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South Park Timmy 2000 (1997– ) Online

South Park Timmy 2000 (1997– ) Online
Original Title :
Timmy 2000
Genre :
TV Episode / Animation / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Trey Parker
Cast :
Trey Parker,Matt Stone,Eliza Schneider
Writer :
Trey Parker,Matt Stone
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
South Park Timmy 2000 (1997– ) Online

Timmy arrives in South Park as a new student. Although he is obviously intellectually disabled and is only capable of saying his name, none of the teachers recognize this fact and instead diagnose him as having ADD and give him Ritalin. As part of Timmy's treatment, he no longer has to do homework, so naturally all the other kids demand to be diagnosed with ADD and given Ritalin, too. Meanwhile, Timmy ends up creating a local controversy when he becomes front man for a garage rock band. {locallinks-homepage}
Episode cast overview:
Trey Parker Trey Parker - Stan Marsh / Eric Cartman / Mr. Garrison / Timmy / Mr. Mackey / Doctor / Skyler Moores / Pharmacist / Band Singer / Man in Crowd #1 / Man in Crowd #2 / Charlie Rose / Phil Collins / Laughing Man / MTV Announcer / Phillip / VH1 Presenter / Randy Marsh / Dr. Shay (voice)
Matt Stone Matt Stone - Kyle Broflovski / Kenny McCormick / Jonesy / Mark / Battle of the Bands Host / Man in Crowd #3 / Kurt Loder / Richard / Terrance / Gerald Broflovski (voice)
Eliza Schneider Eliza Schneider - Principal Victoria / Carol McCormick / Liane Cartman / Helen / Sharon Marsh (voice) (as Blue Girl)
Mona Marshall Mona Marshall - Sheila Broflovski / Woman in Crowd (voice)
Isaac Hayes Isaac Hayes - Chef (voice)

Trey Parker and Matt Stone put an Oscar-wielding Phil Collins parody in this episode mainly because Collins had beat them at the Oscars in the category 'Best Original Song' earlier.

The question that Timmy fails to answer and leads to his diagnosis of ADD is: "what was the color of Gatsby's car". This is not as capricious as it first appears, as the color of Gatsby's car (yellow) is actually fairly important to the plot of "The Great Gatsby".

"Bu-bu-budio" is a spoof of Phil Collins's 1985 hit song "Sussudio."

This episode deals with the controversy around underground recording artist Wesley Willis and his battle with Schizophrenia. Many felt it was wrong to listen to his music because it could be seen as mocking Willis.

User reviews



It wasn't necessarily that bad that Blame Canada didn't get the Oscar but it was horrible that Phil Collins and his sappy Disney crap song got it. Trey and Matt rip Collins a new one in this classic episode. He is portrayed as a retard who carries his Oscar with him at all times(In the end it's shoved up his butt) The Ritalin subplot is genius. It makes a valid point but in the South Park fashion the way it makes the point is hilarious. My favorite joke with this subplot is the way the boys are diagnosed with ADD, they have to listen to The Great Gatsby and Farewell to Arms in one sitting. Hearing Cartman say "There ya go" in his mellow drugged voice is worth the price of admission.

The big draw to this episode is Timmy and why not? He is one of the most clever South Park characters. Matt and Trey deserve credit for creating a character who has a personality but can only say his name. Of course people protest Timmy and claim he is offensive. But Matt and Trey have the utmost respect for their character and Timmy's disability is never made fun of.

All and all it's a real stand out episode.


Timmy 2000 marks the introduction of Timmy.The mentally-disabled kid who can only say his name.The boys think Timmy is pretty cool and a band(featuring Skyler from the episode "Cat Orgy") overhears him.He then lets Timmy in their band and they become the next big thing.Meanwhile, the teachers think Timmy has ADD and give him Ritalin.The boys notice Timmy does not have to do homework, so they all pretend to have ADD and all go on Ritalin.Phil Collins then comes to town and everybody enjoys his music.Chef cannot see why though! Phil Collins does not like the way Timmy is being treated in the band and tries to break the band up.He talks to Skyler about how he should be the most important one, which results with him quitting the band.Timmy 2000 is a pretty funny South Park episode.


If you look at the script you will notice one thing to begin with: perfect cinematography.

Despite the fact, that Timmy is handicapped and therefor temporarily rose to be a hit character, the episode just reflects the talent that Matt Stone and Trey Parker have in their profession.

Although moral is an issue that South Park really looks at with a critical eye, "Timmy 2000" proves to be not just entertaining but also "point proving": Laughing at something odd doesn't mean that people don't care about it! Timmy may be handicapped and amusing, but at the same point the creators prove that he has heart and moral, but furthermore, character! These (if only little) shifts of classical story telling make a very enjoyable episode that will definitely be one of "South Park"'s best! And it also doesn't surprise me at all that the character "Timmy" became a cult from this point on!


it's not something we like to admit, but it's true: doctors give medication pills way too soon. by that, we become zombies and sexually frustrated people with all those hormones in our meat. yes, the times we know are bad and it's probably not getting any better... that's why I liked this episode of 'South Park'. it shows us something we may be forgetting: that we are getting accustomed with all that medication, so much we don't actually realize it's there anymore. but the effects are, and they contribute to our thinking and way of life. by becoming zombies, we lose our identities and by losing our identities we become sheep, ready for slaughter. thus it is we must be careful with an overload of medication, because it doesn't help us at all, it makes things only worse.

so far the meaning of this episode. it's a really nice chapter, because it reminds us that not all help actually does help us.