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TV Series / Animation / Adventure / Family / Fantasy
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Fanny Bloc,Geneviève Doang,Jules de Jongh
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TV Series
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Wakfu Online

In a fantasy world, a mysterious figure leaves a baby boy with a retired bounty hunter in a small village with instructions to raise him until the time is right for him to find his biological family. Years later, that boy named Yugo discovers he has powerful magic abilities using the power of Wakfu even as his village is threatened. Working with a bunch of newfound friends, Yugo is able to help save his home and discover his quest. However, there are villains who know about the boy too and are determined to gain his power for their own ends. Regardless, Yugo is on that quest with his friends to find his family and answers about his past with greater implications concerning both he is only beginning to understand.
Series cast summary:
Fanny Bloc Fanny Bloc - Yugo / - 57 episodes, 2008-2017
Geneviève Doang Geneviève Doang - Evangelyne / - 57 episodes, 2008-2017
Jules de Jongh Jules de Jongh - Yugo / - 57 episodes, 2008-2014
Thomas Guitard Thomas Guitard - Sir Tristepin Percedal / - 56 episodes, 2008-2017
Adeline Chetail Adeline Chetail - Amalia Sheran Sharm / - 55 episodes, 2008-2017
Ross Grant Ross Grant - Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove / - 55 episodes, 2008-2014
Keir Stewart Keir Stewart - Rubilax / - 55 episodes, 2008-2014
Patrick Béthune Patrick Béthune - Ruel Stroud / - 54 episodes, 2008-2017
Jessica Bell Jessica Bell - Amalia Sheran Sharm / - 54 episodes, 2008-2014
Hugo Chandor Hugo Chandor - Ruel Stroud / - 54 episodes, 2008-2014
Eric Meyers Eric Meyers - Remington Smisse / - 50 episodes, 2008-2014
Joanna Ruiz Joanna Ruiz - Adamaï / - 50 episodes, 2008-2014
Andonis Anthony Andonis Anthony - Master Goultard 49 episodes, 2008-2014
Tom Clarke Hill Tom Clarke Hill - King Oakheart / - 49 episodes, 2008-2014
Julie-Ann Dean Julie-Ann Dean - Flopin 49 episodes, 2008-2014
Arthur Bostrom Arthur Bostrom - Skribble / - 49 episodes, 2008-2012
Joe Mills Joe Mills - Alibert / - 49 episodes, 2008-2012
James Nickerson James Nickerson - Prince Armand 48 episodes, 2008-2014
Fiona Clarke Fiona Clarke - Elaine / - 46 episodes, 2008-2012
Gérard Surugue Gérard Surugue - Rubilax / - 36 episodes, 2008-2017
Cédric Dumond Cédric Dumond - Prince Armand / - 29 episodes, 2009-2017
Damien Da Silva Damien Da Silva - La Carte / - 25 episodes, 2008-2014

Among many races appearing in the series, some had their names created by reading backwards certain words: Cra (a race of archers) read backwards is "arc", Enutrof (a race of treasure hunters knows for their greed) read backwards is "fortune", Eniripsa (a race of healers) read backwards is "Aspirine", and Xelor (a race of time manipulating wizards) read backwards is "Rolex".

The show's English dub was funded via a Kickstarter campaign. Ankama, the company behind Wakfu, asked for CA $80,000. By the end of the campaign, they've raised CA $483,524.

The show was supposed to launch with an MMORPG of the same name. However, the game was delayed and wasn't released until 2012, when the show was well into it's second season.

The first two seasons were dubbed with a voice cast based in the UK while the third season was dubbed with a Los Angeles based cast.

User reviews



This show is simply amazing. I've seen every episode of both seasons and was blown away. When I heard about Wakfu I thought it'd be underwhelming. I mean, a french anime based off of a game? Pffftttt. Boy was I wrong lol. The animation in this series is absolutely gorgeous and fresh. To my knowledge it was animated in flash which earns it points in my book because flash is quite hard to work with sometimes. Especially for large projects like this one. The voice acting is incredible and portrayed the emotions of the characters better than I'm sure an English dub or even Japanese dub could. The pacing, could be better, which is the only reason this series is getting a 9 from me instead of a 10. There are a fair amount of filler episodes that, frankly, despite my love for the show, could have been done away with. That's really the only bad thing I can think of when this show comes to mind. If you're bored and looking for an interesting anime to watch I'd HIGHLY recommend this series. Although, be warned. By the end you'll find yourself begging for more and at a loss as to what to do next. It's just that good in my honest opinion. I hear that there is supposed to be a third season at some point. I would love nothing more than for that to be true.


When one talks to animation fans about what they think the best animated TV series made outside of Japan is, he or she will probably encounter the same answers repeated several times: "Batman: The Animated Series", "Avatar: The Last Airbender", and "Samurai Jack", being perfect examples. The reasons these series are so beloved are that they have likable characters, excellent writing that doesn't talk down to children, comedic scenes that don't feel out of place but still provide levity to series moments, and superb animation, particularly during fight scenes. However, there is another series that not many people know about, but is just as good as, if not better than, these aforementioned cartoons: "Wakfu: The Animated Series" To give some background, "Wakfu" is a French cartoon released in 2008 based on a French free-to-play MMORPG (Massively-Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Game, similarly to World of Warcraft) of the same name, which itself is a sequel to another MMORPG known as "Dofus". Unlike most animated series based on video games, "Wakfu" doesn't follow the story (or lack thereof) of its source material or even feature any of the game's characters, and instead features original characters and story that take place in the same universe as the game.

Giving an overview of "Wakfu"'s plot without giving any spoilers would require talking exclusively about the first season and overlooking the second season and its six TV specials, since events in the first season form the backbone of everything else. The general premise is that a young boy named Yugo, who is the adopted son of a restaurant chef, discovers one day that he has the ability to form wormhole-like portals with his hands (if you've played the video game "Portal", you'll get the idea), and then sets out on a quest to discover his heritage, alongside a group of other adventurers that aid him in his journey. As is expected of adventure shows, they constantly have to put their journey on pause in order to help people in need that they encounter along the way. While most would brush off these instances as nothing more than filler episodes, the main characters show growth and little bits of their personality, although not as much as during the main story. At the same time, these character developments and personality traits never feel forced and the characters always feel like themselves from start to finish.

Speaking of the characters, each of the main ones are all very likable. Unlike "Avatar: The Last Airbender", which has characters that only exhibit one or two personality traits each, each of the main characters of "Wakfu" have several different aspects to their personalities, including the villains. These multitudes of personality traits not only make the characters more believable, but they also make them more likable and more memorable.

Of course, a major ingredient in any animated work is the animation, and "Wakfu" has this category well tackled. While it's very obvious that the show is animated using Adobe Flash and involves motion-tweening sets of shapes (telling a shape to go from point A to point B and having the computer fill in the gaps) instead of animating one frame at a time, the movement still manages to be fluid enough that this flaw is hardly noticeable, especially during action scenes. Also to note is that the backgrounds, character models, and special effects are full of vast, beautiful details, and almost any single frame of the series is worthy of being hung up and framed on a wall.

"Wakfu" is one series that is sadly underrated, and more people should give it the attention it deserves. Currently the first two seasons can be streamed from Netflix, although I would recommend watching the original French audio with English subtitles, as the English dub leaves much to be desired.
digytal soul

digytal soul

I've watched the entire season one and two (and I heard there's going to be a season 3) and they were both amazing.

Great anime, couldn't believe how smooth the transitions and camera panning were. The artwork was exceptional (though is different from most Japanese art styles, considering this was done in France), voice acting was great, and the storyline moved on steadily without too many fillers.

This has everything a good show needs: some adventure, action, romance, and a few nicely placed puns every now and then.

The fight scenes were awesome and season finales completely epic.

A must-watch for any anime fan.


For starters, I am no anime fan. My wife and daughter are. I grudgingly watch a lot of really weird television thanks to their love. Very rarely do I find one that I actually enjoy. Wakfu is one of those rarities. From start to finish, it is juss top notch. So glad this got picked up by Netflix. This is a must see if anyone. As a series, it has everything you could want. The characters are well developed. There is humor. There is action. There is so many levels of awesomeness going on. I juss keep waiting to grow tired or bored and have this desire to watch something else. Halfway through season 2 of our Netflix marathon, and I'm sitting here trying to find out if there's gonna be a season three.


Wakfu is one of the best animated shows that a cartoon/anime lover could watch. It is a cross-media show, building off of a world established in an isometric MMORPG made earlier called Dofus, the world of Wakfu has a very deep and expansive lore behind it, and the show creates a wonderful, diverse, well written and presented world that keeps the viewer interested constantly.

The show has a large array of characters, each with their own motivation, story, personality, and development. The main cast of characters that the viewer tags along with are each well developed and complex characters in their own right and they have a wonderful group chemistry with each other. The villains of the show are some of the best I have ever seen. There are two main villains throughout the main two seasons, and they are both tragic and complex with their own motivations and back-stories that make every moment they are in highlights of the show.

The story is also just as good as the characters, with complex but relatively easily understandable stories in which each element of the plot is important and relevant. The show knows when to sit back, relax, and have a good time, yet it also knows when things need to get serious. The jokes are pretty funny, and the writers poke fun at plenty of western culture here and there, and they are clever bastards, fitting in plenty of adult jokes and innuendos if that floats your boat. My only complaint would be the more lackluster filler in the first 12 - 13 episodes of the first season.

The animations, in particular, is one of my favorite aspects of the show. The entire show, and coincidentally the MMORPG(s) it is based on, are animated in Adobe Flash. But do NOT let that discourage you. The animation in this show is not top notch, but the animators work hard to keep things consistently pleasing and smoothly animated. The show has a good standard, and it never drops below it. The show also makes expert use of its color, using a bright and colorful color scheme for the majority of the time, but using darker colors when things get serious.

Lastly, the entire show is french-made. The original dub is in french, and it might be off-putting at first, but I highly recommend the original french version over the English dub if you can handle the quicker dialogue in french. The English dub has good voices, but the acting is plain bad at times, especially during action scenes, where characters needlessly grunt in weird and almost unenthusiastic ways that detract from the actual action going on. The french dub, in comparison, has awesome voices for the characters as well as good acting. The french dialogue can seem emotionless at times, but it is never bad in any way, only getting better as the show progresses.

This show is absolutely wonderful. It's one of the best shows that any cartoon lover can watch, and with a small spin-off series focusing on some of the secondary characters, three extra long special episodes expanding the characters, story, and world even more, and a variety of comics that tell the stories of plenty of the characters in the show, and two movies coming out in 2016-2017, there's plenty to watch and enjoy. This is by far my most highly recommended show for anyone and everyone who's interested.


I recently started watching this show on Netflix called Wakfu. It's based on this turn based strategy game and made by a french studio. When I first watched this I cried because the animation was so good and well done. The English dubbing takes a little getting used to since they can talk kinda quickly.

Hope to try out the game and hopefully the subtitled version when I can. You all should take a look for yourself and see watch you think. The animation is pretty much studio ghibli worthy to me and you should watch it when you can. Before it gets pulled just for being on too long for a certain time.


Most criticisms of the show are based in truth, but exaggerated very irresponsibly. The audio, animation, dialogue, pacing, etc does leave something to be desired, but it's not near as bad as critics would have you believe. To loosely quote Eva, the (minor) faults of the show are all eclipsed by the most beautiful character and world design you will ever see. Every scene is a work of art and a feast for the eyes. The characters are lovable and engaging. The world exciting and fresh. 10/10 for an incredible show!


First off I have to say that this show is honestly really great. It combines elements of action, adventure, friendship, and a little romance(although if you really aren't into that stuff like me there isn't much so don't worry). Not only that if you don't normally like, or just don't watch anime at all, you don't need to worry about this that much. I know that if most anime can be mature for younger audiences but when it comes to Wakfu it is pretty much fine for all ages. I saw this show on Netflix and started watching it when I don't watch this sort of thing at all, but I loved the story and characters.

The show has a love able cast of characters from different backgrounds that come together to do something none of them could do by themselves. The show follows: Yugo, Sir Percidal (Dally or Pinpin in french), Evangeline (Eva), Amalia, and Ruel. The characters are all different and come from different situations but they all end up becoming friends who fight together for the world of 12.

They fight evil villains (but not so evil its too much) that try to destroy the world of 12 such as Nox and others you'll discover later if you watch the show. Overall I can't tell you how great this show is its one of my favorite to this day (there is a season three for this show that I believe is set to release on April 2, of 2018 also).

I hope you watch the show and enjoy every minute of it, its great. Thanks for reading (if you did),



I just watched season one... MIND BLOWN!!! ANKAMA stupid childish name for the show; "wakfu", should have been adventures of 'something or the other' and the first 2 episodes are kinda stiff and the jokes seem forced, but by episode five you have got a decent anime/cartoon and by episode 11 your hooked F.Y.I. CrissCrass was an amazing character.

I watched the legend of Korra the same month as I watched this and i have to say put this (English dub) on a good network and You'll be raking in more dough than ever.

I red somewhere that this show "being awesome" was a "fluke" and that your not doing a third season, but if you can pull it off, more than go for it.

Excellent characters, Excellent character development, Excellent voice acting, Beautiful Art.

Personally loved NOX (Could relate)

Also you guys are really going to have to change the name of the show if you wanna get more marketing. Continue milking those guys that play your M.M.O.R.R.P.G (i'll be one of 'em), and give the world a show for the ages (I could see 5 seasons with any complaint but you have to age the characters Hugo should be Rue's age when you finish)


I love Wakfu. I saw all the three seasons (icluding the OVA) and I recommend it. It is incredible, a very good work. Characters and plot are awesome, the villains are among the best I've ever seen, really deep with great personalities, design and powers. The scenes are well made particularly in the season's finals. Obviously it's not always that good, there are several episodes which are not important for the plot and can be a little boring but the last ones ore pure gold.

It's too bad that this series isn't famous, maybe it looks too childish but it isn't, it's really well made so give it a try.


Watching this show was like the thrill of adventure. Please I don't want this show to end. Please make more seasons
Mr Freeman

Mr Freeman



After years of being told I should watch this, I finally did. Season 1 & 2 was a fun, lighthearted kid's show, with some depth to the villains and their motivations, and some things adults could enjoy.

My review reflects the more recent release of season 3. It watches like an angsty teen fan-fiction. The structure follows that of a video-game. Quite literally, the characters end up in a video-game dungeon with levels and bosses and stay there for the entire show. The plot holes contradict nearly everything we've learned about the characters and the universe in Season 1 & 2, and are so large, you could drive a cruise liner through them.

Up until this point, we'd seen the character design for young dragons (cute and as expected), and adult dragons (fierce and as expected). Apparently teenage dragons look like Dragonball villains. Someone tell the creators that Frieza wants his character design back!

Every episode in Season 1 & 2 was fun and made me look forward to the next one. Even based off a video-game, there rarely is a time when you felt like it was one. Nearly every episode in Season 3 feels really crummy, and feels like a clip-scene from a game. By the end of the show, you feel like the writers took it out to the field and shot it dead. Everything interesting that was introduced in the first 2 seasons was wrapped up in a way that makes you dislike all of the heroes. A few of the characters are outright ignored. What happened to the other dragons? Who the heck is raising Chibi?

Watch seasons 1 & 2. Maybe watch the movie and in your headcannon ignore anything foreshadowed. Don't watch season 3. It has none of the fun, and it'll make you hate the show.