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WKRP in Cincinnati Circumstantial Evidence (1978–1982) Online

WKRP in Cincinnati Circumstantial Evidence (1978–1982) Online
Original Title :
Circumstantial Evidence
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Frank Bonner
Cast :
Gary Sandy,Gordon Jump,Loni Anderson
Writer :
Hugh Wilson,Tim Reid
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
WKRP in Cincinnati Circumstantial Evidence (1978–1982) Online

Venus is arrested on suspicion that he is the mastermind behind a series of robberies of a jewelry wholesaler located in the same building as WKRP. The arrest stems from he being given up by Jessica Langtree, a woman Venus had sneaked into the building after hours so that the two could have a date in the bullpen during his shift. Despite Venus believing the date going well, Jessica ditched him he now assuming so that she could commit the actual robbery with whoever else her accomplices. Other evidence working against Venus: he had played a pre-recording for about an hour that evening so that he could devote his attention to Jessica; although Andy was at the station that evening, he can't vouch for Venus' whereabouts except for a few minutes during the time of that recording being played; Venus had on his possession a diamond earring, one of the stolen pieces from a robbery, that earring which in fact was a gift from Jessica; and the security guard at the wholesaler saw someone fitting...
Episode complete credited cast:
Gary Sandy Gary Sandy - Andy Travis
Gordon Jump Gordon Jump - Arthur Carlson
Loni Anderson Loni Anderson - Jennifer Marlowe
Richard Sanders Richard Sanders - Les Nessman
Frank Bonner Frank Bonner - Herb Tarlek
Jan Smithers Jan Smithers - Bailey Quarters
Tim Reid Tim Reid - Venus Flytrap
Howard Hesseman Howard Hesseman - Dr. Johnny Fever
Robert Hooks Robert Hooks - Prosecutor
Jack Kruschen Jack Kruschen - Judge H.P. Newcomb
Max Wright Max Wright - Frank Bartman
Daphne Reid Daphne Reid - Jessica Langtree (as Daphne Maxwell)
Michael Pataki Michael Pataki - Detective Alcorn
John Witherspoon John Witherspoon - Detective Davies
Tony Lucas Tony Lucas - Sheriff

Andy warns Venus that he is in violation of "Title 47 CFR Section 73.1201" by not airing a station identification. This is indeed the section of the FCC's Code of Federal Regulations dealing with station identification.

The exterior of the jail is of Los Angeles City Hall in Los Angeles California

Actor Michael Pataki played Ivan Popasonaviski in the Season 2 episode "The Americanization of Ivan".

Michael Pataki (Det. Alcorn) appeared in the Star Trek episode The Trouble With Tribbles. Robert Hooks (Prosecutor) was in the movie Star Trek: The Search for Spock.

Jessica Langtree says to Venus "you're not too perceptive, are you? I like that in a man." This is a takeoff on a line from Body Heat (1981), a neo-noir that came out the year before: "You're not too smart, are you? I like that in a man."

This episode was written as a two-parter but cut back to a single episode. Consequently the denouement (with the Venus lookalike getting arrested) was rushed.