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Amour et mélasse (1908) Online

Amour et mélasse (1908) Online
Original Title :
Amour et mélasse
Genre :
Movie / Short
Year :
Directror :
Georges Méliès
Writer :
Georges Méliès
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Amour et mélasse (1908) Online

A gentleman enters a grocery store and asks the owner to hire his nephew as a his assistant. The grocer agrees but little does he know the mistake he is making. For the young guy proves an awfully awkward Tomfool who wreaks havoc in the whole store... {locallinks-homepage}

Star Film Catalogue # 1246-1249.

The 2008 Lobster Films DVD edition has a music score by Brian Benison.

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A well-dressed man comes into a busy grocery store and gets a young man a job: his nephew perhaps. Now low man on the totem pole, he finds himself the subject of abuse in this slapstick comedy from Georges Melies.

With Pathe and Gaumont doing magic-based films to take away his markets, Melies decided to counter-attack by invading their territory with simple slapstick films. However, despite some interesting photography in which the protagonist approaches very close to the camera to produce as close to a close-up as he ever got, the simple one-scene, one-take slapstick lacks much in variety to distinguish it.


His First Job (1908)

** (out of 4)

aka Amour et mélasse

Georges Melies' film has a new guy showing up in a store on his first day and he obviously just doesn't fit in as he makes one mistake after another. This was clearly the French filmmakers attempt to tell a "normal" film with normal "laughs" but it doesn't work. This thing is far from a bad movie and if it had come from any other director you really wouldn't give it a second thought but since this is Melies you can't help but say that this clearly wasn't his type of movie to make. The plat falls that the new guy goes through simply aren't funny as there's really no comic timing and I'd even say that everything that does happen to him just seems more forced than anything else. This isn't a horrible movie but it's clearly one just for Melies fans who must see everything that's available.


If Melies wanted to get into slapstick he needed to do better than this. A well-dressed man comes into a grocery store and pleads with the ownership to hire his nephew. First of all, he receives no training at all; secondly, he is an absolute idiot. Soon he is running around in a frantic effort to do something. When he is done, he has created extensive damage and driven several customers out of the store. He manages to trip over, land on, fall into, knock over, or demolish almost everything in the store. He also tries to have encounters with the women. It's obvious that Sir Georges was leaving the trick photography behind for a while.