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Doki A Twister Tale/Stinky Shoes (2014– ) Online

Doki A Twister Tale/Stinky Shoes (2014– ) Online
Original Title :
A Twister Tale/Stinky Shoes
Genre :
TV Episode / Animation / Adventure / Family
Year :
Directror :
Brandon Lloyd
Cast :
Margaret Brock,Collin Dean,Tara Emo
Writer :
Barry Craigmyle,Susan Hart
Type :
TV Episode
Rating :
Doki A Twister Tale/Stinky Shoes (2014– ) Online

After reading the Wizard of Oz, the gang wonders - could a tornado really pick up a house? To find out, they call up Mundi's friend Luke, who's a storm-chaser but when the call ends abruptly, Doki declares a rescue expedition. The Team flies to a weather station near OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA to make sure Luke is okay. Luckily he's fine and with a storm brewing, the Team goes tornado spotting with him. Fico becomes a hero when he sounds a warning siren to alert a town to an oncoming twister - but he also learns respect for nature when his bike is mangled in the storm. / Oto has a big tennis match coming up, but his smelly shoes are banned from the clubhouse. Their distinctive smell is stinking the whole place up. But why do Oto's lucky shoes smell exactly like stinky cheese? If they answer that question, maybe they can deodorize Oto's smelly shoes, AND the clubhouse. They head to a stinky cheese festival in LIMBURGER, BELGIUM, to learn what makes things smell. While there, Oto's shoes ...
Episode credited cast:
Margaret Brock Margaret Brock - Additional Voice
Collin Dean Collin Dean
Tara Emo Tara Emo - Mundi (voice)
Katie Grant Katie Grant - Anabella (voice)
Griffin Hook Griffin Hook - Doki (voice)
Caden Hughes Caden Hughes - Oto (voice)
Lucas Kalechstein Lucas Kalechstein - Fico (voice)
Ian MacPherson Ian MacPherson - Additional Voice
Jenny Maria Meyer Jenny Maria Meyer - Gabi (German version)
Michael Pongracz Michael Pongracz - Additional Voice (as Mike Pongracz)
Sarah Sheppard Sarah Sheppard - Gabi (voice)