the show drop from great to so-so. Indeed by the end of the season it just felt instead of the writer's ideas being selected on quality, all the blue sky thinking was being put on the screen – whether it worked or not.

The (poor) writing was on the wall from the very start. I had no issue with the show skipping a year ahead in time, but it narked me to be updated by flat and fake dialogue from the characters. The viewer is informed by "hey isn't it cool that this has happened in the past year" dialogue and it feels lazy and unnatural and it didn't bode well that the main problem I had with season 5 (which unlike many I enjoyed) was so much to the fore this time around. As with previous seasons we have lots of things going on but the focal point is the hunt for a serial killer, this time a pair of religious doomsday nuts, trying to bring around the end of the world by committing elaborate murders. It doesn't help that they are not quite up to the standard of previous guest killers, but the real problem here is the overall writing, not one specific person or thread.

Previous seasons have been tight, engaging and thrilling – here we have bagginess, pointlessness, horridly convenient contrivances and just a real lack of understanding of the characters. The whole season seems concerned with making things happen rather than letting the characters drive it – and even if the things they thought of doesn't make sense, they'll do it anyway in the logic that 24 always got away with nonsense as long as it always kept moving quickly enough. This approach means that stuff from the previous season is left in the wash – so Quinn's suspicions over Dexter seem to have vanished for one example, but there are plenty more. What we get instead is characters forced into dynamics and places they don't fit for the sake of plotting – plotting which doesn't work anywhere near well enough to justify the way they have been brought around. With these weaknesses in the sweep, it is no surprise that they populate every show in detail too – Dexter injecting himself but then immediately coming too is the worst example (an event only made worse by the writers simply not even bothered to try and explain it), but there are plenty of others.

Somehow though the season just about manages to have enough of the old Dexter to it to somehow still be enjoyable, and don't get me wrong, there was still an OK show here that I was able to reasonably enjoy. The show does still have a solid dramatic sense to it and although many of the things here don't really work that well, they do still make for solid TV and the Doomsday killer thread is decent with some good twists along the way. The characters are a problem though – Deb feels forced down a career and personal road that is a stretch for the sake of the plot – previously she was a great character, this time she was poor. Dexter is solid but the religious aspect is poorly used and he doesn't develop or explore himself as he has in other seasons. Other characters used to be used well – now they have little to do and even less that works. The performances remain good though – despite it all.

Dexter seasons 1-4 were quite brilliant, so much so that even the weaker season 5 worked for me. Here though the quality of the writing really kills it – with laziness, convenience and a real lack of respect for the viewers that was annoyingly obvious and blunt throughout. So many things that the show had previously had as strengths, had not just dipped in quality but had actually become weaknesses. We'll see where the "Deb luvs Dex" and "Deb discovers Dex killing" thing goes, but the lab geek seems to have lazily been moved into position for the sake of next season, so we'll see – but it is hard not to feel like Dexter really jumped the shark here and I genuinely doubt it can pull it back, even if I hope it does.



Let's first start by saying that I never ever see anything coming even when they throw it right at my face, but as soon as I saw Dex in the Church with Travis on his table I was like: What the hell is he doing over there when everybody knows he's collecting evidence at that place???

He has lived by the code for so many years, never got caught and now he gets caught by making such a rookie mistake on one of his most important kills? I just knew Deb was gonna walk in, it was so predictable and so disappointing.

The Deb loves Dexter thing was already growing out of proportions up to a point where it became ridiculous but now I know they all did that just because it was essential for Dexter to get away with murdering Travis while his sister was watching.

Another really disturbing scene was the one on the sky scraper. Not one cop figured out it was gonna be that building, they didn't check building names related to the sun or anything, no they just put one cop on every building while dexter pinpoints the exact location in 5 seconds with one quick 'Google', right.....

Secondly, Deb asked to call for backup with every suspicious activity, yet one cop sees a kid in a lion outfit on the roof of a sky scraper (?) while they have been talking about lambs and other animals and he doesn't call it in right away?? Huge mistake! There's not one smart cop working at Miami Metro except for Dexter yet Vince claims they are the elite, the best of the best.

I'm not even gonna start on Dexter's boat accident and the ring of fire at the same location in the water, and Dexter that is allowed to enter the crime scene first while everybody's waiting outside so he can smash his painting with a hammer. The writers just did an awful job, bringing up all kinds of lame excuses to fill all the plot holes.

I once called Dexter the best show ever but now I wish they canceled the show when Rita died. At least I would've been left with questions and could have filled the plot holes myself but season 5 and 6 really ruined the entire show for me.

Thanks Dexter and Showtime, for four great seasons!


Well, the producers finally had the guts to do this. Hallelujah! Finally!!!

Did it hurt? Did it leave you any permanent scars? Did the network sack you? No. Then what took you so long?

Now if you could turn back time and do this at the end of the last season (and fix that disastrous season finale), things would be really perfect.

But this will do too. I really hope that next season will be about something else than Dexter chasing a serial killer because we have seen this god knows how many times and it has become really old.


The only reason I'm giving this episode a 9 is hope. I have seen what Dexter (the show) is capable of through all the seasons so far, and while it has set low standard after low standard in the past two seasons, maybe the writers, producers and directors still have got something in them.

I'm hopeful the last 10 seconds of the episode - yeah, ONLY the LAST TEN SECONDS - can unleash Dexter's full potential again in the next season. Oh, wait, there are still two seasons, at least, to come. Well, maybe they'll go full throttle now, and that is what I'm hoping for.

I wouldn't like to ignore the past two seasons and the colossal amount of plot holes and loose ends that they have left behind with no explanation AT ALL, but as it seems that is what they're doing, the only way to cope with that is to make the most out of this big, intense but predictable cliffhanger.

Maybe Dexter still has got some tricks up its sleeve, or maybe I'm being delusional and the show is really far past its best days, but, nonetheless, I'll still give it green light, once again, solely because of the hope that those last 10 seconds brought, and with it, a giant collection of possibilities, some of which are amazing.

So that's that. Are you ready to surprise me, Dexter, or will the downfall only get steeper in the seasons to come? Hope dies last, unless it's gotten itself trapped in Dexter's table.


The endless lament about the dark passenger is too much for me now. We got it writers, stop with it !!!!!

This last episode is boring as the whole sixth season. Plots holes and even plots abyss. Nothing makes sense.

This last episode just make me believe I was watching a Southpark parody of dexter.

Funny if not so pathetic.

Where did the refreshing originality goes ?

Thankfully we are left with the enigmatic Louis Greene but did we really need a whole season to introduce him ??


The thing that i used to love the most about this show was its great script.I mean besides the amazing 1-4 season basic plots ,there was an amazing character development and sub plots building up the great story to a climax of each season. All that worked like a clock ,so good that you could go back and forth in the show and not be able to find even one flaw...

Well the sixth season (with its bold and the beautiful finale) came and send all the above along with Harrys code (because Dexter just keeps forgetting about it conveniently) and Travis straight to hell!!! I don't know were to begin.I don't know what happened to the writers but one thing is certain. When you raise the bar so high you must respect the fans and be able to proceed with dignity...

Everything was so predictable!How can someone not be expecting the love twist or even worst the final scene.Im not trying to be unsatisfied or negative but i am so disappointed from all this mess.

Good luck with season 7! Which by the way the first episode is titled 'Doaks returns'!!! seriously ,check that out. WTF???? Are they gonna resurrect Doaks now?? unbelievable..... literally.


First off Dexter is an amazing show with awesome twist and turns and keeps you guessing. However, I must say, I'm NOT a fan of the whole Deb being in love with Dexter storyline. I know they aren't bloodly related but it is still gross. They were raised together since Dexter was 3 by the same parents...still brother and sister in my book. I really hope they don't go there next season! That being said, I did like the end when Deb sees Dexter kill Travis. I really wonder how that is going to play out next season. Will she accept him? Turn him in? Will he be able to lie to her and get her to believe him? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Dexter is an awesome show and I can't wait to see what season 7 brings, I just hope they find a way to drop the incest story, even though it technically isn't incest.


For the most part I have enjoyed the series even when it has strayed almost completely from the original books. But the incest-like developing relationship on Debra's side for Dexter is too much.

First of all, her therapist PLANTS the idea in Debra's head, and then comments that they are of course not biologically related. In reality, any kind of decent therapist would be pointing out that they've been RAISED as siblings, and that is as or more important.

Glad to see Debra has found out about Dexter; it happened in the books but I don't recall how.

I know the voice of Dad-Harry has bothered some people, but I kind of like it; it's like his conscience speaking or his good nature trying to get a handle on how to cope with his life. I do miss Chutzsky (sp?), however!


The overall conclusion of the fifth season was that it certainly was not as good as some previous "Dexter" highlights, like the very well received second and fourth season. Some people even went as far as saying they absolutely hated it. But as the ratings far from dropped, the show was renewed for a sixth season. A new, more "Dexter"-experienced show-runner (Scott Buck) got appointed, promising interviews were given by the producers and the trailers certainly looked good – needless to say, this caused high expectations for the new "Dexter." And after twelve episodes of the father, the son and the serial killer have been aired once more, I still find myself missing the old days of when I and my television were married when "Dexter" aired. Though, as I have to admit, the new season has a promising ending and is overall a little better than five.

One of the main problems with this season is the overall plot. Once again it is about a serial killer committing a professional kill in Miami in the first episode, once again Dex wants him on his table, once again Dexter succeeds and once again the new killer gets a colourful nickname. It is all starting to follow a formula, which makes it a little too repetitive and predictable. Though this time the season is dipped in a religious sauce, which makes it more distinctive than the empty-feeling fifth season – also the colouring and the lighting of the picture is a lot better than the ugly yellow style they went for in last season.

Anyway, even the killer himself is religious this time, which is why they call him the Doomsday Killer. They are Travis, played by Colin Hanks (yes, the son of Tom), and his companion Professor Gellar (Edward James Olmos) – who turned out to be living in Travis' head the whole time (something many viewers already figured out some time around the third episode, while the 'big reveal' came at the ninth). What bothers me is not that many people already quickly had guessed that Gellar was in Travis' head, it is that Travis lacks real threat because he does not have a real connection with Dexter. If you think back you will conclude that all the bad-guys of the other seasons had some kind of connection to Dexter's private life, which made them a lot more dangerous. The only dangerous thing about the Doomsday Killer is that composer Daniel Licht wrote a suspenseful theme for them. In fact, in the first half of this season, Dexter does not even seems to be really interested in the new killers!

Yes, this makes the first half of the season quite slow, but the first half certainly is the better half of the season. This is mostly because of the character Brother Sam (Mos Def). Mr. Def plays his character in a great way and his religious conversations with Dexter are very interesting and well written. Also, the first half had some great moments where Miami Metro visits Doomsday Killer's crime scenes, which are bloody in a positive way and creatively thought of – they even hearken back to the old days of Dexter. The second half of the season is a little worse. The pace does get a lot higher, but it already starts with the seventh episode "Nebraska". The sixth ended with a brilliant cliffhanger in which the Ice Truck Killer had replaced Harry as Dexter's conscience, something that could be the game changer the show needed. However, at the end of "Nebraska" the Ice Truck Killer disappeared and Harry was back, which made the whole episode completely pointless! And episodes eight to eleven are pretty much more of the same and consist of too explaining writing. Especially Dexter's voice-over. Earlier in the show this was a device for us to let us understand what went through the mind of a serial killer and for some comic relief, now it was merely to explain us things we already understood.

The second half is saved by a nice season finale. The writing is better, it was as if they had time to polish the script again and it ends with a – this time for real – game changing cliffhanger. The start of the episode is fun in which Dexter gets saved by some Spanish people on a boat. In the previous episode had left Dexter for dead in open water. As soon as Dex is back in Miami he spends some nice moments with Harrison until his son is kidnapped by Travis. Of course, Dex comes to rescue, knows how to capture Travis and kills him on his table in Travis' good old church. But then we suddenly realise that Dexter has an unexpected witness near his table... Debra. "Oh god," says Dex fittingly. Well, this certainly makes me want to tune in and watch season seven and it gives me high hopes that the seventh season will be more refreshing and maybe even as good as some of the earlier seasons of Dexter.

My conclusion about the sixth season is that though it is a little better than five I know that this show can still do a lot better. It is a shame they did not go for a more refreshing story but instead safely followed their formula, which overall makes for not a very outstanding season, even being a little predictable. The season will probably be remembered by fans as that mediocre religious season, but mostly it will be remembered by the daring cliffhanger it had, which hopefully brings us a brilliant seventh season next year.

This particular episode gets a 9/10. The season overall, I'd say about a 7.5/10 (and that is not great for Dexter standards in my opinion)


Is there a religion without extremists? Or even one with rational advocates? Before watching season 6 of "Dexter," we re-watched seasons 1 through 5 and each of them was better, in my mind, than it had been before. However, with those so fresh in my mind, I'm looking forward to re-watching season 6 next year, because it seemed a bit lame in their shadow and I'm hoping it too will ripen. Only because "Dexter" is a MUST SEE does this last episode count as a cliff hanger. Deb's psychologist inspired notice of a possibly deeper feeling than sisterly toward Dex turns out to be an artifice, a foreseeable escape mechanism for the predicament that would have been a fait accompli just two seasons ago. Knowing that SHO has bought season 7 AND season 8 of "Dexter" mitigates their hoped for dramatic suspense of the final scene. Unless of course the show's name will be changed next year to "Debra!" Hmmmm, or DDK - Dexter and Debra, killers!



(And I'm not referring to young people in China.)

Watching this series implode upon itself was painful. So please. Writers. Do us ALL a favor...and put this show out of its misery already.

To say the writing was weak, lazy, contorted, absurd, unrealistic, insulting, etc. -- would be a COMPLIMENT to season number 6.

NO believable plots.

STUPID characters.

STUPID dialogs.

STUPID monologues.

STUPID Hallucination Harry appearances/intrusions.

STUPID soap opera romances.

And when all else fails...

hook up Dexter and Debra.


Watching this season was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Some shows just can't seem to stand their own success. I feel sorry for the actors in this mess. You KNOW they had to be dying, week after week, with no way of fixing or changing anything. Talk about capital crimes! Killing this show the way the writers, producers, and directors did should result in death row for all of them. It seemed like they were in a race to see who could come up with the most shocking, the grossest, the most perverse ideas they could, so they could then simply throw it all out there, helter-skelter, like the Manson family in the Tate-Labianca murders.

The minute they decided to gear this series towards Dexter and Harrison the show began sinking, and it never really recovered. Because schizophrenic/psychopathic serial killers, and children, simply don't mix. It didn't work with Harry and Dexter. It didn't work with Vogel and her son. And it's unrealistic to think it'll ever work with Dexter and Harrison. It's an illusion. And it's a false message. And that's exactly the message, accurately delivered, by the Brian Moser character. And what became painfully apparent as this season dragged on was that HE, not Dexter, had become the most sympathetic character, because he was the most HONEST character. All this double talk crap from Dexter about "The Code" was pure hypocrisy. He did WHAT he wanted to do, WHEN he wanted to do it, regardless of the consequences. And once that happened this show sailed hopelessly beyond the point of no return.


I'm going to make this very simple. Picture a 5 Yr. old kid that broke a lamp and it is trying to come up with a lie to get out of it. Now, picture that same mentality writing a screenplay for this series. Think of the ridiculous, contrived, transparent, explanations that 5 yr old might come up with to create a story and to connect events.... I wish the writing and plausibility of this entire season had been that good... Get the picture? If you've ever watched a show, any show, and said to yourself. Huh?? This is not the show for you. Picture the writers sitting around a table, 'Bob' says, hmm we need Dexter to hear a conversation between two Swahili's,,, Ta-Da, Dexter Coincidentally had a Swahili neighbor that secretly taught him to speak fluent Swahili.. Great idea Bob!, the audience is stupid enough to buy that... The whole Season is like that, Incomprehensible!