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Wicked Pursuits (2003) Online

Wicked Pursuits (2003) Online
Original Title :
Wicked Pursuits
Genre :
Creative Work / Drama / Action / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Timothy Taylor
Cast :
Ilona Grinberg,Mary McCallum,Rodney Pickel
Writer :
Timothy Taylor
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
1h 37min
Rating :
Wicked Pursuits (2003) Online

When their male lover is killed with an antique sabre, two women-one black, the other white, pursue his killer through their southern town.
Credited cast:
Ilona Grinberg Ilona Grinberg - Maya
Mary McCallum Mary McCallum - Helen
Rodney Pickel Rodney Pickel - Richard
T. Edward Rains T. Edward Rains - Pawn Broker
Rob Wilds Rob Wilds - Detective Castleberry

User reviews



This movie was interesting. It is set in the South, a murder mystery with a black girl and a white girl searching for their lover's killer. Along the way, they come across racists, civil war re-enactors, crooked cops, a dominatrix, and more! Yes, quite an original plot, but what is best about it is that it is shot on 35 which is a surprise seeing as this is obviously a low budget film. I enjoyed it very much, surprised with the intense sexuality in it, not like the usual 'stupid sex scenes' that are prevalent in today's Hollywood movies. I would recommend it especially to people making their first film, as this is a true example of what you can really do with little money on a first project.


I think I could have done a better video shoot in my back yard.The lighting was too dark in places. The plot was original. I did think the story line had some holes in it. The script was very weak, it almost looked like the whole movie was a high school project. I think the movie has potential. However the production qualities are just not there to support it, as is.
Lonesome Orange Kid

Lonesome Orange Kid

The best part was the dashing young man known as 'mourner 1' in the cemetery scene. His performance, although not as flashy as any of the lead characters, obviously used an old acting method that combines a careful consideration of the psychological motives of the character, and some sort of personal identification with, and possibly the reproduction of, the character's emotional state in a realistic way. When the mourner puts his head down and takes his hat off to weep, the audience is brought to their knees, sympathizing with the young man's struggle.

The rest of it was so-so.