» » New Spiderman Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 4: The Six Fight Again (1994–1998)

New Spiderman Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 4: The Six Fight Again (1994–1998) Online

New Spiderman Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 4: The Six Fight Again (1994–1998) Online
Original Title :
Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 4: The Six Fight Again
Genre :
TV Episode / Animation / Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Family / Fantasy / Romance / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Bob Richardson
Cast :
Christopher Daniel Barnes,Rodney Saulsberry,Paul Winfield
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
New Spiderman Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 4: The Six Fight Again (1994–1998) Online

Five of the Forgotten Six reunite and team up with Spider-Man to stop the Kingpin from activating the Dooms Day Weapon. But during the process of activating it, Captain America and Red Skull are returned.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Christopher Daniel Barnes Christopher Daniel Barnes - Spider-Man / Peter Parker (voice)
Rodney Saulsberry Rodney Saulsberry - Robbie Robertson (voice)
Paul Winfield Paul Winfield - Black Marvel / Omar Mosley (voice)
Roy Dotrice Roy Dotrice - Destroyer / Keene Marlow (voice)
Roscoe Lee Browne Roscoe Lee Browne - Kingpin / Wilson Fisk (voice)
Richard Moll Richard Moll - Scorpion / Mac Gargan (voice)
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Efrem Zimbalist Jr. - Dr. Octopus / Dr. Otto Octavius (voice)
Kathy Garver Kathy Garver - Miss America / Madeline Joyce (voice)
Walker Edmiston Walker Edmiston - Whizzer / Bob Frank (voice) (as Walter Edmiston)
David Warner David Warner - Herbert Landon (voice)
Hansford Rowe Hansford Rowe - Thunderer (voice)
Phil Proctor Phil Proctor - Rheinholdt Kragov (voice)
Nick Jameson Nick Jameson - Dr. Groitzig (voice)
Earl Boen Earl Boen - Red Skull (voice)
Mira Furlan Mira Furlan - Silver Sable (voice)

The Six American Warriors Include: Destroyer (Keene Marlow), The Black Marvel (Omar Mosley), Miss America (Madeline Joyce), The Whizzer (Bob Frank), The Thunderer (Jerry Carstairs) and their leader Captain America (Steve Rogers). All of these heroes are from the Golden Age of comics and were featured in comics from the 1940's published by Timely Comics (before they became Marvel Comics and only Captain America appears in Marvel Comics).

The Rhino only speaks once, but his voice is not done by voice actor Don Stark this time. Richard Moll provides the voice for Rhino's lone line of dialog.

Destroyer/Keene Marlow finds out The Black Marvel was actually Omar Mosley all along instead of Dan Lyons. Originally Dan Lyons volunteered to become one of the Six American Warriors, but his millionaire father, an influential senator with a bunch of security clearance, found out about it and forbade it. To him it was a dangerous risk unfit for his offspring. However, Omar Mosley, volunteered to replace him. They let everyone in the secret service think Dan was the Black Marvel and Omar was his African-American chauffeur, times were different back then. In the comics, Dan Lyons was actually the Black Marvel.

After The Kingpin collects and tries to use the six Doomsday Device keys, The Chameleon reveals himself as the traitor among the Insidious Six. Kragov, a.k.a. the Red Skull's son Reinhold Schmidt, reveals the Red Skull created the Chameleon's technology and trained him how to use it when he was just a boy, he was like an adopted son in their family.

Kragov makes Dr. Gretzig and Mr. Lentz activate the controls to bring the Red Skull out of the matter/anti-matter vortex. However, to the villains dismay this also frees Captain America, the heroic leader of the Six American Warriors who believes in the free world.