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While You Were Sleeping (1995) Online

While You Were Sleeping (1995) Online
Original Title :
While You Were Sleeping
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Drama / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Jon Turteltaub
Cast :
Sandra Bullock,Bill Pullman,Peter Gallagher
Writer :
Daniel G. Sullivan,Fredric Lebow
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 43min
Rating :

A hopeless romantic Chicago Transit Authority token collector is mistaken for the fiancée of a coma patient.

While You Were Sleeping (1995) Online

Lucy's life consists of constant loneliness that is until she saves Peter's life. Now she is a part of his family, and with a strong heart and fate on her side, others begin to realize what a terrific person she is, especially Jack, Peter's brother. An extraordinarily true-to-life sequence of events begins to take place as Lucy and Jack become closer and learn more about each other and themselves than one would ever expect from such coincidental, yet believable events.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Sandra Bullock Sandra Bullock - Lucy
Bill Pullman Bill Pullman - Jack
Peter Gallagher Peter Gallagher - Peter
Peter Boyle Peter Boyle - Ox
Jack Warden Jack Warden - Saul
Glynis Johns Glynis Johns - Elsie
Micole Mercurio Micole Mercurio - Midge
Jason Bernard Jason Bernard - Jerry
Michael Rispoli Michael Rispoli - Joe Jr.
Ally Walker Ally Walker - Ashley Bacon
Monica Keena Monica Keena - Mary
Ruth Rudnick Ruth Rudnick - Wanda
Marcia Wright Marcia Wright - Celeste
Dick Cusack Dick Cusack - Dr. Rubin
Thomas Q. Morris Thomas Q. Morris - Man in Peter's Room

The original screenplay was about a woman in a coma and a man pretending to be her fiancé. Many studio executives thought this to be too predatory, but one suggested reversing the roles. Once the script was rewritten, the movie was picked up by Hollywood Pictures.

At the Callaghans' Christmas party, Glynis Johns says, "I don't drink anymore. I don't drink any less, either!" Co-star Jack Warden, who was also in that scene, delivered the same line 31 years earlier in a Season 1 episode of "Bewitched" (1964) ("It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog").

The role of Lucy was written for Demi Moore. Sandra Bullock took the role, saying she could relate to it having just broken up from a four-year relationship.

The film wasn't originally supposed to be a Christmas movie. The studio wanted it set during the holidays as it would be easier to sell.

In a transition scene, a paper boy is shown slipping off his bike. This was actually an accident, but they decided to keep it in the movie. In fact, the paper boy actor broke his wrist.

The word "fiancée" has three acceptable pronunciations in English according to Webster, with the stress on the first, second, or final syllable. In the initial hospital room scene where the Callaghans discover Peter in a coma and meet Lucy, all three pronunciations of the word are given, and in consecutive order as far as the syllables. Nurse: "She's his FIancée!" Midge: "His fiANcée"? Doctor (a few lines later, to intern): "She's the fianCEE, you idiot!"

A then-unknown Matthew McConaughey tested for the role of Jack, but was dropped because of his Texas accent. The director rejected offers to cast Russell Crowe in the same role.

Images of the world and Sleeping Beauty recur in the film: the young version of Lucy in the beginning is being read "Sleeping Beauty" by her father (the film is a role reversal of "Sleeping Beauty": Peter is the beauty, and Lucy the Prince); Lucy has a globe in her apartment (visible after talking to Jack), and of course the gift of her mother to her father, the light up globe lamp recurs as well.

The film's working title was Coma Guy.

Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman have both played a parent to actress Mae Whitman in other movies, Hope Floats (1998) and Independence Day (1996), respectively.

The Callaghans' house is located in LaGrange, a suburb of Chicago.

Julia Roberts turned down the role of Lucy Moderatz.

When Jack and Peter are "playing" 7 card stud poker (Peter is still in a coma; Jack is dealing cards for both of them.), Jack's winning cards are the "dead man's hand" ... aces and eights.

Nicole Kidman auditioned to play Lucy.

James Spader and Dylan McDermott were considered for the role of Jack Callaghan.

Harrison Ford and Geena Davis were initially offered this film.

Bill Pullman and Peter Gallagher also appeared together in 1993's Malice, alongside Nicole Kidman and Alec Baldwin.

Patrick Swayze was considered to play Jack when Demi Moore was in negotiations to play Lucy.

Chris Columbus was at one point considered to direct.

The locations of the Callaghans' home and the church where Lucy's parents married are both in LaGrange, a suburb of Chicago. Coincidentally, the address number of each location is 203; the Callaghan home is located at 203 8th Ave, and the church is located only a half mile west at 203 S. Kensington Ave. Both locations sit on the corner of Elm Ave and the street of each one's respective address.

Was initially supposed to be set in Brooklyn.

Dennis Quaid was considered for the role of Jack.

The director had considered Jami Gertz for the role of Lucy.

Some of the gifts at the Callaghans' Christmas party: Lucy gets a sweater; Ox, a cordless glue gun; Mary, an appointment to get her ears pierced and diamond earring studs to go in them; Midge gets a gold watch.

Pierce Brosnan was considered for the role of Jack.

In the Netflix series LOVE, the guys who compose songs for movies sing about this movie.

The Callaghan home sits on the corner of 8th and Elm Ave (the front door actually faces Elm). Lucy tells her boss that Saul is the Callaghans' next-door neighbor, which means he must live on 8th Ave, not Elm, since the Callaghan home is on a corner lot.

Sandra Bullock said to John Spartan in Demolition Man (1993) "While you were sleeping...".

Matthew McConaughey auditioned to play Jack well a few years later he and Sandra Bullock starred in A Time To Kill

This movie co-stars Monica Keena, who plays Mary, Peter and Jacks sister, and later co-stars in Dawson's Creek.

In this movie Sandra Bullock plays Lucy, a woman who has dreams of going to Italy, and in Love and War she plays Agnes, a woman who's a nurse stationed in Italy.

In the wedding scene in the hospital, the organist is longtime Comiskey Park - home of the Chicago White Sox - organist Nancy Faust.

User reviews



You have to be THE most die-hard, unrelenting cynic not to enjoy this movie. I love it when television networks play this film around wintertime because for some reason it doesn't suit any other time of year. In winter you like to have a comfort zone and this film is it!

It tells the story of lonely singleton Lucy who daydreams of better things while working at a ticket booth and drooling over the secret crush of a local commuter (Peter Gallagher) One morning she saves him from a coming train and while he lies comatose she gets reluctantly cosy with his family. The deceit is understandable and by no means menacing, as it's Christmas the younger brother Jack (Bill Pullman) returns home and subsequently falls for Lucy.

While you were sleeping is beautiful and sweet in so many ways: You are reminded of the more old-fashioned romances of the 40's and 50's. There is not one hint of sexuality or lust in this as the love blossoms between Jack & Lucy is honest, pure and all together endearing.

We all relate to Lucy on some level (a dream trip to Paris, Rome or in this case Florence) So it's hopeful to us all when she gets her happy ending. I absolutely loved it!


Lovely little film that has the lonely Sandra Bullock admiring high-class businessman Peter Gallagher from afar in her toll booth on the subway. Then one day he is attacked by a couple of muggers and Bullock saves his life by getting him to the hospital. Naturally Gallagher is in a comatose state after the attack. A true misunderstanding makes it appear that Bullock is Gallagher's fiance and typical confusion ensues. Now Gallagher's family all believe that Bullock really is his woman. Gallagher's brother (Bill Pullman) is suspicious though, but slowly starts to believe Bullock as well. He then starts to fall in love with her and vice versa. A great romantic comedy that is so pure and well-made that it is near impossible to say anything negative about it. It is not a perfect film, but it is a very likeable movie that delivers what it promises. 4 stars out of 5.


I adore this movie, it's easily one of my favourites. Another reviewer said that the best time to watch it is in the winter, and whilst I'm happy to watch it any time of the year, I would agree that it seems all the more magical when it's freezing cold outside, and you're snuggled under a blanket.

I'm glad no other actors were given any of the roles in this film, it wouldn't have been the same. Sandra is adorable as Lucy. She has no sinister intent, she's just swept up in the commotion and in the end, falls in love with the whole family. Her speech toward the end chokes me up so much, it's completely heartfelt. Bill Pullman also shines, he falls for her gradually and their chemistry is so lovely to watch.

If you want a gentle, unbelievably romantic film to watch on a cold evening, this is the one for you.


… but I am in love with the movie.

I'm kicking myself for watching this movie just recently. I was quite young when this movie was first released but that is not an excuse for overseeing this movie for so long. I am so glad I watched it. And I'm going to keep watching it over and over...

I am a sucker for romantic comedies and a lot of them are disappointing. It's very rare to fall in love with a movie, and 'while you were sleeping' has that effect on me.

The key to the Lucy and Jack's romance is chemistry, and boy did they have chemistry.

The element to a great story, whether it is reading or watching is to show not tell. And that's what exactly what it was. The looks that you see Jack and Lucy give each other, their body language, the deep conversations they have, the way he describes her, and how she's head over heels for him. The tension they create when put together wasn't anything sexual; it was something much, much deeper. Something that will last a lifetime.

The other key factors to this movie are the Callaghans and Saul, and everyone else. They bring out the comedy side to the movie. They are a hilarious bunch, and are not a tad annoying, not even the real fiancée or Peter; just really, really funny and fun to be with.

Put two and two together, and they have formulated an almost perfect Romantic Comedy. (I am going to say almost, because nothing in this world is perfect)

Now Bill Pullman—that's a different topic!


While You Were Sleeping is almost flawless. The storyline is funny but at the same time dramatic. Sandra Bullock plays Lucy, a lonely el worker with no family at all. She sees this guy get mugged and pushed on the train tracks and she jumps on and saves his life. She follows him to the hospital, where it is mistaken that she is the man's fiance. She gets thrust into the family who accepts her with open arms. However, problems arise when she starts to fall in love with the brother of her "fiance". This movie is perfectly cast with Brilliant performances by Bullock and Bill Pullman who plays the brother. The have great chemistry and just subtly looks and gestures towards each other during the whole movie add towards the sexual tension between them. I have not met anyone who doesnt like this movie and it has become one of my favorites. You can watch it a million times and never get tired of it. ****


Next time you are depressed, this is the perfect pick me up. If you like watching the same movies over and over, this is great for that also. The chemistry between the two main characters is outstanding, much better than in this year's Two Weeks' Notice. Laugh out loud and cry out loud.


A sweet and gentle, romantic film about how love sometimes slips in through the window rather than coming straight in through the front door, it's the one that put star Sandra Bullock into contention with Meg Ryan for the crown of America's Sweetheart. And with good reason, because in `While You Were Sleeping,' directed by Jon Turteltaub, Bullock emerges as the epitome of the modern day `girl next door,' in the best and most sincere sense. This is a film that explores one of the basic tenets of the human condition, the need to love and be loved, and makes no bones about what it's trying to accomplish along the way. Clearly, the filmmakers want to make you feel good and entertain you at the same time. And they succeed on both fronts.

Lucy Moderatz (Bullock) lives alone in Chicago, where she has an apartment, a cat and a job with the CTA as a token taker for the train. Her life is fairly uncomplicated and uneventful (read: Dull), and the one thing she looks forward to in her daily grind is seeing a certain young gentleman who rides the train everyday and always passes through her toll booth. She's doesn't even know his name, and they've never exchanged so much as a `Good morning,' but in her mind he's become the Prince Charming she's always dreamed about.

Then on Christmas morning he passes through, but while waiting on the platform for the train he gets mugged and falls onto the tracks, unconscious. And a train is coming. Lucy runs to his aid and saves his life, but the severe head trauma he's sustained has put him in a coma. At the hospital, they refuse to let her in to see him, as that is a privilege reserved for family members only; so in desperation she tells them that she is his fiancee, which does the trick. But when his family-- his rather `large' family-- shows up, her ruse creates something of a sticky wicket. Everything is moving so fast and becoming so emotional that Lucy simply can't get in a word of explanation. The next thing she knows, to the family she is their beloved Peter's (Peter Gallagher) intended (even though he's never said a word to them about her), and because the situation is so frantic and there's such concern about Peter, besides which it's Christmas, Lucy can't bring herself to tell them the truth. So in an instant, her life is suddenly changed; she's surrounded by `family,' and she's `engaged' to her Prince Charming. Even if he is, well...in a coma.

Turteltaub has crafted and delivered a thoroughly engaging film in the tradition of Nora Ephron's `You've Got Mail' (the second best romantic comedy ever made) and `Sleepless In Seattle.' He sets a perfect pace, and presents his endearingly eclectic assemblage of characters in the best possible way-- he makes you feel at home with them. Most importantly, though, Turteltaub manages to make this a `sweet' film without being `saccharin' about it, which would have sunk it quicker than a deflated rubber raft in an undertow. Instead, he pulls out all the right stops to make his film entirely Ephronesque and entertaining, and it works beautifully. The humor is warm, and as the story moves along he builds upon that strong sense of `need' that is universal, then triumphs by satisfying that need in the end.

Sandra Bullock has never been more winning or winsome than she is here; there's a special quality about her Lucy that makes you want to reach out to her. She is, without question, the most vulnerable character Bullock has ever played. There is very little of Annie (`Speed') or Gracie (`Miss Congeniality'), for example, about her; the closest to Lucy of any of her characters, in fact, would be Birdee in `Hope Floats.' That is not to say there is anything `weak' about Lucy at all-- quite the contrary, in fact. There is a decided strength in the very benevolence of Lucy's nature, even in the way she wears her heart on her sleeve and especially inasmuch as she is not afraid to admit to herself what she really wants and needs. This is an independent woman who accepts and meets any and all challenges of life, but keeps an open mind and, above all, an open heart. And that is what makes Lucy so endearing; she's the one who brings a cake to the office to share with her co-workers for no other reason than the fact that it makes the world and everybody in it a little bit better. That's what Bullock brings to her performance here, and it's what makes Lucy one of her most enduring and memorable characters.

As for sliding in through the window rather than coming through the front door, that's exactly what Bill Pullman does with his portrayal of Peter's brother, Jack Callaghan. He's the one who shows up after the fact, as it were, but very quickly makes a connection and ingratiates himself with the audience. Initially, Jack seems to be playing the role of devil's advocate, his suspicions aroused by the fact that Peter has never mentioned Lucy to him; but that begins to change with some very subtle undertones that prove to be extremely effective. And Pullman does a terrific job of developing his character in real time, which makes Jack convincing, and a piece of the puzzle that fits in perfectly. A `character actor' type leading man, Pullman has a resume filled with varied and colorful characters, but Jack is his most engaging role ever, and he succeeds entirely with it.

The wonderful supporting cast includes Jack Warden (Saul), Peter Boyle (Ox), Micole Mercurio (Midge), Michael Rispoli (Joey) and the wonderful Glynis Johns, as beautiful and charming as ever as Elsie. Warm and poignant, `While You Were Sleeping' is one to savor; this one's a keeper. (BTW, the #1 romantic comedy? Bonnie Hunt's `Return To Me'). 10/10.


This was the picture which proved things could be all about Sandra Bullock. "Speed" - one year earlier - showed this. This picture proved it. A lot of people nowadays make fun of a typical Bullock picture and speak of her as negligible in this day and age. They probably forget or were never aware that she was hailed as America's new sweetheart back in '95 and it was no idle chatter. There are very few actresses who can carry a picture on their own slight shoulders - I mean, really make it a success. Sure, Bill Pullman helped, but this really was Sandra all the way, in a sappy, soapy, cliché-ridden slight story of sudden romance usually very hard to buy into. But because Sandra is there on the screen throughout nearly every frame, it all works out, and you're rooting for her happiness in the final few minutes even knowing very well what is about to happen. It's like you've seen it all before, but Sandra makes you want to see it again. We are all very fortunate, those of us who have seen this story, that it was Sandra in the central role and not someone like (shudder) Demi Moore. And if a guy is really fortunate, he may meet someone like Sandra in real life.


Sandra Bullock is a working girl who wants to travel. She has no family, and is usually stuck doing holiday shifts in the Chicago transit system (as a toll booth clerk on the elevated railway). She has noted one man who uses the station all the time (Peter Gallagher), and rescues him when he is thrown onto the train tracks just before a train comes into the station. Gallagher is in a coma and (due to a well-intentioned nurse) Bullock is introduced to the family of Gallagher as his fiancé. She tries to tell them the truth, but when she learns his grandmother (Glynis Johns) has a heart problem she hesitates. Soon she is treated as a member of this nice family as a member (well, she did save Gallagher, and she is thought to be his fiancé). Only his brother (Bill Pullman) has real doubts, and keeps mentioning them (and keeps apologizing for them. Bullock and Pullman find that they are also growing more attracted to each other. The film shows how these problems are resolved. And it is all done in a most charming manner.

This is one of those films that would take only a few minutes to quickly resolve in the real world, where Bullock would have told the truth early on. But the audience is allowed to suspend it's disbelief because the characters are uniformly likable. Although Jack (Pullman) is constantly questioning Bullock's story, each time she gives a plausible explanation of what is going on, and Pullman likes her enough to accept these explanations. The only one who knows the truth is the family friend Sam (Jack Warden) and he too feels that the news has to be broken carefully (he loves the family and doesn't want them hurt). Oddly enough his one effort at meddling almost screws up the situation in the film for Bullock, Pullman, and Gallagher. Pullman also faces the truth and explains to his father (Peter Boyle) that he doesn't want to continue in the family business. Boyle's reaction becomes important too.

The performances are flawless, and one finds oneself rooting for most of the cast (the sole exception is the actress playing "Ashley", Peter Galagher's actual girl friend). Her opposite number, "Joe Jr." is too comic a figure to dislike (in fact, at one point he thinks Pullman is annoying Bullock and offers to take care of him - not the act of a rat at all). For a sweet, lovable love tale WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING is hard to top. In the last decade only WHEN HARRY MET SALLY, WORKING GIRL, PRETTY WOMAN, NOTTING HILL, SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, and YOU'VE GOT MAIL are on par with it, but the family becomes so important to Bullock in the plot this has a special warmth in it that is quite is different from most of the others.


Warm and gentle comedy that shows Bullock to her best advantage, in her favorite role of shy closet beauty. Bullock obsesses about a man she sees briefly every day; when he is knocked unconscious she claims to be his fiancée. Then sparks begin to fly with the brother. Wonderful turns by Boyle and Warden as older family members. There's a great line by Boyle in this movie, something like you always imagine you'll have these long golden moments in life and then when you get there it lasts about a minute. I think Bullock was never better than in this movie, in later productions her shy modesty seems a little artificial. She and Pullman have just enough chemistry together to pull this through.


After a lonely woman saves the life of a complete stranger, she's mistaken for his fiancé and slowly becomes integrated into his family, due to his coma. As her true identity couldn't be verified by anybody, everything seems to be well, until his brother shows up, whose character is about to play a very important role in the upcoming events.

It's a lovely and romantic comedy, set in the heart of the winter holidays, which tells an improbable love story about two complete strangers who fall in love without their will and as much as they try to resist, as close they eventually become. It creates a warm and enjoyable atmosphere which lasts until the end. The actors play their roles very convincingly, making you care about their characters while keeping you eager to find out what will happen next and how it's going to end. Besides all of the above, it also manages to make you laugh from time to time, even out loud, just to spice things up a bit. It's a very good movie for everyone to enjoy, especially around the holidays, but not only.


I know, I know...You saw the name Bill Pullman and wanted to shove this movie a side too. In this movie though, he is absolutely a sweetheart. This wonderful fairytale really got me. Sandra Bullock, Bill Pullman and his entire kooky family sucked me right in. This movie is such a chick flick, but it is really funny too. (Joe Fusco Jr.!!!) See it! I think you'll love it. I did.


This was an extremely underrated movie. There were so many funny little segments and happenings in this movie. Like when the newspaper boy was delivering papers, and when they had the dinner conversation. If you just watch the movie for some good laughs and don't try to expect some big, deep storyline you will find that it is a VERY enjoyable movie. It had us all laughing till we......well you know what I mean. Sit back, get some popcorn and enjoy the show. There's nothing wrong with silly, senseless humor, is there? Even my husband enjoyed it. I've seen this movie more times than I probably should admit. But I laugh every time I see it. Another good choice...How to meet a guy in 10 days.


It's a screw-ball romantic comedy worthy of all of the heritage of the genre.

Having said that, it's also a pleasant antidote to war porn masquerading as "high art" and to actual porn, because it's a wonderful reflection on the importance of kindness in the world.

Sandra Bullock is delightful, 'natch. Bill Pullman is enchanting, and Peter Gallagher is... engaging... as a man in a coma.

Watch this is you just want to find a speck of decency in a scary world.


WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING, in my opinion, is a sweet, charming, hilarious, and heartwarming romantic comedy. If you ask me, the way that Lucy (Sandra Bullock) and Peter (Peter Gallagher) met was very romantic. Also, in my opinion, Joey (Michael Rispoli) was a little crazy. This was because he just couldn't seem to leave Lucy alone. In addition, to me, Jack (Bill Pullman) was a really cute guy. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say, "If you like romantic comedies or movies where people meet by chance, I highly recommend WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING!" Now, in conclusion, when you see this sweet, charming, hilarious, and heartwarming romantic comedy, prepare to laugh and be touched.


This is one of those movies that just make you feel good. It's not deep, but it's warm. It should be a holiday classic...new age era.


This is one of those movies where she waits for me to get emotional. But I had steel resolve, holding back any tears or emotion. Sandy Bullock, you won't break me. You won't.


This is my absolute No.1 favourite feel good film of all time about a lonely girl who lives with her pretty little pet cat . Lucy is single , has no siblings & has parents who've passed away .

She lives alone with her long haired calico cat , Mel , works holidays & feels a wee bit lonely around Christmas while decorating her Christmas tree watched by Mel .

She passes her time thinking about her dad , eating dinner with her cat , negotiating with her boss , attending Christmas parties , being set up by her downstairs neighbour-cum-landlord with his cocky , mouth-breather of a son ( the very sweet , Joe Fusco Jr. ) & secretly mooning after daily train commuter - the well dressed , dashing Peter Callaghan ; from her token booth.

Things change for Lucy on Christmas Day when she saves Peter from the train tracks onto which he's fallen . At the hospital , Peter is in a coma & she's mistaken as his fiancee .

Before she can clarify , she is enveloped by Peter's loving , talkative family & she succumbs , reluctantly at first & later willingly , to the warm embrace of being part of a large , quirky family once again - a farce she carries on partly at Saul's ( Peter's godfather ) behest & mostly because of her emotional connection with not just the family , but to Peter's brother, Jack ( Bill Pullman ) - who is , at first , suspicious of Lucy supposedly being his polished , urbane brother's , scruffy girlfriend ; but finds himself drawn to her & gets familiar with her quirks ( about Florence , her unstamped passport etc ) & quietly falls in love with her .

Its all smooth sailing after that , till Lucy & Peters wedding date is finalized when Peter wakes up from his coma ( & believes he has amnesia )

Jack refuses to acknowledge his feelings for Lucy , believing her to be his brothers intended , putting Lucy in a fix .

Whom does Lucy marry to end her lonely existence & who finally takes her to Florence , fulfilling her dreams ?

A slow paced , pleasant , romantic comedy .


I'm 16 years old, and many years ago my mum introduced me to a movie, where it was made in a golden decade where almost all romantic comedies I've seen are treasured. This movie I watch every year at least 10 times, maybe more, maybe less. It is by far my favourite and I love watching it around Christmas time, since the movie is around the Christmas/New Year season. So if you're going to watch this movie, watch it around Christmas time, November/December should do. I watched it just now and it's October but still, it's a great movie anytime of the year :)

It will make you laugh, cry and sigh as you see her life and the magical events that happen evolve into a beautiful heart-warming story. If you are an ol' romantic and enjoy innocent humour then this is the movie for you :)

It's just amazing. I'm so glad my Mum introduced me to it. I can't wait to have a family and introduce them. That's how good it is :)


No matter how many times I watch this movie, I can't get enough of it! Whenever I've had a bad day or am not in a good mood... all I have to do is watch this fabulous, amazing movie! Makes you believe in fate and following your dreams... If you never watch another movie in your life, watch this one! You won't regret it.


This movie has it all -- Comedy, Romance, even a good touch of Drama. The characters are vibrantly real, the situations believable, and the plotline both humorous and plausible. Sandra Bullock is dynamite, and Bill Pullman is at his hottest. Mrrawr. I highly recommend this for any fan of romantic comedies, at any time of the year.

~Thanks, TSFPWDE


Sandra Bullock has redeemed herself in my eyes. I watched part of 'The Net' in a theater, but walked out in disgust. She is much more appealing in this film, which I have watched repeatedly.

The plot is somewhat thin underfoot, but the cast overcomes this with some of the greatest efforts I have ever seen. Sandra is luminous as Lucy Moderatz, a woman who has suffered a great deal of loss in her life and seems doomed to a lonely life alone. Lucy eases her heartache by dreaming about wedding the handsome man who buys a token at her booth every weekday morning.

When an improbable collection of circumstances result in Lucy being accepted as the fiancée of her dream man who is in a coma and in no condition to refute her claim; she gains the warm, loving family she has so long desired. Lucy makes such an instantly positive impression on the family of her supposed fiancée, they are delighted to make her part of the family. When her 'fiancee' wakes from his coma and fails to recognize Lucy, the family covers the gap by presuming amnesia rather than suspecting some subterfuge on the part of Lucy.

I enjoyed many parts of this film. The best part was where the family gathered to exchange Christmas presents. Lucy had her name on a stocking and a present from Santa. The look on Lucy's face as she savored these moments was priceless. The next morning, Lucy meets Jack her 'fiancee's' brother and sparks immediately fly.

This film really illustrated how deprived Lucy has been. When she needs personal advice, she has to rely on her boss at work. Basically, her fellow workers and her would-be boyfriend at her apartment complex are her only human contact. It would seem logical that Lucy would join a church or find some other social outlet.

All the supporting cast is great here. The performers fit into their roles perfectly. Bill Pullman and Sandra Bullock really bring their characters to life. You find yourself rooting for the inevitable victory of true love over circumstances.

This is movie entertains without the need to appeal to the baser instincts. It was grand to see an intact, functional family for once. We need more efforts like this to show that a great movie can be made using wholesome themes.


This is a very sweet movie, really there's not much not to like here. Its also one of those rare films that gives "formula" a good name, as its about as predictable a romantic comedy as it gets but also well made, with a great cast and just so darn likable.

Sandra Bullock is Lucy, a lonely subway cashier who finds herself admiring high-class businessman Peter Gallagher from her turnstile. Secretly in love with him she is forced to come to his aid one morning right before Christmas after he is mugged and then pushed onto the train platform.

Later in hospital through a series of (romantic comedy) misunderstandings Lucy is mistaken for Peters fiancée and while he lies in a coma his loud, rather dysfunctional family take her into their fold.To complicate matters Lucy finds herself drawn to the patients brother, Bill Pullman and (the lovely) Uncle Saul (Jack Warden) may have just learned her secret.

Although the ending is a bit weak this is a totally enjoyable movie on just about every level. Special mention to Michael Rispoli as Lucy's neighbour Joe Jr, who is scene stealing hilarious and also randomly that bit with the paperboy wiping out on his bike really made me laugh, I smile now just thinking about it.3/27/16
The Sphinx of Driz

The Sphinx of Driz

Was I shocked to read from the trvia section on this webpage that this movie was originally written for Demi Moore? Of all the actresses in the world... Demi Moore??? She shed her innocence & sweetness when she made movies like "One Night Stand" (is it the correct title?) with Rob Lowe. It's like seeing Rosanne Barr/Arnold as Lucy in this film.

Great comical timing between Sandra & Bill. The scene where they walk back to Lucy's apartment is especially brightens your day. Of course, who can forget the whole Callaghan clan? It's rare to see such a close-knitted family in US anymore. It's heart-warming & touching & sweet & lovely & just terrific.

This movie reminds me not to fall in love with a person just because of the looks. Lucy was ready to marry Peter but didn't know that he was so self-obsessive (all HIS pictures in his wallet & home) and who would hurt squirrels & save them? I'm on Jack's side when I say "ye-wo". Look at the soft spoken, sweet Jack who puts family first (remember his rocking chair?) & is more down-to-earth.

Agreeing with the rest of the audience here who had posted their comments, this is THE movie to see when you're feeling a little blue, a little lonely, or just want to get out of reality for a few hours.

Well, I'll be waiting for my Jack Callaghan now. Wish you all enjoy the movie experience.


It's a shame that this movie has such a low rating at IMDb, because it deserves better.

"While You Were Sleeping" is the kind of film that must be hard to pull off, because there aren't many of them: solid, well-written and consistently funny romantic comedies.

Sandra Bullock exudes buckets of charm and a whopper of a comic presence as the heroine of this particular romance. She ably carries the movie, even when surrounded by veterans like Jack Warden, Peter Boyle and Glynis Johns.

Those who are familiar with Chicago will have fun with this film, as that's where it was filmed, and you could make a game out of spotting the inconsistencies in the movie if you actually know the city it's set in.

A fun movie to pop in here and there during the holiday season.

Grade: A