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Massive Monster Mayhem Online

Massive Monster Mayhem  Online
Original Title :
Massive Monster Mayhem
Genre :
TV Series / Comedy
Cast :
Devon Deshaun Stewart,Graham Conway,Dana Schiemann
Type :
TV Series
Rating :
Massive Monster Mayhem Online

Massive Monster Mayhem is the ultimate action-packed, sci-fi action adventure game show starring the greatest Massive Monster Superstars in the universe versus three real kid heroes. Each episode features Master Mayhem and his league of monsters as they battle to take over our planet. Three real kid Heroes step into the action and compete in three intergalactic elimination challenges (The Megalator, The Mega Duel, and The Monster Mashdown) for a chance to win awesome prizes, save the planet, and become Earth's Champion. Throughout the action, each show features its own monster themed story arc, including scripted scenes and irreverent comedic shorts from the universe of Massive Monster Mayhem. The unique series combines cutting-edge, real-time CGI and pre-visualization technology to give the show a signature visual style.
Series cast summary:
Devon Deshaun Stewart Devon Deshaun Stewart - Himself - Host / - 11 episodes, 2017-2018
Graham Conway Graham Conway - Himself - Host 7 episodes, 2017
Dana Schiemann Dana Schiemann - Mayor 7 episodes, 2017
Thomas Lorber Thomas Lorber - Master Mayhem 5 episodes, 2017

User reviews



I gave the first few episodes of MMM a watch, and the show is surprisingly entertaining. Yes, the show is cheesy and over-the-top, but MMM embraces that. The challenges are great, the commentary actually had me chuckling in certain moments, and the CGI effects implemented throughout the show are amazing. Plus, being Nickelodeon, there will be slime, but not in the way you think. Overall, I highly recommend MMM. I'm only giving it a 9 as it isn't on the main Nickelodeon channel (it's on NickToons), but this is definitely the most underrated show on Nick's current lineup.


This show is actually excellent. I was a huge fan of Legends of Hidden Temple and this is a great new show with that has that sort of half-story/half-competition format but with bad ass Pacific Rim monsters. It's goofy and fun but super engaging.

I saw some commercial for it on Youtube and checked out the premier with the roommates and it was a ton of fun.

Definitely recommend checking it out
Уou ll never walk alone

Уou ll never walk alone

This title says all, it just copies the obstacles from American Ninja just with kids doing them and a disgusting host that basically makes me facepalm everytime he says something or every time he's shown. *THIS* is the bad guy that we're going against? *this* is the same guy that's the leader of all of them? Please. He's brainless at best.

Watch American Ninja, not this copycat of a show if you want entertainment. Some of the things this show does *doesn't even make sense* like the kids suddenly getting crazy big and they're competing to *destroy a city for points*? That's just stupid, I thought they were here to save us, not cause more harm.


I think this show is great and everyone should check it out! IT's kind of crazy like a Japanese game show meets Gladiators but from Outer space instead of America. Kids and Giant monsters beat the socks off each other.