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Pokémon Police Officer Gardie (1997– ) Online

Pokémon Police Officer Gardie (1997– ) Online
Original Title :
Police Officer Gardie
Genre :
TV Episode / Animation / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
Year :
Directror :
Masamitsu Hidaka,Fred Butter
Cast :
Madeleine Blaustein,Rodger Parsons,Megumi Hayashibara
Writer :
Crispin Freeman,Junichi Masuda
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Pokémon Police Officer Gardie (1997– ) Online

When Satoshi and his friends see a group of Gardie training against a Policeman posing as a robber, Satoshi decides for him and Pikachu to do the same training to become the best they can be. However, when the Rocket-Dan comes to steal them, Officer Junsa, Satoshi and the gang's voice gets changed, causing the Gardie to think that the Rocket-Dan are the Officers as they use their ears to follow command.
Episode cast overview:
Madeleine Blaustein Madeleine Blaustein - Meowth / Growlithe (voice) (as Adam Blaustein)
Rodger Parsons Rodger Parsons - Narrator (voice) (as Ken Gates)
Megumi Hayashibara Megumi Hayashibara - Musashi (voice)
Inuko Inuyama Inuko Inuyama - Nyarth (voice)
Unshô Ishizuka Unshô Ishizuka - Narrator (voice)
Mayumi Izuka Mayumi Izuka - Kasumi (voice) (as Mayumi Iizuka)
Mika Kanai Mika Kanai - Purin (voice)
Rica Matsumoto Rica Matsumoto - Satoshi (voice)
Shin'ichirô Miki Shin'ichirô Miki - Kojiro (voice)
Rachael Lillis Rachael Lillis - Misty / Jessie / Jigglypuff (voice) (as Rachel Lillis)
Chinami Nishimura Chinami Nishimura - Junsa (voice)
Yûji Ueda Yûji Ueda - Takeshi (voice)
Ikue Ôtani Ikue Ôtani - Pikachu (voice) (as Ikue Otani)
Eric Stuart Eric Stuart - Brock / James / Pokédex (voice)
Veronica Taylor Veronica Taylor - Ash Ketchum (voice)

User reviews



After having just seen the last of this episode, I am happy to say that I have now seen every single episode from the lengthy first season of Pokémon! That is, the Indigo League or the Kanto League or whatever. This episode focuses on police Growlithes which makes sense as they're basically the equivalent of dogs in the Pokémon Universe. Well, some dog pokemon. There's a lot of them. There are some really heartwarming moments near the end when Jessie tries to get Pikachu to turn on Ash by using his voice. It's sweet how Pikachu refuses. And wouldn't you know it? One of Officer Jenny's Growlithes do the same thing to her!

I really do think it's interesting to have an episode that shows us how their world works. This is how they use Pokémon like we use animals in our world. It's a pretty basic idea, but the execution is done so nicely. It's pretty cool to see Ash run under barbed wire. It's weird because there actually were guns featured in this episode unlike "The Legend Of Dratini" which was banned. Well, they used it more, but I think that it's okay to treat the audience like adults and not be afraid to show some somewhat violent images now and then. ***1/2