» » Radio Cincinnati Filthy Pictures: Part 2 (1978–1982)

Radio Cincinnati Filthy Pictures: Part 2 (1978–1982) Online

Radio Cincinnati Filthy Pictures: Part 2 (1978–1982) Online
Original Title :
Filthy Pictures: Part 2
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Rod Daniel
Cast :
Gary Sandy,Gordon Jump,Loni Anderson
Writer :
Hugh Wilson,Hugh Wilson
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Radio Cincinnati Filthy Pictures: Part 2 (1978–1982) Online

After Mr. Carlson, Andy, Johnny and Venus' unsuccessful attempt to steal the clandestinely taken nude photographs of Jennifer from Gonzer's office, Mr. Carlson has no other choice but to confess to Jennifer the existence of the photographs. Now with Jennifer, Bailey and Les in the know and thus three extra heads to figure out what to do, the next plan is to appeal to the sexual animal in Gonzer. When that doesn't work, they move onto Plan C, devised again by movie buff Johnny, who believes they have to work on Gonzer's greed. But Johnny's plan comes with what may be just as difficult a task: making shy Bailey come out of her shell. {locallinks-homepage}
Episode complete credited cast:
Gary Sandy Gary Sandy - Andy Travis
Gordon Jump Gordon Jump - Arthur Carlson
Loni Anderson Loni Anderson - Jennifer Marlowe
Richard Sanders Richard Sanders - Les Nessman
Tim Reid Tim Reid - Venus Flytrap
Frank Bonner Frank Bonner - Herb Tarlek
Jan Smithers Jan Smithers - Bailey Quarters
Howard Hesseman Howard Hesseman - Dr. Johnny Fever
George Wyner George Wyner - D. Arnold Gonzer

Bailey's alias, Ginger Gregg, is a play on the show's assistant director Ginger Grigg.

Photos of Peter Torokvei and Steven Kampmann are on the wall next to Gonzer's office.

When Johnny and Bailey go to the photographer's office, he uses a fake last name of Caravella. This is the last name of his daughters character on the previous episode.