» » Doki The Amazing Maze/Doki's Dolphin (2014– )

Doki The Amazing Maze/Doki's Dolphin (2014– ) Online

Doki The Amazing Maze/Doki's Dolphin (2014– ) Online
Original Title :
The Amazing Maze/Dokiu0027s Dolphin
Genre :
TV Episode / Animation / Adventure / Family
Year :
Directror :
Brandon Lloyd
Cast :
Collin Dean,Tara Emo,Katie Grant
Writer :
Kenn Scott,Susan Hart
Type :
TV Episode
Rating :
Doki The Amazing Maze/Doki's Dolphin (2014– ) Online

After Doki tells them the story of Theseus and the Labyrinth, Mundi boasts about her 'natural' sense of direction. Gabi is skeptical she thinks Mundi relies on her ability to fly. To prove her own skill, Mundi suggests they visit a hedge maze in CUMBRIA, ENGLAND. Doki wonders How do you solve a maze, anyway? On arrival, they split into two teams. Team Riddle (who will look for clues to solve the maze) and Team Speed (counting on speed and Mundi's sense of direction) and set off on a race to solve the maze. In the end, Gabi realizes that it's fair to use ALL your skills, and Mundi admits that it takes more than a 'sense of direction' to solve a maze. After auditioning many pets,/Fico has decided that the ideal pet for him, is a dolphin. Seems ridiculous at first, but then everyone gets excited. After all, why can't Fico have a dolphin? They fly to the coast of AUSTRALIA to find one and upon landing, they spook a herd of kangaroos, and Fico decides he wants a kangaroo instead. While ...
Episode credited cast:
Collin Dean Collin Dean
Tara Emo Tara Emo - Mundi (voice)
Katie Grant Katie Grant - Anabella (voice)
Griffin Hook Griffin Hook - Doki (voice)
Caden Hughes Caden Hughes - Oto (voice)
Lucas Kalechstein Lucas Kalechstein - Fico (voice)
Jenny Maria Meyer Jenny Maria Meyer - Gabi (German version)
Sarah Sheppard Sarah Sheppard - Gabi (voice)