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South Park The Red Badge of Gayness (1997– ) Online

South Park The Red Badge of Gayness (1997– ) Online
Original Title :
The Red Badge of Gayness
Genre :
TV Episode / Animation / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Trey Parker
Cast :
Trey Parker,Matt Stone,Isaac Hayes
Writer :
Trey Parker,Matt Stone
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
South Park The Red Badge of Gayness (1997– ) Online

It's time for South Park's annual Civil War re-enactment, and the boys have been assigned to the Union army. Cartman's misbehavior gets him kicked out, however, and he shows up later dressed as the Confederate general. Angry at his friends for laughing at him, he bets them that the South will win the Civil War, and then starts inspiring his troops to start fighting for real. Not only does the Confederacy go on to win the battle, Cartman then begins leading them to take on the entire nation.
Episode cast overview:
Trey Parker Trey Parker - Stan Marsh / Eric Cartman / Mr. Garrison / Grandpa Marsh / Man in Crowd #1 / Randy Marsh / Officer Barbrady / Ralph / Mrs. Hollis / Policeman / Tom the News Reader / Hiding Man #1 / National Guard #1 / Suzette / Tour Guide / National Guard #2 / President's Aide #1 / Bill Clinton (voice)
Matt Stone Matt Stone - Kyle Broflovski / Kenny McCormick / Jimbo Kern / Man in Crowd #2 / Gerald Broflovski / Stuart McCormick / Man in Car / Butters Stotch / Hiding Man #2 / Man on Tour / Al Gore / President's Aide #2 (voice)
Isaac Hayes Isaac Hayes - Chef (credit only)

After the production of the previous episode, the voice actor of many female South Park roles, Mary Kay Bergman, committed suicide. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, still in shock from the tragic ordeal, did not feel like auditioning people right away, which is why this episode features no female voices (Trey Parker voices the S'mores Schnapps Lady and Kenny's mom appears with no speaking parts).

Contains the first appearance of Al Gore in South Park, and he is voiced by Matt Stone instead of Trey Parker, who voices him in later episodes such as South Park: ManBearPig (2006)

Jagermin's S'more-flavored Schnapps is 151 proof. It is a parody of Jagermeister.

User reviews



This was one of the stronger episodes of South Park's 3rd Season, in my opinion. Cartman is hilarious as a Robert E. Lee impersonator. There's no other way to describe what he does in this episode than "Cartmanesque"- leading the residents of South Park on a country-wide rampage to "win" the Civil War for the Confederacy, not for any noble or high purposes, but purely out of his hate for Stan and Kyle (if he wins, they become his slaves). The episode also features Butters with an early speaking part, and great spoofs of Clinton and Gore. I especially recommend this episode for Civil War buffs- as long as you can deal with Civil War reenactments being made fun of.


Red Badge of Gayness is one of the weaker episodes of South Park.It's not as funny or entertaining as the other episodes.It's still pretty decent though.There is no real "bad" episode of South Park.This episode has the men of South Park engaging in a civil war reenactment.Cartman places a bet with Stan and Kyle that if the south wins, they have to be his slaves.The boys agree knowing that they lost, however Cartman has some tricks up his sleeve as usual.The men get really drunk while participating and with the aid of Cartman, they go around the United States and take over towns.It's up to Stan and Kyle to stop them.The episode has some laughs, and was overall decent, it was just one of the weaker South Park episodes.