» » McHale's Navy Who'll Buy My Sarongs? (1962–1966)

McHale's Navy Who'll Buy My Sarongs? (1962–1966) Online

McHale's Navy Who'll Buy My Sarongs? (1962–1966) Online
Original Title :
Whou0027ll Buy My Sarongs?
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / War
Year :
Directror :
Sidney Lanfield
Cast :
Ernest Borgnine,Joe Flynn,Tim Conway
Writer :
William Raynor,Myles Wilder
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
McHale's Navy Who'll Buy My Sarongs? (1962–1966) Online

A business venture - Involving the manufacture and sale of sarongs to the Base personnel - Has the guys divided into two separate quarreling groups. When the feud escalates, Binghamton tries to take advantage of it's effect on them, during a PT Crew efficiency test - Their failure of which, would mean their being shipped out for re-assignment.
Episode complete credited cast:
Ernest Borgnine Ernest Borgnine - Lt. Cmdr. Quinton McHale
Joe Flynn Joe Flynn - Captain Wallace B. Binghamton
Tim Conway Tim Conway - Ensign Charles Parker
Carl Ballantine Carl Ballantine - Lester Gruber
Gary Vinson Gary Vinson - George Christopher
Billy Sands Billy Sands - 'Tinker' Bell
Edson Stroll Edson Stroll - Virgil Edwards
Gavin MacLeod Gavin MacLeod - Happy
John Wright John Wright - Willy Moss
Yoshio Yoda Yoshio Yoda - Fuji Kobiaji
Bob Hastings Bob Hastings - Lt. Elroy Carpenter
James Nolan James Nolan - Captain Meyers (as Jim Nolan)
Herbert Lytton Herbert Lytton - Admiral Reynolds (as Herbert C. Lytton)
Tita Marsell Tita Marsell - The Hula Girl

User reviews



As a Tim Conway fan, the way the writers used the character of Ensign Parker makes a person shutter while watching this episode. The ever bumbling Parker is written so incompetent in this show that it was no longer funny when they seem to always give him the last unfunny sentence and clumsy reaction in each scene. It finally got so foolish that the show was nearly embarrassing even for the viewer.

The story consisted of Binghamton keeping as very important proficiency test date for all PT boats away from McHale. It is to be a test that will demonstrate the crews efficiency under stress and if a crew fails they will be sent back for retraining and reassignment. Binghamton is giddy thinking about the 73 failing the test and finally getting rid of McHale.

To make matter worse, the crew of the 73 are fighting among themselves over a plan to sell sarongs. It seems that half the crew wants the sarongs to look one way while the other prefers a different approach. This plays right into the hands of Binghamton as the date for the test draws near and the crew is at each others throat.

The concept of the story was not a bad idea and could have been an interesting plot if not for the constant foolery inserted by writing so many stupid, unnecessary lines for Ensign Parker. This is one time that the incompetency was not funny.