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McHale's Navy Babette, Go Home (1962–1966) Online

McHale's Navy Babette, Go Home (1962–1966) Online
Original Title :
Babette, Go Home
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / War
Year :
Directror :
Sidney Lanfield
Cast :
Ernest Borgnine,Joe Flynn,Tim Conway
Writer :
Stan Dreben,Ralph Goodman
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
McHale's Navy Babette, Go Home (1962–1966) Online

McHale and The Crew must scheme to stay out of trouble, when the lovely Daughter of a prominent French Businessman shows up on the 73, having stowed away, during an unauthorized stop at New Caledonia.
Episode complete credited cast:
Ernest Borgnine Ernest Borgnine - Lt. Cmdr. Quinton McHale
Joe Flynn Joe Flynn - Captain Wallace B. Binghamton
Tim Conway Tim Conway - Ensign Charles Parker
Carl Ballantine Carl Ballantine - Lester Gruber
Gary Vinson Gary Vinson - George Christopher
Billy Sands Billy Sands - 'Tinker' Bell
Edson Stroll Edson Stroll - Virgil Edwards
Gavin MacLeod Gavin MacLeod - Happy
John Wright John Wright - Willy Moss
Yoshio Yoda Yoshio Yoda - Fuji Kobiaji
Bob Hastings Bob Hastings - Lt. Elroy Carpenter
Jesse Jacobs Jesse Jacobs - Charles Armand Bergerac
Roy Roberts Roy Roberts - Admiral Rogers
Eddie Hanley Eddie Hanley - The Sailor
Susan Silo Susan Silo - Babette

User reviews



While watching this episode, I tried hard to have an open mind and really get into the program. The last few shows have not been up to standards and perhaps it is me that was getting tired of the series. So I sat down to watch this show totally open to the experience of production. But after watching this episode only one word comes to mind, "Next".

While PT 73 is stopped at New Caledonia, when a French girl, Babbette Bergerac, stows-away while the boat returns to base. Babbette is the daughter of a French man that the US Navy is in negotiations to buy land for a supply post. They do not want to make any waves in the deal as it moves forward. But having the daughter on the base may lead to trouble for the Navy.

Binghamton finds out about the girl on the base and is set to court-martial the 73 crew. It will not be until Ensign Parker dresses up like the French landowner, Charles Bergeac, and demands that his daughter is returned and the matter of the court-martial be ended. But right behind them the Admiral is bring the real Charles Bergeac as they negotiate the land purchase. Binghamton just may have lost the deal for the Navy.

The story just was not that interesting. A strong willed French girl makes her way to the base and all she does is yell and stomp on the Captain's foot does not make for great entertainment. But when they let her drive the PT boat and fire a torpedo it sums up the show very nicely-- "Unbelievable". And that is exactly what we have here, an uninteresting set of events.