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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Live (1996) Online

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Live (1996) Online
Original Title :
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Live
Genre :
Creative Work / Action / Adventure / Family / Sci-Fi
Year :
Cast :
Karan Ashley,Robert Axelrod,Johnny Yong Bosch
Writer :
Shôtarô Ishinomori
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
1h 10min
Rating :
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Live (1996) Online

A live performance of the Power Rangers live on stage.
Credited cast:
Karan Ashley Karan Ashley - Aisha Campbell / The Yellow Ranger
Robert Axelrod Robert Axelrod - Lord Zedd (voice)
Johnny Yong Bosch Johnny Yong Bosch - Adam Park / The Black Ranger
Steve Cardenas Steve Cardenas - Rocky DeSantos / The Red Ranger
Jason David Frank Jason David Frank - Tommy Oliver / The White Ranger
Barbara Goodson Barbara Goodson - Rita Repulsa (voice)
Richard Steven Horvitz Richard Steven Horvitz - Alpha 5 (voice)
Cooley Jackson Cooley Jackson - White Ranger
Amy Jo Johnson Amy Jo Johnson - Kimberly Hart / The Pink Ranger
Kerrigan Mahan Kerrigan Mahan - Goldar (voice)
Dave Mallow Dave Mallow - Baboo (voice)
Robert L. Manahan Robert L. Manahan - Zordon (voice)
Tony Oliver Tony Oliver - Saba (voice)
Michael Sorich Michael Sorich - Squatt (voice)
David Yost David Yost - Billy Cranston / The Blue Ranger

All dialogue and video footage is pre-recorded, with the dialogue being mimed by the on-stage actors.

User reviews



Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were no doubt the highest thing of the 1990s so it is no surprised that a live stage show would come into play

Now to be fair to this it was made for children and fans of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers so you could expect it to be cheesy along with some moments don't make sense. Also the cast pre-recorded their lines so they don't appear on this show

A good percent of the stage show has recycle footage from the TV series along with new footage made for the show along with a new monster that was never feature in the TV series.

The fight scenes in this show work well and it feels like you're watching the fights like you would on TV

There is a huge collection of comedy bits which makes the show interesting and you can see the children were into this show and the actors took the time to interact with the crowd to get them into the show.

The main problems with this show is that some of the characters don't look even close to what they did in the TV show while the Power Rangers look like they should, also most of the play just makes you go wow.

But it is not a bad show it is interesting if you're a fan of Power Rangers you might want to check it out.

I give Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Live an 7 out of 10