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Dexter Father Knows Best (2006–2013) Online

Dexter Father Knows Best (2006–2013) Online
Original Title :
Father Knows Best
Genre :
TV Episode / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Adam Davidson
Cast :
Michael C. Hall,Julie Benz,Jennifer Carpenter
Writer :
James Manos Jr.,Jeff Lindsay
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Dexter Father Knows Best (2006–2013) Online

Dexter learns that his biological father (named Joe Driscoll), whom he was told had died 30 years ago, has just recently died and left him everything he owned, including his house. He goes on a trip to pack the items in the house, along with Rita. But later, Debra and Rudy also show up at the house to help out, where Dexter clicks with Rudy, while suspecting something strange about Joe Driscoll's death, and about who Dexter's biological mother was. Flashbacks to Dexter's childhood show him questioning Harry about who his real parents were, and about an accident which an anonymous person donated some of his blood to help the young Dexter during his surgery and it happened to be Mr. Driscoll. Back in Miami, Angel questions a shooting incident involving Doakes and a suspect. Also, Paul begins to slide back into his old habits when he suspects Rita is keeping him away from unsupervised visits to their children.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Michael C. Hall Michael C. Hall - Dexter Morgan
Julie Benz Julie Benz - Rita Bennett
Jennifer Carpenter Jennifer Carpenter - Debra Morgan
Erik King Erik King - Sgt. James Doakes
Luna Lauren Velez Luna Lauren Velez - Lt. Maria LaGuerta (as Lauren Velez)
David Zayas David Zayas - Det. Angel Batista
James Remar James Remar - Harry Morgan
C.S. Lee C.S. Lee - Vince Masuka
Christian Camargo Christian Camargo - Rudy Cooper
Mark Pellegrino Mark Pellegrino - Paul Bennett
Dominic Janes Dominic Janes - Young Dexter
Dakin Matthews Dakin Matthews - Dr. Pittman
Joseph Lyle Taylor Joseph Lyle Taylor - Sgt. McKay
Jeanette Miller Jeanette Miller - Elderly Neighbor
Christina Robinson Christina Robinson - Astor Bennett

Dexter learns that Driscoll bequeathed to him a house in Dade City, Florida. Dade City is in the eastern part of Pasco County, and is a suburb of that big Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater area. (Pasco County also has a large beach coast on the West Coast of Florida.) The home that Dexter and Rita go to see is given the house number 5570, and the house opposite is 5561. In Florida, avenues and roads usually run north and south, and streets run west-east, but even if Dexter fans wanted to chase down these houses, they should remember that probably false numbers were put on the houses by the crew.

When Dexter and Rudy are packing up the house, they are each packing in the way they dispose of bodies. Dexter is putting items in plastic bags and duct taping them, Rudy is wrapping things nicely with string.

When Rudy enters the elderly neighbor's home his clothes and tool box are those of a pest control worker, in this case his "pest" problem of a witness who recognized him.

User reviews



"Father Knows Best" is arguably one of the most important episodes in the series. Dexter discovers that his real father, Joe Driscoll, had been alive all this time, and that Harry had lied to him about his existence. Driscoll left him a house, where Dexter discovers that Driscoll donated blood to him as a child. In addition, Dexter (albeit unknowingly) meets the Ice Truck Killer face-to-face, who seemed very interested in him, which is a little odd considering that he's his sister's boyfriend. While this episode is important, as Dexter discovers that Harry lied to him and begins to question the Code for the first time, it is also a little flat. The story isn't as engaging as previous episodes, and even Dexter and Rudy's first meeting falls a little flat. Paul (Mark Pellegrino) appears to regress in his behavior towards Rita, becoming abusive once again, but this sudden flip from the last episode doesn't quite work. Overall, a decent episode with some brilliant moments, but it doesn't quite work as well as prior ones.


Dexter inherits a house from a man called Joe Driscoll, who claimed to be his biological father and apparently died from heart attack. Dexter travels with Rita to pack and clear the house for selling. Later, Debra and Rudy unexpectedly show up to help them. Dexter investigates the death of Joe in the morgue and with his neighbor and finds evidences that he might have been killed. Meanwhile Sergeant Doakes shoots and kills a man in Miami and Angel is requested by the Internal Affairs to testify; but what Angel has witnessed and Dexter's report about the blood splatter contradict the statement of Doakes. Angel lives a dilemma with his conscience and principles whether he should tell the truth of become a rat. Paul presses Rita to visit his children and is brutal with her.

In this episode, Dexter discloses the truth about his origins and realizes that Harry lied to him. The Ice Truck Killer now close to Dexter and Debra is able to manipulate Dexter and get inside information about his past that he will certainly use in the future. The poor Angel lives a great dilemma with the situation with Doakes while the mask of Paul falls. The taste of music of Joe Driscoll could not be better. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Papai Sabe o Que é Melhor" ("Father Knows What is Best")


The episode it's self provided good insight into where Dex came from a little more about his childhood with Harry. However there are somethings that are questionable. First, I don't understand why his sister thought that her reaction to the blood test and the tox screen was OK. I mean I get that he was 'questioning' Harry, but he had good reason. As for the tox screen, the man may have been murdered and she should have wanted to know the truth too, I mean murder is murder no matter if the victim or possible victim is someone that your father didn't want to be near you... Then we get to the ice truck killer. How did Dex not pick up on the way he was acting? And you cannot tell me that normally Dex would have missed the old woman. She was pretty loud when she was trying to get his attention and then she even went so far to call out to Dex to ask if 'the cable guy' had said anything about her cable. There is no way that he missed that connection, so why did? All in all not a bad episode, but there are somethings that don't fall in with the observative Dexter that we have come to know through out the season.



And Deb goes off the deep end. Again.

Dexter might be a psychopath, but foster/adopted sister Deb is a total head case. It's like her whole world comes crashing down around her because Dexter DARES to pursue the truth about his biological father. Regardless of her chronological age, her emotional maturity is that of a 5 year old. And in some ways, she typifies the entire series. When it/she is good, it's all very very good. And when she's bad...it's HORRID.

So Harry Morgan lied about Dexter's father having died. SO WHAT, DEB? Get an effin grip!!

The more interesting revelation is that Joe Driscoll, Dexter's biological father, might have been killed, possibly by Rudy, the Ice Truck Killer. (I could be way off base here but the thought crossed my mind that Rudy and Dexter might somehow be brothers, traumatized by the same event, which could have resulted in their compulsion to kill.)

We also learn that Doakes was involved in a special op in Haiti when he was in the military -- after he shoots and kills a former member of the Haitian death squad (the Ton Ton Macoute). Before I.A. can get too involved in the shooting Washington steps in and closes the investigation.

One final note: it's becoming clearer and clearer that Rita's husband Paul is still a total piece of work.

On a more general note...the one great thing about this series is that it constantly presses the issue of what is right/fair when it comes to retribution. Is there anyone here who would really be upset if Dexter dispensed with Paul once and for all? What about that guy from the Ton Ton Macoute? It's what makes "Dexter" a thought provoking show. I just hope the rest of the series is as creative and suspenseful as this episode.


The ninth episode in the first episode of Dexter is definitely engaging like it's predecessors. After the last episode ended on an exciting cliffhanger, this episode manages to do the same though not as mind-numbing as before. I liked this episode for two reasons. The first reason is that this is more family-centered. In other words, we learn more about Dexter's past and his biological father. The second reason s that there is a theme of morality which is a big issue within police departments.

This episode "Father Knows Best," has Dexter learning that his biological father recently passed away after being told he was dead for over thirty years. Rita begins to get abused again by her ex-husband. Debra and her new boyfriend Rudy are taking it to the next level. Angel faces a moral dilemma whether he should rat out Sgt. Doakes or not after he killed someone.

Overall, this is another very good, engaging episode. I like how they come up with these amazing cliffhangers. I just want more and more as I watch more and more. If this episode was any indication, big things are about to happen. I rate this episode 9/10.


They start dancing making Dex uncomfortable. (hehe)

Masuka: Did I call the hot Morgan by mistake, my subconscious has been exposed. Deb: Well zip it up. (haha) Easily Masuka's best line of the series.

As aware as Dex is you think he would pick up on Rudy in some way. He is quite imposing in terms of being forward and is quite cluey for just being Deb's boyfriend.

Again I love the flashbacks. Harry is such a caring father, Young Dex throws the card in the bin, "It doesn't matter". Harry: It does matter. Dex finds the card at Joe Driscoll's place.

A touching moment in the house when Dex is interested in finding out what happened to Joe Driscoll. Deb says he isn't even family. Dexter says, "I don't know what you want from me." "I want what Dad wanted. I want nothing to do with this guy. Let's just finish packing up this crappy house and walk the f*** away!" Dexter says "that sounds like a good plan."

Rudy going back to kill the old women at the end, kinda reminds us that this guy is a serial killer, and not a nice guy like Dex.

Terrific episode.