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NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service
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TV Series / Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
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Mark Harmon,David McCallum,Sean Murray
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TV Series
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The cases of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service's Washington, D.C. Major Case Response Team, led by Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

NCIS: Kriminalistid Online

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs is the leader of a team of special agents belonging to the NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) Major Case Response Team. Gibbs, a former Marine, is a tough investigator and a highly skilled interrogator who relies on his gut instinct as much as evidence. Gibbs' second in command is Senior Field Agent Tony DiNozzo, a womanizing, movie-quoting former Baltimore Homicide Detective, who despite being the class clown always gets the job done. The team also consists of probationary field agent Eleanor Bisbop, a former NSA agent, as well as Junior Field Agent Timothy McGee, a computer-savvy agent often mocked by DiNozzo. Assisting them are Abby Sciuto, the energetic-but-Goth lab tech who is like a daughter to Gibbs and is famously quoted as saying "mike hunt won't stop bleeding!!", and Dr. Donald Mallard, nicknamed Ducky, the eccentric medical examiner full of unusual stories. This team of elite agents, based in Washington, D.C., solve criminal cases ...
Series cast summary:
Mark Harmon Mark Harmon - Leroy Jethro Gibbs 378 episodes, 2003-2019
David McCallum David McCallum - Donald Mallard 378 episodes, 2003-2019
Sean Murray Sean Murray - Timothy McGee 363 episodes, 2003-2019
Pauley Perrette Pauley Perrette - Abby Sciuto 354 episodes, 2003-2018
Michael Weatherly Michael Weatherly - Anthony DiNozzo 307 episodes, 2003-2018
Brian Dietzen Brian Dietzen - Jimmy Palmer 279 episodes, 2004-2019
Rocky Carroll Rocky Carroll - Leon Vance 270 episodes, 2008-2019
Cote de Pablo Cote de Pablo - Ziva David 192 episodes, 2005-2016

Pauley Perrette, who plays Abby, actually graduated from college with a degree in Forensics, and then moved to New York to get her master's, and it was there that she got in to acting, before coming to NCIS. Producers have said that most of the personality and interests displayed by Abby come from Perrette just playing herself.

Whenever we see flashbacks featuring young Gibbs, the younger version is played by Mark Harmon's son, Sean.

In one episode Kate asks Gibbs "Gibbs? What did Ducky look like when he was younger?" Gibbs answers "Illya Kuryakin". Illya Kuryakin is the role David McCallum played in the show El agente de CIPOL (1964).

The hand tools that Mark Harmon uses on the set of NCIS are mostly his own. Those are the tools that he uses in his own personal workshop. His wife, Pam Dawber, once stated that he will get on her case if the tools in the workshop are not put back exactly as they were.

The sound heard at the beginning and end of each act, when the scene goes to black and white is Donald P. Bellisario making that noise into a microphone. He wanted a unique way of bookending each act and took a microphone and went into a studio and made that sound into the microphone.

On the set of NCIS, Mark Harmon uses a 1972 Airstream that he restored himself.

Two real-life NCIS directors (David Brant and Thomas Betro) and the real-life Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus have all made cameo appearances on the show.

NCIS is one of very few spin-offs to run longer than the original show.

There are two types of NCIS special agents: full time agents wear a gold badge, part time agents wear a silver badge.

In 2005 Mark Harmon requested that nobody make any fuss about his September 2nd birthday. New cast member Lauren Holly had other ideas though. The frequent victim of Harmon's practical jokes, she collaborated with Michael Weatherly on a Harmon birthday extravaganza. First they ordered 150 t-shirts that read 'It's Mark Harmon's birthday', that were passed out to the entire crew. On Thursday, September 1st, she waited in her hotel room for the heads-up call from Weatherly that shooting was wrapping. At three o'clock a.m., still in her pajamas, Holly got the call, loaded up her car with party supplies and drove back to the show's sets in Santa Clarita. She and Weatherly then proceeded to cover Harmon's trailer with crepe paper, helium balloons and piñatas, then dumped large amounts of confetti everywhere. They decorated every wall, truck and trailer, then, with the cooperation of the art department, put up a picture of Harmon on all the plasma-screen displays in the squad-room set. Holly then hopped on a plane on Friday to fly back to her husband and three sons in Chicago and waited for word on Harmon's reaction. When Harmon arrived to work he saw everyone in identical t-shirts, holding signs, and assumed there was a strike. Weatherly was called by the nervous producers, who were worried what Mark would think, and who was behind it. Michael replied "I'm not going to name any names. Lauren Holly". Harmon was very touched by the gesture, which was filmed so he could take the DVD home to his wife, actress Pam Dawber. He did however tell Lauren with a grin, "Payback's a bitch".

Sean Murray (Special Agent Timothy McGee) is the stepson of Donald P. Bellisario, and his sister on the show is in fact his stepsister in real life.

Lauren Holly originally auditioned for the part of Kate.

There is a picture of Donald P. Bellisario hanging on the "NCIS Most Wanted Wall".

In "Enemy On The Hill" Abby is seen holding a locket of her adoptive mother. The photo is Pauley Perrette's real mother Donna Bell.

Michael Weatherly's character's father is played by Robert Wagner. Prior to joining NCIS, Weatherly played Robert Wagner in a TV movie El misterio de Natalie Wood (2004) about Wagner's wife.

DiNozzo's wealthy father cut him off from his inheritance when he was 12 years old. Michael Weatherly's father cut him off from his inheritance when he decided to pursue acting.

Donald P. Bellisario considered casting Scott Bakula (who starred in his previous television production, A través del tiempo (1989)) as Gibbs. Eleven years later, Bakula was cast as Special Agent Dwayne Pride, Gibbs's former partner and star of NCIS: Nueva Orleans (2014).

Michael Weatherly once stated this when rumors that Mark Harmon was leaving NCIS, "He's the spine of the show. Without him it's a show about jellyfish. We need our spine."

Jethro Gibbs's father Jackson Gibbs (played by Ralph Waite ) was a World War II US Army Air Force fighter pilot, as was Mark Harmon's real life father Tom Harmon.

The t-shirts that Gibbs wears while working on the boat in the basement of his home are sent to Mark Harmon from law enforcement agencies around the country. He also occasionally wears a sweatshirt with the letters "NIS". This stands for "Naval Investigative Service", the predecessor of the NCIS. An agent with Gibbs' seniority would have begun his career working under that name.

In the opening credits of the first couple seasons, an aircraft carrier is seen going under the Golden Gate Bridge. This is a clip from the opening credits of Más fuerte que el odio (1988), starring Mark Harmon as a San Francisco police inspector investigating a murder on the Presidio army base in San Francisco.

Donald P. Bellisario was not sure whether Mark Harmon would be right for the role of Gibbs. However, following his role as Agent Simon Donovan on El ala oeste de la Casa Blanca (1999), he eventually decided to cast him.

At one point, Michael Weatherly's character states "I've got a better chance of hooking up with Jessica Alba than these guys do of infiltrating SeaLift". Michael Weatherly was engaged for a time to Jessica Alba and starred opposite her on Dark Angel (2000).

One of Donald P. Bellisario's children, Troian Bellisario, played McGee's sister on the show. One of his sons, Michael Bellisario, was also on the show, playing Charles (Chip) Sterling.

Donald P. Bellisario named the character Leroy Jethro after his family. His brother's name is Leroy and his father's middle name is Jethro.

Mark Harmon, who was born in 1951, would be old enough to be a Vietnam era veteran, but his character of Gibbs stated that he was a Gulf War veteran as he was too young to be a Vietnam vet, so Gibbs is much younger than Harmon.

Donald P. Bellisario confirmed that before Sasha Alexander decided to leave the show, his plan for Season 3 was to build on the Tony/Kate relationship, and the ideas for the episodes Navy: Investigación criminal: Under Covers (2005) and Navy: Investigación criminal: Boxed In (2006) (which have a large emphasis on the Tony/Ziva relationship) were conceived with the intention of forcing the characters to confront their emotional attachments to the other.

NCIS Headquarters is shown to be at the Washington, DC Navy Yard. In reality, the Headquarters was moved in 2011 to a new facility at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Quantico, VA.

On a document Abby writes in one of the episodes, she lists her full name as "Abigail Beethoven Sciuto."

In Navy: Investigación criminal: Chained (2004), Gibbs keeps getting phone calls from people asking about a Volkswagen Bug for sale. Frustrated, Gibbs asks,"Do I look like someone who would drive a Bug?!" In Retrato de un asesino (1986), Mark played serial killer Ted Bundy, who drove a VW Bug.

According to Pauley Perrette on the "tour of Abby's lab" extra on the season 8 DVD, Bert "the Farting Hippo" has to be locked up at the end of shooting because extras and production interns have tried walking off with him before.

DiNozzo is a fan of the shows Airwolf: Helicóptero (1984) and Magnum, P.I. (1980), both also created by Donald P. Bellisario.

Harrison Ford, who was experiencing a bit of a slump around the time of the series's conception, was urged by colleagues to pursue the role of Gibbs. He did not, but Mark Harmon's Gibbs does allude to this in the first episode (Navy: Investigación criminal: Yankee White (2003), name-dropping Harrison Ford and his film Air Force One (El avión del presidente) (1997).

During one episode (Blowback), Gibbs was trying to solve a crossword puzzle. As his character is rarely in step with pop culture, he asked DiNozzo for a TV drama with eight letters. Tony answers Hospital (1982), which has more than eight, eliciting a knowing laugh from Gibbs. Mark Harmon played Dr. Bobby Caldwell on that show from 1983 to 1986.

When NCIS was originally the Naval Investigative Service (NIS) it was part of Naval Intelligence.

The pilot for this series aired as a two-part episode of JAG: Alerta roja (1995) in the spring of 2003. Two major changes were made for the series. A gimmick in which Ducky is shown talking to corpses - from the corpse's point of view - was dropped, and a character named Viv Blackadder (played by Robyn Lively) was replaced by the character played by Sasha Alexander.

Mark Harmon received a call during the summer between seasons 3 and 4 telling him to stop shaving - because Gibbs was to have a scruffier look, along with a mustache.

After his death Osama bin Laden's picture is on NCIS' "most wanted" wall, crossed out with red tape.

The 7th season was the first to not have a new set of opening credits at the start of the year, despite the fact the show was headed into its most successful season yet.

The Dodge Chargers used by these Navy Department agents are a color called Deep Water Blue, a special color costing several hundred dollars more than a standard black or white car, which a federal agency would most likely choose.

At the beginning of season 8 Sean Murray (McGee) quit drinking and gave up sugar. Hence, his drastic weight loss throughout the season

David McCallum appeared in every episode until Season 6, Episode 23, "Legend Part II". Even though he plays the medical examiner, this included shows where people weren't even murdered. In those episodes, Ducky would consult on the psychology of the case, or offer personal advice.

During the opening credits there is a note about what NCIS represents and it reads: The Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) is a worldwide federal law enforcement organization whose mission is to protect and serve the Navy and Marine Corps and their families.

The boat that Gibbs is building is an Amigo Kit from Glen-L.

MTAC stands for the Multiple Threat Assessment Center. Previously the Antiterrorist Alert Center (ATAC), it was changed in 2002 in response to its expanding role after the terrorist bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen and attacks of September 11th, 2001.

"FLETC" (flet c) is often referred to in regard to trainees. The word is an acronym for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. NCIS, along with 82 other federal agencies, train recruits at FLETC-Glynco, just north of downtown Brunswick, Georgia right by the airport.

Jennifer Aniston expressed interest in the role of Kate, but in order for her to accept the role, production would have had to wait for her to finish the final season of Friends (1994).

Rocky Carroll and Michael Weatherly were born exactly five years apart. Carroll on July 8th, 1963 and Weatherly on July 8th, 1968.

Mark Harmon, Rocky Carroll, and Lauren Holly all appeared together on Chicago Hope (1994). Stacy Edwards and Jayne Brook have also appeared in guest roles.

In Navy: Investigación criminal: The Good Wives Club (2004), McGee and DiNozzo are in the Priest's room where DiNozzo is watching an old rerun of Las aventuras de Ozzie y Harriet (1952). Ozzie and Harriet were Mark Harmon's sister Kristin's in-laws in real life.

Michael Bellisario (son of producer Donald P. Bellisario) who played Chip Sterling, previously played Michael Roberts on JAG: Alerta roja (1995), the show NCIS spun-off from.

The title of McGee's novel "Deep Six" is the name of an actual novel written by Clive Cussler.

Dell sponsors all the laptops and PCs shown in every season.

The show was originally entitled "Navy NCIS". They dropped the "Navy", which was redundant because the "N" in "NCIS" stands for "Naval" referring to the Navy. "NCIS" stands for "Naval Criminal Investigative Service".

A satellite image of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid sometimes appears on Gibbs' computer.

Multiple times, Gibbs would comment that a shooter would "police their brass". This is a term for picking up expended casings off the ground.

In numerous episodes someone is told to "watch your 6". Pilots and military fire teams call-out the positions of enemies by referring to their bearings via the use of a pretend clock face. Twelve o'clock means the enemy is directly ahead, whereas 6 o'clock would mean directly behind. Basically this means "watch your tail". Another comment "I've got your 6" means "I've got your back". Some in the military uses the phrase in casual conversation.

Timothy McGee uses the pseudonym Thom E Gemcity for his novel 'Deep Six'. Thom E Gemcity is an anagram for Timothy McGee.

Don Johnson was offered the role of Agent Gibbs. He turned it down.

Abbey's Caf-Pow cups originally were filled with Hawaiian Punch. Once she stopped consuming processed sugar, she switched to unsweetened cranberry juice.

Gibbs was a Gulf War veteran, but the tee-shirt he occasionally wears could be a reminder of his NIS origins. Although the NIS was renamed in 1985, becoming the NSIC, then the NISC, it was only in 1992 the NCIS was taken out of the uniformed navy's control and a civilian director appointed.

Both Brian Dietzen (Palmer) and Sean Murray (McGee) were born in 1977. Dietzen was born on November 14th, and Murray was born the day after, on the 15th.

While characters will call Dr. Mallard by his nickname "Ducky", he only lets Gibbs call him "Duck".

David McCallum plays Donald Mallard. Mallard is a breed of duck, hence his nickname Ducky. His name could also be construed to be Donald Duck.

The name of Leon Vance, the NCIS director, is also the name of a World War II US Army Air Force B-24 Liberator bomber pilot who was awarded the Medal of Honor for action on D-Day for the Normandy Invasion, June 6, 1944. Lieutenant Colonel Vance was severely wounded in that action but recovered, but was then killed in the crash of the cargo plane transporting him to Washington DC to receive the Medal personally from President Roosevelt. Vance Air Force Base in Enid, Oklahoma, was named after him.

Gibbs and his team frequently talk about "local LEOs". "LEO" is short for "Law Enforcement Officer(s)".

The team frequently issues BOLOs for people - this stands for "Be On Look Out".

John M. Jackson reprises his role as former admiral A.J. Chegwidden from JAG: Alerta roja (1995) (the show of which NCIS was spun-off from). NCIS season 10 season finale, A.J. Chegwidden is called upon by Director Vance to be Gibbs' legal counsel.

McGee is a fan of the electronic music group "Venetian Snares". There is a small poster to the right of him on his wall.

Special Agent Caitlin "Kate" Todd was the first agent other than Gibbs to conduct a solo interrogation. 1x21: Split Decision.

Throughout the first season Gibbs was the movie fanatic while from season 2 on Dinozzo was known to be the movie king.

Although Sasha Alexander and Rocky Carroll never worked together on the show, they both appeared in the movie Di que sí (2008).

The series creator Donald P. Bellisario's photo appears on the wall of Timothy McGee/Thom E. Gemcity's publisher.

The scene at the start where the NCIS car is seen driving away from the camera is actually taken from JAG: Alerta roja: Ice Queen (2003) and is not an NCIS scene. Although the "Ice Queen" was later aired as part of "Navy NCIS: The Beginning".

In Navy: Investigación criminal: Loose Cannons (2016) Dr. Cyril Taft (Jon Cryer) meets Ducky (David McCallum) for the first time. 'Ducky' was Cryer's character's nick name in the movie La chica de rosa (1986).

In a scene where the team is gathered at a Friday happy hour, Ducky (David McCallum) orders a Macallan.

Many of Gibbs' whiskey bottles in his basement are re-tooled bottles of real brands and/or labels that have been removed or partially obscured. Maker's Mark, Wild Turkey Rare Breed, Blanton's Original are just a few of the bottle's which have appeared. It's mentioned in SWAK that he is also partial to Jack Daniels but a bottle has yet to be seen in his basement.

While Agent DiNozzo was agent afloat in the beginning of season 6 he is aboard the USS Seahawk. This is the same air carrier from the first episode of JAG: Alerta roja (1995), the show that NCIS is the the spin off of.

Numerous actors have appeared on both JAG: Alerta roja (1995) and NCIS, but in different roles. Notables include: Sean Murray, Muse Watson, Terry O'Quinn, Steven Culp, Michael Bellisario, and Joe Spano.

These notables had a significant role in either JAG or NCIS, but not necessarily the other. For example, Sean Murray's roles on JAG weren't recurring, while he is a regular on NCIS. And Terry O'Quinn's role on JAG was recurring, but wasn't on NCIS.

Navy: Investigación criminal: Keep Your Enemies Closer (2018) is the 345th episode of the series. With that episode, the series surpassed California (1979) as the second longest running primetime drama spin-off in American television history. California (1979), a spin-off of Dallas (1978), ran for 344 episodes from 1979 to 1993. The longest running such series is Ley y orden: Unidad de víctimas especiales (1999), a spin-off of Ley y orden (1990), which has run for 20 seasons since 1999.

The show has two Titanic survivors. Robert Wagner from El hundimiento del Titanic (1953) and David McCallum from La última noche del Titanic (1958).

One of the computer monitors used on the set is a 1600SW Flat Panel monitor built by Silicon Graphics in 1999 (hence the SGI abbreviation logo).

In several episodes, characters are heard using the term "scuttlebutt". "Scuttlebutt" is a Navy term for a water-cooler or drinking fountain. It is also Naval slang word meaning gossip, since it is around around the area of a drinking fountain (scuttlebutt) where gossip can be heard, especially during break times and lunch hour.

Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas, who play secondary cast members in separate episodes, are partners in Castle (2009).

In every backdoor two part Pilot for the Spin offs (for NCIS JAG: Alerta roja: Ice Queen (2003)/JAG: Alerta roja: Meltdown (2003) and for NCIS: Los Ángeles (2009) Navy: Investigación criminal: Legend (2009)/Navy: Investigación criminal: Legend (2009) & for NCIS: Nueva Orleans (2014) Navy: Investigación criminal: Crescent City: Part 1 (2014)/Navy: Investigación criminal: Crescent City: Part 2 (2014)), all these Two Part Pilots feature one character who doesn't appear in the full series. These include Vivian Blackadder (played by Robyn Lively) in NCIS's Backdoor Pilot, Lara Macy (played by Louise Lombard) in NCIS Los Angeles Backdoor Pilot and Wendell Hobbs (played by Aaron Moten) in NCIS New Orleans Backdoor Pilot.

Michael Weatherly played actor Robert Wagner in El misterio de Natalie Wood (2004). Later on, Wagner would play Weatherly's father in a recurring role on NCIS.

Even though they should be sending a large contingent of NCIS agents, police and/or other federal agencies to many emergencies, many times it is just Gibbs and his team confronting dangerous criminals and are often outgunned by the bad guys who have automatic weapons.

Mark Harmon (Leroy Jethro Gibbs) previously played a former Marine stationed in Lebanon in the made-for-TV film Original Sins (1995) prior to landing the role of Gibbs who is also a former Marine.

DiNozzo first met Gibbs back in 2001, where DiNozzo accidentally arrested Gibbs when the latter was working undercover on the same case. And DiNozzo was offered the job when he quit the Baltimore PD when he found out his partner was a dirty cop.

Season 1-5 Dr. Mallard "Ducky" is seen wearing mainly two bow ties. A blue/black with white elephants and then red with gold elephants. Starting in season 6 he starts wearing new colors and patterns of bow ties.

Many of the characters' histories are taken from the actors' real lives. For instance, Michael Weatherly's father has a large fortune from a family business, as does Tony's father (and Weatherly's Dark Angel (2000) character). Abby Sciuto states she used to go through old cars to see what happened to them and try to find out what went wrong, which Pauley Perrette did in her childhood.

Ralph Waite, who played Gibbs's father in the series passed away in 2014. The final episode in season 11 (Navy: Investigación criminal: Honor Thy Father (2014)), in which Gibbs must deal with his father's death, was dedicated to his memory. Furthermore, in the final scene of the next episode (Navy: Investigación criminal: Twenty Klicks (2014)), the mug on Gibbs's work table has the name Ralph on it.

One of the pictures on the "most wanted" wall is of agent G. Callen from NCIS: Los Ángeles (2009), presumably under cover using one of his aliases.

In the episode Navy: Investigación criminal: Seek (2013) Vance is escorting a potential Nanny to the elevator. She speaks in A British accent, is named Maria, and gives, nearly verbatim, part of the speech given by Julie Andrews in the film version of Sonrisas y lágrimas (1965) while applying to be the governess for Captain von Trapp's children. After she gets on the elevator and the door shuts, Vance references "a problem" with Maria, which is a clear reference to the song in The Sound of Music titled "A Problem with Maria."

Due to the several crossovers between them, the series is set in the same universe that JAG: Alerta roja (1995), NCIS: Los Ángeles (2009), Hawai 5.0 (2010), NCIS: Nueva Orleans (2014), Scorpion (2014) and MacGyver (2016)

Gibbs joined NCIS because of the death of his wife and daughter.

Although it is said that the show ("NCIS") takes place in the same universe as "JAG: Alerta roja (1995)" and "Hawai 5.0 (2010)", actor Terry O'Quinn (Perdidos (2004)) guest stars in multiple episodes of all three shows as three different characters with different names. Also, Power Down, season 7 episode 8, in an homage to Hawaii 5-0, ends with Gibbs telling Tony to "book him, Dan-ozzo" while arresting a bad guy.

When Director Jenny Shepard is killed, Gibbs opens a file in his basement. The file number is 8675309 - "867-5309" was written in 1981 by Alex Call and Jim Keller and performed by Tommy Tutone. Covers have been recorded by The Bollweevils (as "Jenny", 1994) Less Than Jake (1995) and Everclear (2008).

In S1E1, Airforce One lands at Wichita Mid Continent Airport (also known as Dwight D. Eisenhower Airport.) Airforce One actually has its own landing strip. The real Airforce One actually is serviced here in Wichita, Kansas. (Also the scene calls the county "Wichita County" - the city is actually in Sedgwick County.)

In the season 1 episode, "One Shot, One Kill," T.J. Thyne guest starred in the episode as the manager of the warehouse that Kate and Tony are trying to find the bullet. T.J. Thyne's best known character is Dr. Jack Hodgins on "Bones" (2005) in which in this episode he talked about a special case that he saw on TV, and he said that the NCIS team could not figure out that case. Although, he said that the FBI could, and T.J. Thyne's character eventually works with the FBI.

User reviews



This has become my favorite regular show on the main networks. The stories are good enough to keep me watching and the character interplay can be quite amusing at times. Gibbs is great...watching the others react to him makes me chuckle. Abby is perfectly believable, despite the goth overtones...she is strong, smart, yet still sexy and feminine. I think Pauley Perette was the ideal actress to cast. The writing seems to continue at an even keel...if nothing else getting better as more episodes are shown. I think the producers have a hit here. I go back each week. Definitely worth your time...even if it means taping or tivo'ing it (which I do)...something to look forward to when I can't make 8:00 on Tuesday.


… and each episode speeds along all too quickly! I LOVE this show…! What is there NOT to like? Rich story lines, strongly portrayed (and very human) personalities you can really warm to who play off each other brilliantly, all with their own distinctive quirks and – above all – the always wonderful Mark Harmon as main character! What more could you ask for in a show?! There's not a single character I'd change – none that irritate – they're all excellent. I consider it a bonus that it's the one thing on TV that all our family equally enjoy for different reasons. Even my father-in-law likes this and we normally have totally different viewing preferences! I was delighted when I heard that there was a second series imminent. Only problem is that living in England, who knows how long after it's shown in the US we'll get to see it! Fortunately it's worth the wait!


Easily one of the best shows on television today, suspenseful, humorous and real-not always pleasant or formulaic-but real! Just when I think Bellesario has gone too far in the "lets screw up Jag" sweepstakes (ok-2 episodes this year were actually good-the rest-terrible!)-he redeems himself with a show that is riveting, timely and funny at the right times!

The casting, the writing, the overall look of the show is first class! Starting at the top with Mark Harmon, the sexiest man on TV-he also sets the tone with his right on portrayal of the most conflicted man on TV today! His obsession with Ari (the terrorist), his list of rules, then his tendency to think out of the box just adds to the spice and pace of this show. (Plus his constant dueling with DiNozzo-priceless!)

An added plus is the inter meshing of the cast-David McCallum-funny, urbane- so hot! His stories are hysterical, then his sad commentary on the life or death of their latest subject-just gives you pause. His diatribe on the terrorist and what he did to his assistant alone is Emmy award stuff-don't mess with Ducky ever again! Then we have the reason for Rule 12-Special Agent Catlin Todd-the writers don't always have a clue as to her portrayal but she always pulls it off (and that humor of hers-the end lines alone are great!) I have to disagree as to the chemistry with Gibbs/Kate-it's there all right-hopefully we get to see something come of it in Season 2! The actors portraying Abby and DiNozzo-Pauly Perrette and Michael Weatherly are hysterical, yet right on in their portrayals-especially when DiNozzo thinks with his hormones and not with his brain-then turns around and saves the day-this show is a keeper! I can hardly wait for season 2!


At first when my husband would watch this show I wasn't really paying much attention and I would see this goth girl in the lab and think "what on earth is THAT?!?!?!" Then, one night I sat and watched along with him and now I am totally hooked. Mark Harmon's character appears to be annoyed sometimes by the other characters actions etc. but you get the feeling he really likes his coworkers. I like David McCallum's character and the way they tease him about going on and on. I get the feeling he knows they really do like him but his stories just get to be too much for them and he understands. My favorite though is Pauley Perrette's character. She is just a lot of fun. I hope the show stays on a long time- Tuesday nights wouldn't be the same with out it.


As Ziva David, Tony Dinnozo, And Abby Have left the show, the show has become very lame and very uninteresting. Tony once said, "We need the Pa. Now I know what He was referring to.

All the PA's have left the show, and we are left with D- Characters. Basically kind of toward being a clear F in my opinion.

The TV Show has lost it's spark, which is very sad. When the show first aired it had a freshness to it and I really liked it a lot (Actually gave it 8/10 Stars) Now I would only give it 4/10 Stars.

We have decided not to continued to watch this in the following Season(s) to come.

I wish the Characters well in the future Season(s)


When the show first started out it was a little shaky, but since then has grown into its own. The characters are believable, both annoying and enchanting, and the plots are wonderful. There's a depth and a comradeship that isn't often showed this well in television. It isn't forced or faked; it's entirely true to life and believable.

The underlying sexual tension between several of the characters is also intriguing and interesting to watch, the most obvious of these being the relationship between Tony and Kate, but there's also hints at Kate and Gibbs, McGee and Abby, and so on. It's a crime drama that's both serious and light-hearted, and a wonderful show for anyone who likes fascinating stories, good humor, and great character interaction.


One of the best TV series of all time. However:...

Regarding the original character - Anthony DiNozzo - and his farewell at the end of Season 13, I thought it was overly sentimental and weak. The character needed some grounding on the sentimental side after 12 plus seasons of drifting between attachments, but he was always the person-in-waiting for all fans to become the next #1 (Gibbs-like; or even better!) However, they short-changed his end story by making him a less than heroic - yes: admirable (but all the principal characters are by definition admirable) but Tony was the other Alpha and was with a severe suddenness made into a sedate Beta. Boo! Perhaps there will be a time to reestablish his character's true credibility in the future of the NCIS franchise - to the satisfaction of all - but time will tell, of course, as it always does.
mym Ђудęm ęгσ НuK

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Finally Bellisario got it right. Gibbs and his gang are first and foremost investigators, not hoity-toity staff officers who moonlight as stereotyped combat soldiers with thickly-laid-on patriotic dogma that would make Ward Carroll vomit with rage. At no time do they ever try to borrow an F-14 to go on some bombing raid over the international hot spot du semaine; they stick to their job descriptions the whole time. They also have personalities and eccentricities that make them a better ridealong than overstarched Harmless Rabbit and whatever babe he happens to be working with this season, such as Gibbs' coffee addiction, Ducky's intellectual ramblings, DiNozzo's attempts at being a cool womanizer, Abby's interesting blend of science nerd and goth grrrl, and Kate as the token vaguely normal neophyte thrown into the mix. Too bad this couldn't have been done with JAG in the first place.


Just finished binge watching Season 14 and I have watched this show since the beginning. Maybe the producers or whomever are trying to set a record for the length of the series, but there is little other reason for this show to continue. The exit of vital characters like Ziva & DiNozzo has created a downward slide into mis-casting key roles and creating dubious plots. The one bright spot in casting is Reeves, the MI6 transplant - both the actor and the character bring a breath of fresh air to the otherwise dowdy team. The loss of Vance's wife and Ziva's father was a preposterous plot twist. The addition of Quinn and Torres to fill the gaps in the NCIS team is weak and failing. Quinn has nothing to do and Torres doesn't belong there. Neither character is interesting nor entertaining in any way. Maybe, like Reeves, the producers should have considered another foreign import, French or Swedish?, to add some dimension. Bishop is marginally effective as an analyst, but is not believable as a field agent. It would have been better to keep her married and have her be the nerdy info bank who gathers and sorts backgrounds & personality profiles, even if it were a smaller role. That kind of role would be a fair replacement for the departing Abby, and Bishop's tricky relationship with her NSA lawyer-husband would have brought new fodder to episodes. And why do we have to be subjected to Jimmy Palmer's buffoonery in every episode, said buffoon scenes becoming longer with each passing season? I'm also now very tired of Franks showing up in a delusion to drive a story. Kind of pathetic. There is lots more I could say but basically it's time for this series to go out with some dignity left. I know the show has been slated for a 16th season but I can't imagine it getting any better if it stays on the same path.


*SPOILERS NCIS* The NCIS (Navy Criminal Investigative Service) is a service that investigates on any kind of crime, from barroom brawls to international terrorism, that involves men and women from the Navy or Marine Corps.

The team is formed by: Leroy Jethro Gibbs (the second B stays for Bastard) (Mark Harmon), the moody, intuitive head investigator; he likes his coffee very strong, his women with red hair, and his investigations thorough. It is rare to get a compliment for him; when you get one, don't ask why. He is very loyal, and actually cares for his team, but has problems with women (evidence of this being three failed weddings).

Anthony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly), Gibbs' 2IC; a smartmouth, player to the soul and proud of it, who masks his quick mind and powerful intuition with a happy-go-lucky (and sometimes obnoxious) attitude. Sometimes he can behave in quite the juvenile way, and when he is, a good headslap by Gibbs will help him put things straight (this two have also what could possibly be the strongest homosexual subtext - more of an almost-text - in TV History). He enjoys to torment someone, usually the newest element of the team. Dearly departed Special Agent Kate Todd (more later) and Special Agent Tim McGee (more later) have suffered the brunt of that in various occasions. Comes from money, but doesn't get an allowance because if he did, he wouldn't work, and it seems there is bad blood between him and his family. He has a deep love of movies and TV Shows (one of his favorites is 'Ozzy And Harriet'), and referred to movie-acquired knowledge various times.

Kate Todd (Sasha Alexander), killed in the Season 2 Finale, who came from Secret Service, and made a point of bringing it up whenever the occasion presented itself, and came off as quite the uptight girl; all in all, the weakest character in the show, though her witty 'Hepburn-Tracy' rapid-fire dialogues with DiNozzo were great, and she had with him the strongest hetero almost-text this side of Gil Grissom and Catherine Willows.

Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) a perky Goth (not as oxymorous as it sounds) who has an imprecise number of tattoos on her body and is the greatest at her job. She loves to hear techno or hard rock music (like Android Lust) played at a very loud volume while working. She is the only person in the team Gibbs actually shows affection for, and she is currently dating Special Agent Tim McGee (more later).

Tim McGee (Sean Murray), who joined the team in the second season after making various guest-appearances throughout the first season. Tim is a computer whiz, but is at a loss when it comes to social life; has gotten a tattoo on his butt to impress Sciuto - and it worked. Has been mercilessly teased by DiNozzo when he first joined the team, getting the absolutely-not-flattering nickname 'Probie' ('Pivello' ('Greenhorn') in the Italian Version). He has proved his valor, though, time and time again.

And last but not least, Donald 'Ducky' Mallard (David McCallum), the ME, who has two curious habits; one, to talk to the corpses he is going to autopsy, and the other, to go off on tales that are very loosely related to the case in question. He likes the music Abby plays, but not distorted by speakers, lives with his mother, who, wearing only Chanel N°5 when she goes to bed, hosts very awkward slumber parties and has various dogs, he is the one who has worked the longest with Gibbs and looked like 'Ilya Kuryakin' when he was younger.

This is the team (I'm not talking about Ziva and Madame Director because I have yet to see Season 3), and my suggestion is to watch them in action, every Tuesday, 8/7 central, on CBS.

You won't be disappointed.

NCIS: 9/10.


Am I the only one thinks that Season 14 is lacking something N.C.I.S. used to have? I am kind of disappointed with this season. Sure, I watch each and every episode and look forward to the next, but; somehow or other, the action seems to revolve less about homicides and N.C.I.S. purpose and more on the personal relationships of its members. Furthermore, the cases that N.C.I.S. got this whole season seem to be very lame compared to the cases from previous seasons. I am writing this because I noticed that while watching the episodes of this season, if I get a phone call, I pause the recording to answer the phone, while in the past, I would let the call go to voicemail so as not to interrupt my watching. I feel that the departures of Cote de Pablo, first, followed by Michael Weatherly took something from the show and that whatever was lost has not yet been replaced. Ducky has fewer lines while Palmer seems to get more attention and is just as funny. Abby is Abby and McGee is not as prominent as before. In my opinion, I feel that the writers seem to also have lost their touch.

This really saddens me because last year, I bought the DVD's for all the seasons which I had missed, and I remember binge-watching them like there was no tomorrow. Let's just hope that things pick up for the next couple of episodes or for next season.


I've enjoyed NCIS ever since it first came on British tv. The mix of action, humour and pathos just seemed to work with NCIS,which was lacking with the CSI shows. Saying that, NCiS LA and NCIS NO left me cold as well. We are now up to Season 14 on British tv and I think it has lost its way. Apart from McGee and Gibbs the agents don't really seem to fit and I couldn't care less if they were blown away. I know that shows develop and change through each season but losing Cote de Pablo and Michael Whetherly changed everything. Talking of Cote I'd like to know whether she was cold shouldered after she left because she has done nothing worthwhile since. If so that was mean and spiteful.


I've written about this show before on IMDb --- but here I am months later in May 2005 and yet it still continues to be impressive. There have been a few shows that were "bleh" in the last season but the "SWAK" episode tonight really got a few great moments of emotion between the cast members. The writers (at least to me) were able to pull off the "suspended disbelief" and I got pulled into the moment as DiNozzo was about to kick the bucket. I sure hope they keep most of the cast in the next season, as they seem to play off each other brilliantly. The only cast member I could see losing (according to the season finale preview, they lose an NCIS agent) is McGee. He's great and believable for his role, but any of the others lost as regulars on the show would break down the core character interplay. The McGee character could be replaced...but the others would be much more difficult. But then again I guess this is all decided and in the can...we'll find out on May 24th. My comments to other viewers that have commented on the reality of the series --- yeah, it's not the real life NCIS at all. But real life would be mind-numbingly boring to fit in 60 minute TV show. You'd need the constant buzz of fluorescent lights in the background combined with pages and pages of forms being typed into the computer --- mostly about drug abuses by young 18 year olds. This is TV drama and a fabricated fiction. I appreciate the nod Bellesario gives to NCIS and like the show for the entertainment it is. Real life NCIS isn't a fun job, but we get an hour on Tuesday night to pretend it is.


I've been watching NCIS since it started and have been a regular viewer since the debut. The first reason I tuned in was simple - Mark Harmon. Second reason was, well, Michael Weatherly. David McCallum was just a really nice bonus. That being said ... I know that NCIS as it is shown on the screen is ludicrous, so is CSI and all its off shoots, but if you show what really happens in any investigation you'll chase off the audience with boredom.

Mark Harmon has brought a sense of realism to the Leroy Jethro Gibbs character to the point that my former active duty Marine husband swears up and down that Harmon MUST have been a Gunny in real life. Either this one or a previous one, he's just too good playing a senior NCO Reservist Marine and a cop. Gibbs is also a top-notch "Training Officer" who clearly trains all of his people to be able to step up and take control and command of a team in a moment's notice.

Michael Weatherly has matured as an actor - I first noticed him in Dark Angel - and he has wisely chosen to let his character on the show, Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo, to mature at a natural rate. Slowly. He's gone from an annoying frat-like not-quite-mature man to a deep thinker and a MUCH better investigator who can handle deep cover assignments if needed. Maybe not as well Gibbs could handle it, but that sort of skill takes time and multiple assignments to be fully qualified (and by then, the Feds tend to ship you off to their Academies so you can teach what you've learned).

Cote de Pablo (Mossad Officer Ziva David) replaced Sasha Alexander (Caitlin "Kate" Todd) and I'm probably in the minority when I say "THANK YOU" to the casting department for that. I found Todd to be a rather flat, and annoying, character. Oh she had a few lines here and there that were light hearted and worth a giggle - usually at DiNozzo's expense - but for the most part she was played a little too 'boy next door, or trying to be' by Alexander. Cote, at least, has played Ziva as a very capable, and very female, Intelligence Officer. I think this is why most folks don't like Ziva, they expect a Law Enforcement officer type character but she's an Intelligence Agent. Think CIA and kick it up several notches - you don't mess with Mossad unless you have a death wish. Cote clearly realizes this and plays "Officer David" with that in mind.

David McCallum, Doctor Donald "Ducky" Mallard, is always a joy to see on the screen and I love the 'quirks' David has given Ducky. I suspect there is a history behind Ducky's 'adventure stories' that could easily fill several books - and be considered too implausible to be anything but fiction. Ducky brings a human element to the position of Medical Examiner, a warmth that civilians don't think M.E.'s have but usually do. The ones I know also have wicked, if dry, senses of humor and McCallum has joyfully taken the humor route with Ducky and I, for one, appreciate it.

Another quirky character is, of course, Pauley Perrett's Abby Scuitto, Goth Forensic Scientist. Her portrayal of Abby is spot on as Pauley is the only person I've heard of playing a Criminal Scientist who actually has the sheepskin in the discipline. Nothing like a touch of realism to bring a character to life! Of course, people complain that Scuitto shouldn't be permitted to work in a federal job with the obvious life style she has - to you I say, HorseFeathers. If Abby were less capable at her job, she wouldn't be there as long as she has been. Nor would any of her supervisors put up with her oddities.

Now to speak of the other "Geek" on the team - Timothy McGee. Techno-geek. Keyboard Wizard. Sean Murray needs to do only one thing to make me totally happy with his character and his protrayl of McGee-cut his hair! I realize that the McGee character has a life outside of NCIS - as a published novelist no less - and probably keep his hair on the long side to emphasize his Authorial Air but... I hate the way it's flopped in his face this past season.

The writing on this show, like others, is usually tight but like other shows there are episodes where the writing was clearly 'off' when the idea was dreamt up or the script approved. The fact that the cast can take a lousy script and still get a watchable show out of it, is nothing short of amazing. Is NCIS accurate? No. Is NCIS a good way to learn about the Marine Corps or the Navy? Uh, no. Better talk to a recruiter if you're thinking of joining the military. Is NCIS good fun? YEAP!


This is a great series to watch. I have been hooked on this show since the beginning because I love watching mysteries and crime like CSI and CSI Miami. Harmon's so sexy in this role and McCallum is always a joy to watch as Ducky especially when he's on the role over various anthropology lectures which to my amusement everyone on that shows roll up their eyeballs.


I knew she was coming as soon as I heard the character was leaving and Duckys assistant arrived. No thanks.

It is a shame they killed off MI6 officer, now Im wondering if he will be replaced.

I may just quit watching this now.


Today, the TV is fulled with stuff, you can find almost everything. And if crime is what you 're looking for, CSI Miami or CSI NY are the average answers. Why? Very easy: American government, then American people, then American nation wants to see themselves like Superman all the time. That's why we see Gary Sinsie breaking a terrorist, David Carusso putting his sunglasses and shaking the hand of his Mexican friend, who in the next episode, he may kill, after doing what they call "justice" OK, ladies and germs: for those that think that crime and justice are so easy words, I'm sorry to tell you: You're wrong. Crime is not that easy. And, as I said before, the TV is fulled. So, we also have the "true crime" shows like Criminal Minds, Law And Order CI and SVU, Withouth a Trace and many more. In Law And Order CI, they usually focus on the victims, with very strong and dense cases, but someone wonders: "What about the investigator itself? Does it have to be danger danger all the time or can you have some fun?" If that is your question, NCIS is one of your main answers. NCIS comes from Donald P. Bellisario, the creator of the well-known series JAG. He was also a writer of several Magnum P.1 episodes. NCIS is, more than just forensics, it's a character show. It's the story of the in and out relationships of the investigators and scientists of an agency that does anything criminal tied up to the marines, thing that Bellisario liked to do also in JAG. Therefore, we can find humor, drama, love, tragedy, and some bits of US action, besides of one of the most unusual characters you can find on such genre: an 50's former marine is the leader, a goth forensics and an 86 years old Scotish M.E that talks to his corpses. If we do a season analysis on the show, we can conclude that, it has been rising to good. The first season was a bit of CSI style, everyone was just cool. But it already had the trademark humor and a good ending. Season 2 could have initially been the same case, but the end was totally surprising. Season 3 was a very ruff one, were mistakes and chance are all the time, 4 was just human, and 5... Well, 5 has not shown up yet down here at Mexico, but I have heard that is good. NCIS is, in summary: Human 10/10 GREAT CAST GREAT CHARACTERS GREAT HUMOR GREAT...


I am very disappointed with this season's cast changes. I have been a loyal fan of NCIS from the very beginning. I've always enjoyed the show and thought the writing was great and the characters were believable. But Jennifer Esposito has all but ruined the show for me. I find her to be rude, arrogant, obtrusive and obnoxious. She definitely Does Not fit in with the team! Wilmer Valderrama may eventually fit in, once he learns that he is there to work, not to flirt with every skirt on the show and search for apartments while he is supposed to be working a crime scene! Also, the writing has taken a decided turn for the worse - the character's parts are all over the place, and it seems they have no idea what they are doing with Jimmy Palmer this season. The show used to be balanced, told a good story, and treated all of the characters well. Now it seems they have lost their way caring more about jumping on the politically correct, diversity, and inclusive bandwagon than with creating the award winning show they have had for all these years. Very sad to see such a great show fall apart like this :-(


There is simply nothing about NCIS that is not to like. I'll get the superficial stuff out of the way first - every camera angle on Michael Weatherly is gorgeous, and he plays it so well as Anthony DiNozzo. Ziva, his partner, is most adorable with every cultural nuance she utters as she tries to grasp American idioms. It's charming and realistic. Her ability to speak Israeli for some plot lines truly adds to her beauty and character-balancing the serious with the humorous sides of the show. Bringing David McCallum into our lives again brings the emotion of nostalgia. How we loved his British accent in THE MAN FOR U.N.C.L.E. His charming ramblings, his sensitivity to forensics, and his educational lessons are perfect. Characters McGee and Abby play perfectly off each other. and Mark Harmon is the guiding treasure. Tie up in a bow, and they have all played their characters so convincingly that we are invited to be part of their team every week. That's true TV. The bonus: no foul language, machine guns blaring, and no sex (but plenty of engaging innuendos). Please tune in. This show is such a delight.


A friend of mine describes the cast of characters in this show as "a delightfully dysfunctional family." I certainly will agree that they are dysfunctional. Delightful? Not so much.

This is a crime show in a period where crime shows are all the rage, so the formula is a familiar one: a crime - usually, but not always, murder - is discovered at the beginning of the show, and the cast are the people who solve the crime. The main difference is that these crimes take place in the military, so the crime solvers aren't detectives, but agents. Leading our intrepid pack is Agent Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon), "the best agent ever," according to director, Jenny Shepard (Lauren Holly). The rest of the team consists of Agent Tony DiNozzo (Michael Wetherley), whose last name fittingly rhymes with "Bozo," Agent Timothy McGee (Sean Murray), who seems to perpetually be the unrespected "probie," and Agent Kate Todd (Sasha Alexander), who died at the end of season 2, and was replaced by Israeli Ziva David (Cote de Pablo), who, despite having been in the USA for many years, still doesn't seem to get American cultural references. They are assisted by Dr. Donald Mallard (David McCollum), incongruously called "Ducky," and Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette), arguably the brains of the outfit, although her area of expertise is never specified. Somehow this rather offbeat and bumbling combination manages to solve the crime every week, and successfully sees that the guilty party faces the proper authorities.

The writing of this show is an odd mixture in that they do manage to come up with some intriguing scenarios, but have created some of the most unlikable characters I've ever encountered. Gibbs seems to rely on little else besides an arrogant stare and hitting his team members upside the back of the head to solve crimes. DiNozzo takes cluelessness to levels that really ought to get him thrown out of the Navy. Ziva covers her inability to get American culture with an attitude of superiority that is wearing. Ducky is a little too eager to describe the results of his autopsies in gory detail - with visual aids. And Abby really leaves me wondering how she manages to exist outside the confines of an institution. The only one I find to be both smart and likable is McGee, and nobody listens to him. Their efforts to solve crimes often come across as bumbling as the Keystone cops, and I'm left wondering how this is supposed to be representative of the Navy's finest.

Given that the characterizations are so unpleasant, it's hard to know how much of that is the fault of the writing, and how much of the actors themselves. Since the characterizations are so consistent from week to week (perhaps a little too consistent, since in some cases they show no growth at all), I'm inclined to say that the actors are doing a good job with limited material. Frankly, they could all benefit from a chance to stretch a bit with their characters, and I think they're all easily up to the challenge.

While I think the idea of showing us how the Navy deals with crimes that take place among its members is a good premise, I really don't care for the artistic choices made in bringing this show to life. In short, these aren't people that I want to invest an hour of my time watching, and the only way I'd ever enjoy the show is if somebody hit Gibbs upside the back of the head - repeatedly. Still, clearly, I'm in the minority, and it looks like this "delightfully dysfunctional family" will be around for awhile solving crimes and entertaining the masses. Enjoy, everybody!


I have watched every episode but the new abby replacement stinks. Hope they find a better replacement soon.


Tony Dinozzo (Michael Weatherly) was the character that really made this show come to life for me. He was interesting, a film buff and very unlike the typical gungho cop you get in shows like this.

When he left (and I know there were characters leaving before him) it left a huge gap that the new stable of characters just can't fill. In fact there have been a few newbies come in since he left and they are all so boring I cannot even think of their first names.

Now Abby has also left and so we really only have Jethro, Ducky and Probie left. Probie was always a supporting character a good straight man to Dinozzo. Jethro worked well with the original cast but now looks bored but happy to be raking in the cash. Ducky is still interesting but not on the show as often as he used to be.

And the others? Who cares.


As a prior Marine, I know what NCIS actually does, and chasing terrorists through the streets of Washington DC is not it. If they were trying to make this a serious show, they failed horribly. I gave the show a chance because I was intrigued by the two part JAG episode in which it was introduced, but on it's own it fails to hold water. It basically became "how can we make JAG more like CSI?" Half the time they are investigating crimes that would be under FBI jurisdiction (notibly terrorism). The absolute worst part is the characters which are so stereotypical and one-dimensional:

You got your hard ass burnout-cop leader (Gibbs). Your chauvinistic frat boy (DiNozzo). Your sexy but-I'm-still-tough token female agent (Todd, now Ziva). Your lost-in-the-sauce FNG (McGee). Your techie nerd (Abby).

On the plus side, I have to admit I like Ducky. He's pretty cool. If only they could write his character off the show and move him to CSI.

Those like me who are familiar with the military will probably not like this show. Everyone else will (apparently) love it.


Being a big Dark Angel fan (at least a Season One Dark Angel fan), my main reason for watching NCIS originally was Michael Weatherly. Seeing how he could play someone so different from Logan Cale was fascinating for me. That fact that Mark Harmon (whom I've always enjoyed watching)and David McCallum (fan of the Shaphire and Steel program)were also in the program was a bonus. My sister in law is a Mark Harmon fan, so she got something out of the program and everybody (my father included) loves Abby. This is a program that everyone in the family can get something out of. The occasional Dark Angel reference thrown in adds to my fun. (i.e William Gregory Lee who played Zack in Dark Angel was a guest star and was the actor who played Logan's Uncle Jonas)


The character Abby is great and funny... She makes the whole show as far as I am concerned. I just wish she was more of a main character and they had her onscreen more... This is the first show where a Goth type character is shown as something more than some wierdo to be avoided. I wish more shows would do the same. The rest of the cast is ok...and the show has its moments. Not quite as intense as the other CIS shows but maybe that's why I like it. While the other shows seem so serious, NCIS adds humor (especially as mentioned above with the Goth Abby) which makes it great. David McCallum is an excellant actor and helps to make the show with his "Semi-absent minded professor" style where he seems to get off on tangents while explaining things. I hope they keep this show on the air...it is one of my favorites.