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Doctor Who The Android Invasion: Part Two (1963–1989) Online

Doctor Who The Android Invasion: Part Two (1963–1989) Online
Original Title :
The Android Invasion: Part Two
Genre :
TV Episode / Adventure / Drama / Family / Sci-Fi
Year :
Directror :
Barry Letts
Cast :
Tom Baker,Elisabeth Sladen,Ian Marter
Writer :
Terry Nation
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Doctor Who The Android Invasion: Part Two (1963–1989) Online

The Doctor suspects Crayford brought something to Earth in his rocket, as he and Sarah find themselves hunted by UNIT.
Episode cast overview:
Tom Baker Tom Baker - Doctor Who
Elisabeth Sladen Elisabeth Sladen - Sarah Jane Smith
Ian Marter Ian Marter - Harry Sullivan
Milton Johns Milton Johns - Guy Crayford
Peter Welch Peter Welch - Morgan
Martin Friend Martin Friend - Styggron
Roy Skelton Roy Skelton - Chedaki
John Levene John Levene - RSM Benton
Max Faulkner Max Faulkner - Cpl. Adams

Originally, a key plot element was that the Kraal androids were in fact mirror images of the people they were imitating, and this was how the Doctor deduced that "Sarah Jane" was actually a robot. It was eventually decided that this would be too technically demanding to realise, and the action was suitably amended.

Neither Ian Marter nor John Levene found The Android Invasion a pleasant experience, as the new production team's deemphasis of the UNIT format had become progressively apparent. Levene also missed Courtney's presence on set.

This episode was watched by 11.3 million viewers on its original transmission.

User reviews

Elastic Skunk

Elastic Skunk

Doctor Who: The Android Invasion: Part 2 starts as the Doctor (Tom Baker) & his companion Sarah Jane (Elisabeth Sladen) manage to escape from the Space Defense Station with some UNIT soldiers in close pursuit, Sarah twists her ankle & is caught while the Doctor makes it back to the village of Devesham. Sarah is taken to to an alien base where the Kraals are observing the events in Devesham in preparation for an invasion of Earth, sensing danger a Kraal known as Styggron (Martin Friend) makes an exact android clone of Sarah to find the Doctor who poses a threat to the Kraals plans...

Episode 14 from season 13 this Doctor Who adventure originally aired here in the UK during November 1975, directed by Barry Letts I'm enjoying The Android Invasion so far despite it's lacklustre reputation. The script by Terry Nation has had a Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) feel about it although Terror of the Zygons (1975) used the themes more effectively. This has been moving along at a nice enough pace, the mystery elements are starting to be revealed & at this point they still just about make sense. The character's are good, there's some humorous dialogue mostly from Baker although I'm not sure how the Doctor manages to dry himself off so quickly after being submerged in a pond but at only 25 minutes the makers didn't have a lot of time to play around with so things sometimes have to happen rather quickly. I think this is a good story so far one or two plot holes apart.

We see the alien Kraals for the first time here, the costume & masks look pretty good actually & are quite menacing except for the mouth. Like a lot of Doctor Who monsters from this time the mouth movements are just none existent & you can see the actors lips move underneath the hole cut out of the rubber mask for the mouth but not mask itself which just ends up looking silly. The androids themselves look alright, without skin on there's the usual wire frame with minimal mechanics inside reminiscent of the mechanical Mummies from Pyramids of Mars (1975) & ping pong eyeballs to finish the look off. The shot in which Tom Baker swallowed too much water which made his voice sound odd is in this episode.

The Android Invasion: Part 2 is a good second episode to what I think so far is a good story, I'm liking it.


This is another brilliant episode that carries on in the same quality from where episode 1 ended. We get to see the Kraals, Terry Nation's fairly well executed new alien threat, not much chance of them being reused i don't think, although they have appeared in a Big Finish audio, the Oseidon adventure. Must say I would rock a pair of Kraal silver dm's. We see more intrigue and confusion as friends of the doctor, Sullivan and Benton don't recognise him, there's the famous scene where Tom went into the river and swallowed dirty water, which affected his voice. The village setting is once again glorious, very pretty place. I love the scene in the village store, shops were much nicer back then. What's going on in Devesham Village? and what's up with Sarah Jane, why does she suddenly like Ginger beer? all will be revealed soon. The end of this episode features arguably one of the best cliffhangers.


Review of all 4 episodes:

In the otherwise incredible Season 13 this story ends up being the one disappointment. That does not start out to be the case though as the first episode is intriguing and well executed. It is not the most perfect episode but has sufficient interest, difference and promise to scrape a 10. That leads on to a very good second episode and a mainly very decent third episode but it all falls apart in the 4th episode which causes the plot to make no sense.

The Doctor and Sarah arrive in the village of Devesham after a run in with some threatening figures in helmets and boiler suits. They find the village deserted but then residents return acting very strangely as if in a trance before all suddenly acting more normally at precisely the same time. It turns out to be an invasion plan by alien race the Kraals using androids and a deadly virus.

The eeriness and mystery of the first episode draws you in and there is good fun between The Doctor and Sarah with some funny scenes and some very good dialogue. The atmosphere created in this first episode is diminished gradually once the Kraals turn up and the mystery begins to be lifted but the second episode is still very entertaining. The Kraals are actually a decent enemy mixing military menace with science. There is also a fun and striking cliffhanger at the end of episode 2. There are not many faults in these first two episodes and it looks like almost maintaining the superb standard of season 13. The third episode starts to show some cracks in the story writing, however, as the plot-holes begin to become apparent. You begin to realise the plans of the Kraals make no sense as they destroy their carefully created fake village and reveal a plan to use a virus to attack mankind rather than androids but still at this stage things are still seeming possible to be salvaged. Then there is the rather dodgy rocket journey which I felt was the start of things going rapidly downhill. None of the plans make sense in the end and we learn Crayford supposedly never realised he had an eye under his eye patch. The dialogue and story in episode 4 just falls to pieces. The plot-holes increase hugely leaving you in total disbelief that any of it makes much sense at all. Also as Nicholas Courtney was unavailable the Brigadier had to be replaced in the story by a Colonel who is unconvincing and a very poor substitute for the wonderful 'Brig'. We do get the final appearances for Benton and Harry Sullivan in Doctor Who which is all the more sad as their final episode is pretty disappointing.

Overall this is a fun and interesting adventure that sadly ultimately makes little sense when you reach the conclusion (rather like many stories since 2010 in the Steven Moffatt lead era!).