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Maya The Khandur Uprising (1967–1968) Online

Maya The Khandur Uprising (1967–1968) Online
Original Title :
The Khandur Uprising
Genre :
TV Episode / Adventure
Year :
Directror :
Allen Baron
Cast :
Jay North,Sajid Khan,Oliver McGowan
Writer :
Hendrik Vollaerts,Norman Katkov
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Maya The Khandur Uprising (1967–1968) Online

While visiting a village to give Maya an elephant pedicure, Terry and Raji are caught in the middle of bandit raid. While trying to defend the townspeople, Terry is seriously wounded. Raji brings his wounded companion to the home of a retired British major for help. When the bandits attack the major's compound, Terry recovers sufficiently to join the battle while Raji tries to locate an Indian army patrol for help.
Episode cast overview:
Jay North Jay North - Terry Bowen
Sajid Khan Sajid Khan - Raji
Oliver McGowan Oliver McGowan - Major Walker
Shatrughan Sinha Shatrughan Sinha - Khandur, Leader of the Shinwaris (as S.P. Sinha)
Chanda Chanda - Soraya, Blacksmith's Daughter (as Chanda Joglekar)
Satyadev Dubey Satyadev Dubey - Zafar, Khandur's Assistant

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While visiting a valley village, to give Maya the elephant a pedicure, Terry (Jay North) and Raji (Sajid Khan) are caught up in a firestorm. Indian bandits are terrorizing the villagers by setting fires, shooting and looting. Terry tries to help defend the townspeople, but is shot. Raji brings his wounded companion to British major Oliver McGowan (as Walker) for help. Also good at doctoring, Mr. McGowan digs the bullet out of Terry's shoulder. No anesthesia is used, so we get to see the operation performed on North's pained expressions. Observe how Khan shares the pain as his pal's bullet is removed. The lads stick around to help McGowan in his effort to rid the town of bandits. Khan goes undercover as one of the marauders, who write the frightening English word "Death" on their foreheads.

**** The Khandur Uprising (11/18/67) Allen Baron ~ Sajid Khan, Jay North, Oliver McGowan, S.P. Sinha