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Spy Smasher vs. The Purple Monster Online

Spy Smasher vs. The Purple Monster  Online
Original Title :
Spy Smasher vs. The Purple Monster
Genre :
TV Series / Action / Adventure / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Cast :
Ken Henricks,Dick Andersen,Rich Feltman
Type :
TV Series
Time :
Rating :
Spy Smasher vs. The Purple Monster Online

Traveling from Mars, The Purple Monster (played by Ken Henricks) , along with his henchmen, plan to take over the world. The Earth's best defense is Alan Armstrong (played by Don Glut) as the Spy Smasher. Through this exciting four part serial, Armstrong battles The Purple Monster, with each part ending on a cliffhanger, Armstrong in a life and death struggle to save himself. {locallinks-homepage}
Series cast summary:
Ken Henricks Ken Henricks - The Purple Monster 4 episodes, 1964
Dick Andersen Dick Andersen - Henchman 4 episodes, 1964
Rich Feltman Rich Feltman - Henchman 4 episodes, 1964
Donald F. Glut Donald F. Glut - Alan Armstrong / - 4 episodes, 1964
Rich Hagopian Rich Hagopian - Henchman 4 episodes, 1964
William Roddy Lozowski William Roddy Lozowski - Henchman 4 episodes, 1964
Bill Moore Bill Moore - Henchman 4 episodes, 1964
Eddie Navaret Eddie Navaret - Henchman 4 episodes, 1964
Paul Pinasich Paul Pinasich - Henchman 4 episodes, 1964
Ed Popper Ed Popper - Henchman 4 episodes, 1964
Pat Savage Pat Savage - Henchman 4 episodes, 1964
Dick Wagner Dick Wagner - Henchman 4 episodes, 1964
Doug Moench Doug Moench - Henchman 2 episodes, 1964

The title is announced as "Spy Smasher Strikes".

This serial featured a character Spy Smasher, who had originated in comic books and the other from a couple of Don Glut's favorite serials made by Republic Pictures and which inspired Don Glut's own unofficial company name Democracy Pictures.

Future comic-book writer Doug Moench played a henchman who gets killed.

This was to be the last film made by Don Glut entirely in the Chicago area.

Don Glut cut a trailer for this serial narrated by Jim Harmon.