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Bewitched Aunt Clara's Old Flame (1964–1972) Online

Bewitched Aunt Clara's Old Flame (1964–1972) Online
Original Title :
Aunt Clarau0027s Old Flame
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Romance
Year :
Directror :
William Asher
Cast :
Elizabeth Montgomery,Dick York,Agnes Moorehead
Writer :
Bernard Slade,Sol Saks
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Bewitched Aunt Clara's Old Flame (1964–1972) Online

Aunt Clara is hiding out at Samantha and Darrin's from Hedley Partridge, her best beau from her younger days. Realizing that her witchcraft isn't what it used to be, Aunt Clara doesn't want to face Hedley fearing she'll come across as being old. She would rather he remember her as the adept witch she once was. But Endora decides to play matchmaker by inviting Hedley over for dinner. Upon his arrival, Hedley seems as virile and adept in his powers as he was when he was younger. To help Aunt Clara out, Samantha decides the only way Aunt Clara can come across as Hedley remembered her is to perform whatever witchcraft Hedley asks of Aunt Clara for her. But if Samantha is able to provide a façade for Aunt Clara, perhaps two are playing at the same game.
Episode complete credited cast:
Elizabeth Montgomery Elizabeth Montgomery - Samantha Stephens
Dick York Dick York - Darrin Stephens
Agnes Moorehead Agnes Moorehead - Endora
Alice Pearce Alice Pearce - Gladys Kravitz
George Tobias George Tobias - Abner Kravitz
Marion Lorne Marion Lorne - Aunt Clara
Charles Ruggles Charles Ruggles - Hedley Partridge (as Charlie Ruggles)

This was filmed during the seventh month of Elizabeth Montgomery's real life pregnancy.

From 1949 to 1952, Charles Ruggles (Hedley Partridge) starred in the family-oriented sitcom The Ruggles (1949). The show was broadcast live and it was one of the first to originate from Hollywood rather than New York City. Only a few number of kinescopes episodes survive at the UCLA Film and Television Archive.

The Kravitzs' living room set is the same used for Major Anthony Nelson's home on I Dream of Jeannie (1965).

This episode was remade as Bewitched: Samantha's Magic Mirror (1971), broadcast April 8, 1971.

When Darrin introduces Samantha to Mr. Partridge for the first time, there is a look of genuine surprise on Samanthas face when she extends her hand but Partridge approaches Aunt Clara and ignores Samantha entirely.