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Summer of Dreams (2016) Online

Summer of Dreams (2016) Online
Original Title :
Summer of Dreams
Genre :
Movie / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Mike Rohl
Cast :
Debbie Gibson,Robert Gant,Pascale Hutton
Writer :
Neal H. Dobrofsky,Tippi Dobrofsky
Type :
Time :
1h 24min
Rating :
Summer of Dreams (2016) Online

A pop star for approximately thirty years since she was fifteen, Debbie Taylor has led a superficial life without really knowing it. She begins to understand it when everything in her life falls apart. Her singing career already almost non-existent as a so-called has-been, the record label which was established on her name drops her, with no other ready to sign her. She is a jet setter who has gone into debt in the expectation that she could always release another record to make more money. On top of these professional problems, she and her actor boyfriend Liam break-up on the discovery that she didn't mean as much to him as he did to her. Not knowing what to do, Debbie heads to Youngstown, Ohio to live with her sister Denise, her husband Tim and their adolescent daughter Natalie, who eventually come to realize that her stay is not just a simple vacation as she had implied. Denise had already suspected something as Debbie and she never really understood each other's lives, Debbie who ...
Credited cast:
Debbie Gibson Debbie Gibson - Debbie Taylor
Robert Gant Robert Gant - Noah Burns
Pascale Hutton Pascale Hutton - Denise
Lane Edwards Lane Edwards - Tim
Ken Tremblett Ken Tremblett - Ray Royce
Lauren McNamara Lauren McNamara - Natalie
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Daniel Bacon Daniel Bacon - Mattress Store Manager
Shon Burnett Shon Burnett - Ryan
Simon Chin Simon Chin - Store Owner
Eric Gibson Eric Gibson - Oliver
Zeeshan Goawala Zeeshan Goawala - Prom student #2
Mitchell Kummen Mitchell Kummen - Johnny
Nicole Major Nicole Major - Pretty Girl
Zenia Marshall Zenia Marshall - Ashley
Marcus Rosner Marcus Rosner - Liam

The vocal group in the movie perform a ballad version of Debbie Gibson's "Only In My Dreams". Gibson follows it by singing a song she wrote for this picture, "Wonderland".

Aired as the last of six original films in The Hallmark Channel's 2016 "Summer Nights" lineup.

There will be a second movie in the series called Wedding of Dreams it will be about. Debbie turns her back on music business and finds true love. When her manager tries to pull her back into the limelight, she must decide whether music or love comes first.

User reviews



I missed this movie when it first came out. I never was a Debbie Gibson fan. And I agree with several of the things the other reviewer said. Plus I really don't think Debbie Gibson is all that pretty (Pascele Hutton is very pretty), she is not a great singer or actor. But she was perfect for this part. I agree that the good story was the renewed friendship between the sisters, but the love story was pretty good too. I also disagree that it is unrealistic that Debbie can develop into a good teacher in one day. No matter what the politicians say, good teachers are born, not created in a college. My wife and daughter were born to teach. I found out I was not, though I had a master's degree in the subject. When I did finally find my calling, I inspected schools. We had a governor who actually said, "anyone can teach". I saw many people come out of industry and the military who could not. A few could. So to me, the real story was her love for her students and how she found her true calling, to teach.


As a Debbie Gibson fan of my youth I actually looked forward to this movie. This movie was a let down especially because of the fact it had the potential to be a lot better. Hallmark in the last few years have mandated the rom-com format for all its movies instead of letting them go where they go.

In this moview the romance seemed very forced and the movie wasted its time focusing on that. It could have been a nice C plot to tie up at the very end. However, as they key plot of the moview it did not work. The most interesting relationship in this movie was between the sisters. One became a pop star and the other moved away to be a teacher and really was not proud of her. Also, it could have focused on her career plummet a litte more at the beginning. Finally, while her becoming a teacher is a nice plot device her becoming an effective educator and embracing that role probably would not have occurred between the 1st and 2nd day.

In summary while not awful it was very disappointing because it good have been really good.