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Father Rupert Mayer (2014) Online

Father Rupert Mayer (2014) Online
Original Title :
Father Rupert Mayer
Genre :
Movie / Drama / History / Romance / Thriller / War
Year :
Directror :
Damian Chapa
Cast :
Damian Chapa,Oliver Gruber,Nicola Mayerl
Type :
Time :
1h 57min
Rating :
Father Rupert Mayer (2014) Online

Father Rupert Mayer (Oliver Gruber) served in World War I and was awarded the Iron Cross dedicating his life to the Eastern Front, where his leg was taken from him during battle. Father Mayer spent many years during World War II preaching sermons against the powers to be, the Third Reich. Father Mayer is warned to stop preaching his anti-Nazi sermons and ends up in prison three times, where he suffered under the Nazi regime. Father Mayer gets released by the spiritual and mental help of a fellow Jewish prisoner (Michael Mendl) and Father Mayer vows to never stop preaching sermons against Nazi Germany and ends up in Sachsenhausen concentration camp as a result of his relentless courageous exertion for human rights.
Credited cast:
Damian Chapa Damian Chapa - Capitan Paintsville
Oliver Gruber Oliver Gruber - Father Rupert Mayer
Nicola Mayerl Nicola Mayerl - Donna Von Bayern
Stacy Keach Stacy Keach - Colonel von Bayern
Thomas Morris Thomas Morris - Fischer
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Wolfgang M. Bauer Wolfgang M. Bauer - Nicolo
Rouven Blessing Rouven Blessing - US Marine
Kai Bronisch Kai Bronisch - Hans Müller
Vanessa Eichholz Vanessa Eichholz - Mrs. Bahr
Tanja Frehse Tanja Frehse - Mother of Rupert Mayer
Daryl Hannah Daryl Hannah - Joanna Sebastian
Marinus Hohmann Marinus Hohmann - Young Rupert Mayer
Kathrin Höhne Kathrin Höhne - Ruth Goldstein
Michael Mendl Michael Mendl - Jacob Rosenberg
Irena Miliankova Irena Miliankova - Larissa

User reviews



This is all Damian Chapa's film, both for the script, the cinematography and the direction. In all three capacities, it's an outstanding film deserving only credits. There are some flaws,however.

The story in itself warrants a masterpiece, the ordeals of the first world war when he loses a leg, the persecution by the Nazis in the second, and so forth. It's impossible to make a flawed film out of such a story, adorned all the way by his one comfort in playing the violin.

To this comes the remarkable cinematography. Especially in the first part, as long as it is all black and white, the cinematography is a marvel throughout. The effect when it changes to coiour, when for the first time the Jewish question is introduced, is striking, to say the least.

The one thing that makes the film miss one point, is the exaggerated direction, tending to make the actors overact. It's unnecessary and must produce the opposite effect to the one intended. Over-dramatization is always a mistake, striking hard instead of concentrating on the target.

So the film is a bit overdone. It would have gained in being half an hour shorter, with a more efficient flow in the direction and story-telling. Transport stretches are always a nuisance,, especially in Wagner operas.


My wife and I liked the movie of Father Rupert Mayer, which is based on a true story that took place back in World War 2 in Munich, Germany. It was about a priest who defied the German Nazi's military and spoke-out how he felt about the treatment of the people by the Nazi's, in his church sermons. The commanding Nazi General wanted to have him shoot, but was warned it would bring enormous about of trouble from the German people for shooting a priest. All of the Nazi's wanted Father Rupert Mayer to refrain from saying bad things about Hitler and all of his followers. So they tried to break him by locking him up in the filthy prisons. That is all I will tell about the movie and its plot. The beautiful screen shots taken around the city of Munich, brought back old memories of when I was stationed there with the U.S. Army in the late 1950's. The Stunning Bavarian scenery of the area was reflected beautifully in the scenes. The director Damian Chapa and the rest of the actors did a wonderful job. The plot was easy to follow. Good acting. Was good to see a few very popular old and middle aged actors still doing their stuff.


The subject matter is good, but this movie is poorly executed. Dialogue is wooden and amateurish, particularly that of Nicola Mayerl, who seems totally out of her element. And the film is a bit to pushy when it comes promoting Catholicism, or at least the protagonist's ability to perform miracles-for instance by talking to horses. Don't waste your time with it.


You can tell that the actors and individuals involved with this movie meant well. It appears to me to be largely accurate. It is of course not a biopic but is instead a fictionalization. Some of the locations no longer exist so they did the best they can. I assume they probably filmed in the Czech Republic because in some cases those places have similar architecture from the time.

Some of it was filmed in Munich. I lived in Munich. I saw these places. They would be very difficult to film in because they're very close together - especially in Munich. But the dialog was bit forced in English. The choice was made to have the actors (some of whom were US American) speak in English with German accents and using German phrasing. This is a common tactic. Unfortunately I think Darryl Hannah in particular it didn't work well. I felt sorry for Stacy Keach. He did his best. He doesn't speak German so he didn't try. The Germans mostly didn't make the effort to affect an accent.

The facts were a bit muddled but they did their best. It was a tiny bit slow. The production was not the best quality.

But the effort was there. The people meant well and I enjoyed learning more about father Mayer. It's sad but worth seeing.