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GoldenEye 007 (1997) Online

GoldenEye 007 (1997) Online
Original Title :
GoldenEye 007
Genre :
Video Game / Action / Adventure / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Martin Hollis
Cast :
Kevin Bayliss,Ken Lobb
Writer :
David Doak,Kenji Okubo
Type :
Video Game
Rating :

James Bond must track down agent-turned-terrorist Alec Trevelyan to stop the launch of a powerful satellite. Play the game that set the stage for the First-person shooter genre on the console.

GoldenEye 007 (1997) Online

The player assumes the first-person role of superspy James Bond, agent 007 of M16 in this Nintendo 64 adaption of the 1995 film. The plot involves Bond tracking down a helicopter stolen by the Janus syndicate, led by his ex-friend and partner Alec Trevelyan. After winning the game, the player can win cheats using new weapons and eventually play two bonus levels. There is also mulitplayer in which up to four players can assume characters and do battle in one of the scenarios.
Credited cast:
Kevin Bayliss Kevin Bayliss - James Bond (voice)
Ken Lobb Ken Lobb - Character Face

A reference to every Bond movie (except, of course, those made after GoldenEye's release) is made in some form throughout the game.

On the first level, the Dam mission, it is possible to see what has been dubbed the "GoldenIsland", a distant platform with a tower and a gun turret. Go to the very edge of the level's end, to an outcropping pier at the base of the dam. Use the fullest zoom of a sniper rifle to see it.

If you accidentally kill Alec in the Facility mission, he calls you a traitor and mentions that it is ironic. This is a reference to him betraying you later in the storyline, when he lives.

The game was almost never released. Nintendo felt that the game had too many bugs and they stopped funding the project. But Rare had faith in the game and kept funding going.

The game was to originally feature real weapon names, with most being changed to fictional alternatives; the Czech Skorpion machine pistol's name was changed to "Spyder" as a result. However, this also proved troublesome, so the name was changed again, this time to "Klobb," after Nintendo's Development and Evaluation Manager, Ken Lobb. This change was made so late in development that alphabetical item lists in the game files still place the Klobb as if it is called "Spyder."

In the January 2000 issue of the long-running British video games magazine "Computer and Video Games", a list of the "100 greatest games of all time" was printed, voted for by readers of the magazine. GoldenEye was voted number 1.

The videotape that Bond must steal from the Severnaya bunker (during his escape with Natalya) is a copy of the movie Золотой глаз (1995).

The faces of the standard enemies in the game are actually the faces of the Rareware staff.

The opening screen of the game is a parody of a BBFC Cinema Classification screen seen before every classified film in the UK. This is most obvious where the red-outlined white circle symbol containing the red number '4' (stated to mean the game is suitable for 1-4 players) looks very similar to the BBFC's '12' or '15' certificate. Coincidentally, the UK cinema version of Золотой глаз (1995) (which was slightly cut by the BBFC) was certified '12', and the uncut DVD version released in 2006 was certified '15'.

According to Grant Kirkhope, the multiplayer feature was added to the game as an afterthought, and took six weeks to develop. The multiplayer ended up becoming one of the game's most revolutionary and well-known features.

"Goldeneye" was also the code name of a contingency plan that the Allies devised in the event of a Nazi invasion of Spain. This plan was concocted in part by Ian Fleming himself, as an SIS agent.

The game was intended as a on-rail shooter. But the creators began to experiment by letting the player move around freely. After awhile, the team decided that a move around shooter made the game much better.

One of the best selling video games for the Nintendo 64 with over a million copies sold, allowing it to become a Player's Choice title.

A death animation, termed the "GoldenEye fall", or a variant of this animation, is used in every James Bond game after GoldenEye. It is characterised by a fall to the knees, then to the chest.

The "GoldenIsle" in the first level was actually a section of stage designed to be accessible via boat, and there were plans for a mission objective to require traveling there. However, the idea was dropped, and the GoldenIsle remained simply as a visual Easter egg.

In the Silo you can get Ourumov's briefcase, but it serves no purpose. The programmers originally intended to have an easter egg you could unlock by getting it, but ultimately didn't go through with it.

The game was originally planned as a Super Nintendo title.

In the Streets stage, the civilians are wearing red shirts. This is a reference to the term "redshirt", or a stock character that suffers a violent death in order to represent the danger faced by the main characters. These civilians are the only characters in the game to be clad as such.

During early development of the game, Rare had the idea of the player taking the N64 rumble pack in and out of the controller to reload a weapon. It would've mirrored the act of reloading a magazine into an actual firearm. Unfortunately, Nintendo shot down the idea.

Almost every inanimate object in the game will explode if it is shot, regardless of whether or not it is combustible.

The sound of the rocket launcher firing is the same as the sound of the depth charges from Operation Petticoat (1959)

In several instance, the actual set plans from the film were used as the basis for the level layouts in this game. The two clearest examples are when Bond enters the dam through the bathroom, and when he escapes from the interrogation room.

Dr. Doak, the scientist you must get the unlocking mechanism from in the Facility, was named after Rareware staff member David Doak.

"Goldeneye" is the nickname of James Bond creator Ian Fleming's beach-front house in Jamaica where (between 1952 and 1964) he wrote the James Bond novels and short stories. He named it after the Carson McCullers' novel, 'Reflections in a Goldeneye'.

Many missions were made up exclusively for the game and were not in the film. Examples include both visits to Severnaya, the Silo, the Frigate, and the Water Caverns.

The two post-Cradle bonus missions were not in the film Goldeneye. They are, however, based on events in previous Bond films. The Egyptian Temple is a location where Bond encounters Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), and the character you must kill in the level, voodoo artist Baron Samedi, appeared in Live and Let Die (1973). The Aztec Complex is based upon Hugo Drax's secret Jungle Spaceport in Moonraker (1979), which also featured Jaws.

Bond's signature gun is the Walther PPK in the films, but this was changed to PP7 for the game.

The corrugated metal crates (with the skull-and-crossbones symbol) are indestructible everywhere but the Dam.

In 2012, fans discovered an hidden emulator for the ZX Spectrum (an 8-bit home computer made by the British company Sinclair Research) inside the game's code, with ten games included. The emulator was a side-project by Rare to test if the Nintendo 64 was able to do software emulation. But instead of removing the code for it entirely, they merely deactivated it. A fan-made patch activates it again.

The single-controller and double-controller button schemes are named after various Bond girls in the 007 movie series:

  • 1.1, Honey: Honey Ryder from Dr. No (1962)
  • 1.2, Solitaire: Solitaire from Live and Let Die (1973)
  • 1.3, Kissy: Kissy Suzuki from You Only Live Twice (1967)
  • 1.4, Goodnight: Mary Goodnight from The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)
  • 2.1, Plenty: Plenty O'Toole from Diamonds Are Forever (1971)
  • 2.2, Galore: Pussy Galore from Goldfinger (1964)
  • 2.3, Domino: Dominique "Domino" Derval from Thunderball (1965)
  • 2.4, Goodhead: Holly Goodhead from Moonraker (1979)

The helicopter called the Tiger Eurocopter in the movie is called the Pirate in the game.

The 'Goldeneye' title has been used extensively in the James Bond filmed universe. It was used in the title of: the 1995 James Bond movie Золотой глаз (1995); a 1989 television biopic of Ian Fleming, Goldeneye (1989); the James Bond video game GoldenEye 007 (1997) and its remake GoldenEye 007 (2010) as well as another Bond video game, GoldenEye: Rogue Agent (2004), which used this name to take advantage of the popularity of the first game, but had a wholly different story. These all make 'Goldeneye' the most ever used phrase for a title in the filmed James Bond universe.

Composers Grant Kirkhope and Graeme Norgate were heavily influenced by Éric Serra's original score from Золотой глаз (1995). The game's score features many of Serra's well-known precussive, electronic sounds.

It is possible to reach the "golden isle" on dam level using cheat codes.

Five of the weapons unlocked by cheat codes are never seen, used or otherwise available in the single player mode. These are the hunting knife (throwing knives were available in the Bunker 2- immediately after breaking out of your jail cell), the shotgun (the AUTO shotgun was used primarily from Janus enemies in the Statue Park and in the Water Caverns), the silver or gold PP7 pistols (the cougar magnum is unusable but is seen with Natalya, used in the Jungle and simply held in the Control Center), or the taser. Every other weapon in the game can be potentially used by Bond at least once without the cheat of "All Guns" applied.

Like Banjo-Kazooie and Perfect Dark, a port for the Xbox 360 was planned, which would have included updated graphics. However, it never went past the early development stage and was later scrapped.

Pierce Brosnan has actually played this game, which he did in an episode of Ночное шоу с Джимми Фэллоном (2014).

The game was published by Nintendo, developed by Rare Ltd and available only on the Nintendo 64 platform.

Rare intended to include the faces of previous James Bond faces for multiplayer. (Sean Connery, George Lazemby, Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton) but where told to remove them due to copyrights. Their still photos can still be accessed in the game via pro action replay and other game hacking devices. This hack was discovered by Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine and printed it as a cheat for their April 1st edition of 1997. Saying that it would allow you to play as all previous James Bonds and even showed in game stills of the characters. The next month they revealed this to be an April fools joke but the still images where real, even tho selecting them does not allow you to play as them.

There are only three Russian Commandants in the entire game. They can be found in the Dam, Surface 1, and Bunker 1. Although they have weapons and also attempt to kill Bond, they do not seem to have any other reason to be in the game.

Just like in The World is Not Enough another James Bond title for N64 if the player dies blood fills the screen.

User reviews



Ever since I've been allowed to play Goldeneye once again, it's been impossible to get my mind off it. I'm surprised I could have gone without it. It is, without a doubt, one of the greatest games of all time. I have never played any other shooting games, but I know that this one rules above all. Most people blame it for too much violence, but I find that ridiculous. There may be a few graphic antics, but there's far worse out there.

Most importantly, it's fun. With an awesome arsenal of weapons such as the RC-P90 and the classic Golden Gun, you'll go through several challenging levels from the movie, completing crucial objectives and fending off swarms of guards. There are tons of awesome cheats to get and even two secret levels that you will only earn if you have the true skill. Goldeneye is also one of the greatest multiplayer games ever as well. You can choose several characters from the movie, classic villains from old 007 movies (Baron Samedi, Oddjob, May Day, and Jaws), and guards in the game. Chances are you and your partner(s) will be laughing so hard as you blow each other away that you'll look like Bart and Lisa Simpson watching an episode of the Itchy and Scratchy show.

So if you don't have the game, don't rent it: Just buy it. It's too good to be true. For cool Goldeneye stuff, check out Detstar.com's Goldeneye website. Every James Bond lover will dig this game big time.


Quite simply, Goldeneye is the single greatest N64 game to date. The learning curve is just about perfect, and you'll still be playing it with your friends months on, as the multiplayer mode is nothing short of exceptional.

The system for acquiring cheats for once requires some degree of skill, rather than simply knowing which buttons to press, and the challenge of Aztec on 00 agent level is astonishing.

All in all - it's the best game I've ever played on the N64


Having seen his friend and co-agent Alex Trevelyan killed during a joint mission, Bond is scarred but works on. Assigned to look into the theft of a newly developed helicopter, Bond finds himself on the track of master criminal Janus and is drawn into a race against time to prevent the deadly Goldeneye satellite weapon being hijacked and used against the Government. Little does he know though, that the job will take him into such personal areas.

In every conceivable way, Goldeneye has been superseded. Other games play smoother, look better, have more functionality, bigger weapons, you name it; but yet somehow, in a market that makes massive technological jumps on an annual basis, Goldeneye stands up to playing eight years down the line. Newer games may have more detail but personally I loved this game because the locations looked great while also lacking the distracting detail that makers feel they have to cram in nowadays. Visually it flows really well and only occasionally did it struggle (I always found the jungle to be a nightmare of hazy visibility). The characters are not the smartest but they do the job as well as could be expected, although I would have liked less predictability in their actions, particularly at the hardest level.

The gameplay is great fun and very nicely challenging. The story pretty much follows the movie and produces levels requiring speed, thought, stealth, skill and elements of them all. My personal favourite is the facility although all are good either for a big session or just playing a level and then putting it down. The multiplayer is superb and it is only looking with hindsight that I see the need for other real people as a drawback (Perfect Dark added the ability to play against computers). At my peak I was very strong at this aspect of the game and I still love playing it when I get the chance.

Overall this is a superb game that has stood the test of time really well and can still be seen having a major influence almost a decade later. You can keep your 360 because this still impresses and challenges me.


007's Goldeneye is one of the best N64 releases ever.

Better than this game? Well...Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Star Wars: Episode I-Racer and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time are far better and superior games. But I still love Goldeneye.

This is the best adaptation from a movie second only to Star Wars adaptations. The story is perfect. It's like you are in the movie itself.

The graphics are excellent. The movements are extremely realistic. The enemies' artificial intelligence are the best part in this game. I loved playing the stage in which James and Natalya break from the Janus base as the Goldeneye prepares to burn it. Escaping without sounding an alarm was very difficult. Eluding cameras and controlling your fire are great aspects in the gameplay.

It's also the toughest game I've ever played. N64 games are usually very, very easy. Goldeneye is the one exception. I'm still trying to beat the 00 Agent difficult level, but winning the easier levels was already a great victory. I loved when Alec Trevelyan asked: "For England James?". I answered: "No, for ME!" It happened just in the moment I blasted him to death. Just like in the movie. I love accomplishing every objective.

The multiplayer gaming is even better. At first I got killed every holy second. Now, I know how to win. I love forcing my playmates by playing at License to Kill.

The music and sound are astounding. Super Mario 64 looks like an Atari next to this. The only thing I still wanted to hear was the Goldeneye theme song, that plays at the end of the movie.

After Zelda was released, I nearly forgot I still had this game. It's still excellent, even if it's already surpassed. I hope other 007 games are produced.

Fantastic job Rareware! Nintendo was very smart to release this game on the N64 exclusively. Magnificent job Nintendo!


GoldenEye is a masterpiece. The storyline is amazingly depicted, the characters beautifully animated and the weapons are tyte. The storyline is so interesting, even when you complete every single mission, to get more levels you have to beat them on a higher difficulty. And the multiplayer mode is so tyte. You pick the weapons you want to play with, then play. Me and the three of my friends, along with my brother, always play Goldeneye. If you don't have this game, I suggest you buy it.


A Great Game, very enjoyable (if you know how to use it), recommended (espesially for Bond fans), all that old good comment review stuff. Let me add it is much better than the 80s game of Octopussy, where James Bond is a stick figure and all you do is scale trains. I'm sure Pierce Brosnan is proud, and Ian Fleming is chuckling in his grave. I bet he never knew how much his life-inspired character would influence the world- and how much violence would be added to it. I think he'd be amused by the latter, however.


This game is a classic...I didn't even know what James Bond was until I played this game! But it is one of the best first person shooters in the world...Stuff call of duty! This is the best...Me and my two cousins had so much fun finding secret rooms and hiding in the toilet on the facility level then spraying them with bullets when they opened the cubicle door the single player game is amazing as well with detail and size of levels which puts the early medal of honours to shame. Also travelling around that bloody giant graveyard level looking for zukovsky then finding it amusing to shoot him and then realising you have to start the level again. A giant range of levels...my personal favourites were 'Frigate' and 'facility' on single player. My favourite multiplayer levels were 'facility' and 'complex' with all those invisible walls. Which the happy programmers thought ahh lets give them a challenge we won't code it. (lazy!) Anyway good game get it for a fiver off ebay and a n64 for £20 at the charity shop and relive the memories I once had.


For fans of the movie, or of video games, this is the best treat for the N64. This game is so unbelievably good it makes all the other shoot-em-up games look bad. The solo game is kinda tough, but if you play in the multi-player game, it is a whole bunch of fun just finding people and shooting them. Definitely the best game for the N64 and a nice touch for anyone's collection. A++


This is one of my favorite James bond in games because: The missions are fun to play they have lots of action in them they can be hard that makes them fun to do the weapons you use are good. The way James bond look in this James bond games is pretty you can see pierce brosnan in him which is cool and all the other characters in this game look like the actors that played them in the movie. There is no way that you can't have a good time playing this game i loved it.Also the game follows the movie pretty much maybe a few added thing but it pretty much follows the movie. Also the this James bond game has pretty good graphics for Nintendo 64 and to bad there was no voice over actors in this game but who care as long as the game is fun to play.

Overall score ******** out of **********


This is by far the greatest shooter game of all time. I played this game for hours and hours when I was younger and still play it occasionally. The story of GoldenEye was fascinating as it is, but the game helped GoldenEye to become the classic bond-thriller that it is today. Using James Bond makes you feel like a secret agent yourself and is just absolutely exciting. In the 90's this was our Halo! This is the game that started the multi-player and it will always be remembered for that. The story is so compelling that just writing this review makes me want to go watch the movie while playing the game. Overall, this is one of the greatest games I have every played and goes hand in hand with the 1995 movie, GoldenEye.

I highly recommend this game. (10/10)


We've all played Halo and Socom and GTA and Resi etc. but none of them can stand up to GE007. The game itself is great. I have literally burned out my N64 playing this great game, along with Zelda OOT. This game along alone built the mold that is essential for all modern shooters. on top of that the multi-player is great. The Story mode itself is worth playing a hundred times over and more. Its a great game for when your board and you want to just shoot up some people and there are endless unlock ables. (cheats, Aztec, Egyptian, god knows how many Multiplayer charries, and the three difficulties as well as the famous '007' difficulty Our modern games are great but when you sit down and play this game you get a certain feeling that few other games can give you. And with the Online capabilities of newer shooting games we rarely see this old two on two death match style. and when we do its no where near as good as this games. And when you get bored of the story, there are endless mysteries, glitches and easter eggs to be found and taken advantage of.

This is definitely one of the greatest shooting games of all time.


Goldeneye is still a masterpiece in gaming history that ABSOLUTELY deserves a PROPER HD remake. Nintendo and Rare achieved gold here, pun intended, when they made this gaming classic. All 20 levels of the game are wonderfully designed and the multiplayer is also great fun.

The game may be under the radar for younger gamers today, but for those of us still playing this classic we deserve to pass the torch over to the new generation. They deserve to see the game that jumped FPS games from Doom over to the likes of Halo: Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64!

Though the game is 20 years old, it's still incredibly playable. It's colourful, fast-paced and feels like James Bond ought to be when in a video game. Get your cartridge today.


Normally, Licensed Video Games based on film, television, and celebrities' properties are pretty crap, after all, in the early 1990s, video games companies like LJN run the idea to the ground, with a number of below-average games that has game-play that little mirror the source material, it's adapted from. However, after upon first seeing this 1997 N64 game, based on the 1995 James Bond film, 'GoldenEye'. I was deeply surprised, by how groundbreaking this game was at the time. The entire game takes place from a Doom-like perspective, except that holding down the R button allows you to aim anywhere on the screen, and with the sniper rifle, zoom in for a nice, clean head shot. Add with that, each environment levels really looks good at time, with a decent amount of detail. It did show that licensed games could work, as the majority of the game's atmospheric single player missions are directly lifted from the film, with some slight alterations and omissions. Only a few, were jarring. The only ones I had a problem with, is the cavern chase and the hero visiting the Severnaya test site, as it made little sense to the story. Despite that, 'GoldenEye' still tells the story of James Bond (Computer Model after the likeness of actor Pierce Brosnan, but voiced by Kevin Bayless) having to fight a criminal syndicate from using a satellite weapon against London to cause a global financial meltdown, accurate enough. It even has the large range of music from 'GoldenEye' soundtrack. Without spoiling the game, too much, I have to say, still, there were some flaws. It was a bit weird, to see, how the game is laid out, seeing how 'GoldenEye' started as an free for all, on-rails shooter inspired by Sega's 'Virtua Cop', before being redesigned as a stealth element, free-roaming FPS. You barely see, any of that original draft. Instead, the game levels are full of objectives that will eat a lot of time. Don't get me wrong, the single-player campaign is fun to play; but some of the objectives, they want you to complete, were a bit confusing and can get boring at times. So it's very important to listen in, to the mission statement, or read the guide book that came with the console, if you want the action to continue. If not, you will get lose, as the mission has a lot of nonlinear pathways, and checkpoints that wouldn't go, any further without accessing a few specified items like gadgets or non-player characters (NPCs). Four save files are also available to track the player's progress through the game's twenty missions, each of which may be played on "Agent", "Secret Agent", or "00-Agent" difficulty settings. To be truthful, there isn't much, different, between the difficulty settlings, besides the amount of enemies and weapons, as the AI enemies act, nearly the same, regardless. 'GoldenEye', at the time, probably the most sophisticated artificial intelligence model of any first person shooter. I like, how enemies AIs can dodged bullets, set off alarms if you made too much noise, & realistically react to injuries. Yet, there was were some flaws in this programming, as enemies will not open fire unless they have a clear line of sight. Railings, glass, bottomless holes, and invisible walls count as obstacles for the purpose of aiming. So, stay near those, as it makes for some morbidly sense of entertaining, seeing some of them, make no effort to take cover or even protect themselves against your firing, as they will still stand around or patrol as if nothing happen, until they die. You will see, a lot of that. Even the boss battles has flaws, as some of them, will not shot if you cross a bridge or run up or down stairways. It's doesn't help that computer allies are also somewhat dumb, as they had poor situational awareness. Depending, who you are, rescue missions can be challenging, as fellowship AI models tend to wander into your line of fire, and get themselves killed. It's also funny to see AI models, toss grenades at and don't avoid the explosions. They're suicidal. Despite that, I do like the idea of environmental destructible, while shooting or setting off bombs, even if too many explosions can slow the resolution of the game. There is something, realistic, seeing bullet holes in walls, even if other items, like books, chairs, or locks tend to be over the top with it bursting in flames. Regardless of that, the arsenal of weapons use in the game-play, includes pistols, sub-machine guns, assault rifles, grenades, and throwing knives, were all fun to the point that playing this game in multiplayer is a must. I love how the game allows, two, three or four players to compete against each other in any map, with any character in the game in five different types of split screen death match games: Normal, 'You Only Live Twice' (two lives), 'The Living Daylights' (Flag Tag), 'The Man With the Golden Gun' (one hit kills gun), and License to Kill. (All guns one hit kills). It's the best thing about this game. Several hidden missions and characters inspired by other Bond movies were also included for gamers good enough to reach them, so that is a plus; even if Oddjob's short status is a bit annoying. What wasn't cool was Electronic Arts released Goldeneye Rogue Agent, seven years later in a blatant attempt to cash in on this game, popularity. At least, 2010's 'GoldenEye 007' made the retro shooter video game seem new, by updated it, rather than cheaply copying from it. In my opinion, regardless of the new 007 games, you play now. 'GoldenEye' is a retro game, still worth playing. A rare hit for Nintendo License Video Games. A must play for any Bond fan.


Before Halo There Was Something Better...It's Name Was Goldeneye. Goldeneye Had A Variety Of Missions,A Huge Arsenal Of Weapons,A Gripping storyline And Most of All It Was Revolutionary. 7 Missions And 2 Secret Unlock Able Ones. And A Dev Map Too. It Can Be Accessed By The Use Of A Game-shark. With A Vast Array Of Cheats,A Great Number Of Weapons It Has A Great Amount Of Features. With The Elements Of Stealth,Speed,Skill And Strategy. It's A Game That Is Easy To Play But Hard To Master. It Left A Legacy In Everyone That Played It And Will Always Be My True Best Game Of All Time. I Still Play It To This Day. I Recommend This To Every Gamer. This Is The One And Only True Classic...Goldeneye 007.


Goldeneye 007 is a masterpiece, the game has incredible graphics, great-looking characters, perfect gameplay, fun multiplayer and great control system but one problem, it's lagging, it lags so much, but anyway great game.

The game follows Bond on to defeat his former-friend-turned-terrorist Alec who is making a satellite to destroy Bond, then Bond must go through 20 levels to stop Alec from taking out the satellite.

The game's gameplay is perfect for first-person-fanboys, the game brings much attention to the enemy Ai (hated the AI) then Bond himself since he is only shown 5 seconds in the beginning of a mission.

10/10 Why: Great Controls, perfect gameplay, fun multiplayer, great effects and superb graphics, but what's up with the terrible AI and it's use of lagging.


Wow... GoldenEye is a truly magnificent game, that stands out as a fast - paced, entertaining FPS up until today.

The missions are long enough but not boring, getting more and more difficult as we move on in the game, and the satisfaction when finally completing a mission is a unique experience. There are also a lot of available weapons to pick, the quantity (and quality) of which increases gradually.

The Agent, Secret Agent and 00 Agent modes makes it playable even after you finish it. What's more, the multiplayer mode is fun when playing with a friend (especially the golden gun :P).

It is a pity they don't produce masterpieces like that anymore.


What "GoldenEye" lacked in polished graphics (faces stretched over heads) it far more than made up for in playability, replay value and all-around thrills. We're talking about the one first-person shooter that I've ever enjoyed. THE. And my god is this game fun.

Part of the charm is being able to explore the stages and environments of the movie (a flick I've always been fond of). That kind of movie archeology is always attractive to me; it's one of the reasons I've always enjoyed "Shadows of the Empire". The other big thing is the importance of stealth, and waiting out your enemies. Great news for me, 'cause I'm a total hider. And then there's the occasional stage (Archives, for example) that seems to invite rushing through doors and outrunning bullets, drawing all of the bad guys to your pick-off position and going to town.

And if that's not enough, they had to go and throw in OO7 easter eggs like Jaws and the Moonraker laser. Total catnip for a Bond fan. And I can't tell you how many hours I've spent playing and replaying the same stages. Sometimes a good run-n-gun is just what the doctor ordered.

Man, this game is incredible!



First off, I know I am going to have a bunch of people not like the fact I am not rating the game all that high. To me, this was a fun game, but I find it is a bit overrated. This is mainly due to the fact I am a person who usually plays a game solo. I do not like playing with other people in a room or online. I like going through the main portion of the story and if there is no story mode I do not play the game. As it is, this one has a very good story mode when you play the game on easy as it follows the movie rather well. Still, it could of been better. For reasons unknown to me, they made it so on the easy level you did not have all the different stuff you had to do on the higher difficulties. On the first stage you simply progress to a point and level over, while on higher difficulties you had to attach something to this and do that. You would probably tell me you could do that stuff on easy too, but without it being listed one could not be sure if you had done all you could in a level. Then you would probably tell me to just play the game on a higher difficulty selection. My response to that is I tried and got my butt royally kicked. I am not the best gamer in the world and this one's next highest difficulty made the enemies a bit to tough to kill. So I have to drop it points as a low level gamer like me cannot take in the full game. Still it is fun and much better than "Tomorrow Never Dies", that one is awful. I enjoyed the part of the game where I shot that one dude and got scolded for it and it was game over. I was confused at first and it took all I had not to shoot him the second time as he was raising his gun at me. So it was fun for me, I just do not put it up on high a platform as other people.


The Nintendo 64. An epic out of epic system. It contains some of the best games ever. Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Banjo Kazioee, Mario Tennis, The Legend Of Zelda, and of course, Goldeneye. This game is one of my pride and joys. Most of my N64 games are my pride and joys. One bad thing about the N64 is that the worst game ever is on it, Superman 64. Well lets quit talking about the system, lets talk about the game! In this game you play as James Bond, your partner and best friend betrays you, and sends out soldiers to kill you. And so in this game, you go around killing loads of bad guys, and it is AWESOME! You never get bored of this game, it is just way fun! This year there coming out with a remake on the Nintendo Wii. That's how awesome this game is. And I have had so much fun in the Multiplayer mode. My friends and I used to play in it for hours on end. We still do. This game is a game that is really really good and I think you should play it if you haven't.


The game that shaped the first-person shooter to the form as we know it today.

GoldenEye is simply brilliant. Fantastic multi-player modes, cheat codes, level/map construction, fun challenging single player and fluid game-play. A gem at the time which has stood the test of time and is now widely regarded as one of the most important, influential games produced in the gaming world (in relation to the first-person shooting genre). The team behind it (David Doak and co.) went on to create other fantastic games such as the genre-smashing Timesplitters series, Perfect Dark and the more recent, Haze.

An incredibly fun, quality game from the N64 which shaped the genre which has branched into games such as Call of Duty and its stamp still remains to this day whilst I still cherish the memories of playing the game for hours with my cousins and now appreciating just how good the game was and still is.


GoldenEye 007 is not only the best movie tie-in game of all time, but it is perhaps the most influential first-person shooter ever to hit the gaming-console market. If you aren't aware of the plot of this game that's not a problem, because essential it is the same as the popular James Bond movie, GoldenEye, which was released in 1995- two years prior to this game's release.

This is a game that is filled with techniques and styles that would be mimicked in many future games to come, and it gives the player a wide variety of objectives, and difficult challenges. The A.I. is smart (especially on higher difficulty settings) and the environments are complex enough to provide entertainment, as well as difficulty to any gamer.

The introduction of logical hit-points on your enemies is a great feature. Even bosses in this game can be taken down with a well-aimed shot to the head. It is this type of realism that really makes you feel like your James Bond and that you can sneak in, sneak out, covertly taking out henchmen as you go, or springing alarms and having to go through massive shootouts. Because of this there are many ways to beat the game, and limitless possibilities for how you accomplish your tasks. AKA: You can take easy ways or hard ways of beating levels...and if you don't have a strategy guide you'll have to find out those paths by yourself (which, I might add, is incredibly fun if you want to waste a day away).

This is one of those games that the more you play it the more you're able to value its contributions to the gaming industry. Each time I play it I notice aspects that have been replicated in many following FPS games. So if you have a Nintendo 64 go ahead and dust that sucker and order a used copy of GoldenEye 007, because trust me, as a Bond fan, and a casual gamer I can say that this game is highly recommended for all those who want to step into the shoes of James Bond, or just have an awesome, intense gaming experience.

(Also make sure to look out for its sister game, Perfect Dark, which is also on the N64, following the same controls, and very similar weapon uses.)


I first played this around 98' or 99' when I was with my friends.I thought the game was really great,and loved it.

The game is simple.On one player mode,you go around as James Bond and complete missions in different places like an Arctic wasteland or a city.My favorite was one with a tank.On two player mode,you and a friend choose from any character you wish and go all out with a fight.Through out the area you are in,you will find ammo and weapons to help.From hand guns to rifles to lasers and even your fists work.

Again with player two mode,there are lots of places to go,and some to unlock.I find this game really fun,but also very suspenseful.Because,you never really know where your opponent is,and it's surprising to see them behind a door where you are going.

This game gets ****(1/2) stars or of ***** Very good!Go play it sometime!


In my personal opinion i think this is the greatest video game ever created! I first played this game at my friends house years ago, the very next day I went out and got my own. Since that day close to seven years ago I have not stopped playing it. I can't help it I just can't get bored of it. I've been addicted to other games on other, much newer systems but I keep coming back for more Goldeneye. Every mission is amazingly fun and challenging, the multi-player mode was like none other. I hope you can be as fortunate as I was to have played four player multi-player mode because I had brothers and friends who would get together and play this game all the time.
Early Waffle

Early Waffle

This is one of the best video games of all time! in my opinion, it's got fantastic effects and is a blast to play!. I haven't played this game in a long time since I can't seem to find my Nintendo 64, but when I was younger I used to play this game over and over, but I never was able to beat the game, as it gets really tough and challenging near the end! plus I think it's so cool how you can just switch your guns with once click from the controller. I also loved, finding the hidden clues and objects , everywhere as I had a blast doing that, and I thought this was adapted from the movie very well! plus there are lots of great hidden codes and cheats you can use as well. I much preferred the solo game rather then the multi player game, as I had a lot more fun with it and I loved riding the big tank around in the 3rd level (at least that's what I think it was, if I remember correctly)! plus there is never a boring minute as there is always something to interest you!. This is one of the best video games of all time! in my opinion, it's got fantastic effects and is a blast to play, and if you haven't played it what are you waiting for? do so immediately!, you won't regret it if you still have a N64 trust me!. ***** out of 5