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Таинственный театр 3000 года (1996) Online

Таинственный театр 3000 года (1996) Online
Original Title :
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Sci-Fi
Year :
Directror :
Jim Mallon
Cast :
Trace Beaulieu,Michael J. Nelson,Jim Mallon
Writer :
Michael J. Nelson,Trace Beaulieu
Type :
Time :
1h 13min
Rating :

Mike Nelson and his robot companions watch and give their comments about This Island Earth (1955).

Таинственный театр 3000 года (1996) Online

The mad and evil scientist, Dr. Clayton Forrester, has created an evil little scheme that is bound to give him world global domination but first thing's first. He plans to torment Mike Nelson and the robots by sending them a real stinker of a film to watch called, "This Island Earth." He is convinced that this movie will drive them insane. And since the guys cannot control when the movie begins or ends, they are forced to witness the true horror that is this awful movie that has a lobster creature dressed in slacks. But will this be the ultimate cheese that breaks the boys' spirits? It's up to one test subject's quick wit, sharp sense of humor, and utter intolerance for cinematic garbage to foil the plans of the scientist and to save the Earth.
Complete credited cast:
Trace Beaulieu Trace Beaulieu - Dr. Clayton Forrester / Crow T. Robot
Michael J. Nelson Michael J. Nelson - Mike Nelson
Jim Mallon Jim Mallon - Gypsy
Kevin Murphy Kevin Murphy - Tom Servo
John Brady John Brady - Benkitnorf
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Faith Domergue Faith Domergue
Lance Fuller Lance Fuller
Russell Johnson Russell Johnson
Robert Nichols Robert Nichols
Regis Parton Regis Parton
Rex Reason Rex Reason

The control panel for the robotic arms that Mike uses to grab the Hubble is marked "Manos." Manos, along with being Spanish for "hands", is also a reference to the movie Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966) which is generally agreed to be the worst movie ever shown on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

When Universal originally released the movie, they thought a limited release in a select group of "college towns" (where they believed Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (1988) was most appreciated) over a longer period of time would lead to a box office bonanza, and keep it from having to compete with the early summer blockbusters like Twister (1996) and Mission: Impossible (1996). Very few of the show's fans were aware the movie had been released, and it languished in relative obscurity throughout the spring and early summer. It was the first, and last, time Universal attempted such a plan.

The makers of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (1988) were so annoyed by their experiences having to work with a major studio on this film that they later parodied the experience on the TV series. In Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Incredible Melting Man (1996), the host segments are about Crow's screenplay being purchased by a studio then ruined by the executives (Dr. Forrester and Mother Forrester) as they vainly try to shoot it and screen it for audiences. Series writer and star Mary Jo Pehl would later call the episode an "exercise in healing."

At 73 minutes, the film is shorter than every episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (1988), which typically ran for 90 minutes.

By many accounts, making the movie was not a happy experience for the filmmakers, due to frequent studio interference. At a cast reunion appearance in New York City, Trace Beaulieu was asked what the worst movie featured on Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (1988) was. He replied, "Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie".

The TV show's usual density of gags was reduced for theatrical audiences, so that a larger number of people laughing wouldn't cause too much dialogue to be missed.

A sculpture of the head of TV's Frank appears on door #2 of the "theater tunnel." TV's Frank was a popular character played by Frank Conniff, who left the show after the sixth season.

When Michael J. Nelson uses the manipulator arms to free the Hubble, not only does the panel say Manos, but when he clicks the button it plays a subtle reworking of Torgo's theme. Torgo was a central character in Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966), and Nelson made cameos spoofing Torgo throughout Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (1988)'s early run.

Tom Servo says, "Oh, they're flying into a Roger Dean album cover." Roger Dean designed many of Yes's album covers, starting with 1972's "Fragile," many of which look like the scene in This Island Earth (1955).

At one point, Crow quips, "Oh, PLEASE, let us get the Sci-Fi Channel, oh please, oh please, oh please!" At the time, the production company Best Brains was negotiating a deal to air on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Frank Conniff said in an interview that he caught a lot of flack for choosing This Island Earth (1955) to be riffed. Conniff explained that he never liked the movie because Cal was presented as a hero. He felt that Exeter was the real hero and Cal was too self-absorbed to be the hero.

The "hard copy of the status report" that Mike reads at the beginning of the film is actually a copy of "Satellite News," the official newsletter of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 information club.

The original DVD release had no special features, and was withdrawn from circulation in 2000. On April 19, 2003, the 7th anniversary of the movie's premiere, an unknown Internet fan released a Special Edition DVD. This two disc set has the widescreen version of the film, the theatrical trailer, TV spots, a review from E!, a slideshow presentation from the 1996 MST3K convention, and the cut host segment and alternate ending.

In the scene in Tom Servo's bedroom, to the left of the interocitor, is Tom Servo's portrait of his "Ideal family" (Haley Mills, Peggy Cass, and Gigantor) from Mystery Science Theatre 3000: I Accuse My Parents (1993).

Most of Gypsy's puppeteering was done by Patrick Brantseg, who would later take over both the puppeteering and voice in the TV series. Jim Mallon's voice was dubbed in later so Mallon could focus on directing the scene.

The line "Hey, Laser Floyd, cool!" refers to planetariums holding laser light shows set to Pink Floyd music.

User reviews



Mystery Science Theater 3000, anyone who is a fan of this show is a friend of mine, it's a great show for any movie buff. The reason why the show is so loved is because it does what we always want to do or say during a really bad movie. So naturally the successful show that was created on Comedy Central wanted to do a movie about our favorite sarcastic robots. Was the movie a success? Not so much, but doesn't mean that this movie is bad at all, in fact, it's a great one to watch. My only disappointment? I think was just the fact that this was just like any other episode, there was nothing really too special about it to make it stand out as a movie. Secondly, I've seen funnier episodes than this movie. I'm not dissing the movie, because this is still completely worth the watch.

Mike, Tom and Gypsy are startled to find Crow deep in the lower sections of the Satellite of Love, pounding at the hull with various digging instruments. He has convinced himself that he can tunnel back to Earth, he tells them. Checking his digging calculations, Crow discovers that he already knew this was inevitable: Look at that, Breach Hull, All Die. Even had it underlined! They return to the Bridge, as Dr. Forrester announces that he is about to make them watch the 1955 classic sci-fi thriller This Island Earth in an attempt to break their wills. In Mystery Science Theater 3000 tradition, we are in for a good ride as they mock this silly clichéd 50's sci fi film with no mercy.

I do love the film that they picked This Island Earth, while in some sense it is a fun little sci fi classic, probably the first movie that I saw before I ever saw it on Mystery Science Theater 3000, it still is really cheesy and fun to make fun of. I just love at the end where the alien is trying to protect our two main characters away from the monster and for some odd reason he just lightly blocks the two people away from the monster as Mike points out "ACTING!", lol! Obviously fans of the show are going to see this movie, it's a little girt to the fans I think in some sense, I wish they had a few more cameos and could've gone a little bigger, but it's all good. For those who don't know the premise of the show, this is a funny movie, the people that I've introduced the show too have mixed reviews, a few loved it a few didn't really like it, so it's one of those movies you'll have to decide for yourself.



Funny funny movie, although this is my favorite tv show, so I'm biased. It's always nice to see Trace (Crow/Dr. Forrester), who left the show soon after this movie was released. It's nice to see the guys at all, since Sci Fi took the show off the air.

But I digress. The movie is almost exactly like the show, except shot on better film and with better effects. Jokes abound, and the victim is fairly awful. I thought they would have picked a worse movie to mock, though, as This Island Earth was a relatively harmless piece of 50's sci fi fluff. They have dealt with much more dangerous and evil pieces of celluloid than this one. But a good introduction for the novice Mystie. They can always find out about the horror that is Mandos later.

The humor has recently been called juvenile and aimed at teenage boys, but I must disagree, as I am a 25 year old woman with a Master's degree in English and still find the show hilarious. The movie is only a taste of the overall genius that is (or was) MST, and if you at all liked the film, immediately go out and get what DVDs of the show are available. It's worth it.


My opinion: The TV series was usually pretty funny, but had its ups and downs. The movie is just hilarious. They must have been saving this movie for a special occasion and they've honed their timing and jokes to perfection. The first time I saw this with some friends, we had no idea what it was. (It had been recommended by another friend.) From the opening credits to the end we were in stitches. I've never laughed so hard in my life. At a few points we almost had to pause the movie to catch our breath.

I should note that for the first ten minutes, we were watching the movie in a state of disbelief. We were all thinking "What the devil is this? This is stupid!" For us, this quickly passed and we had a great time.

This movie's not for everyone: If you're the type who likes to get weird, funny movies and hang out until 4:00 am acting goofy your friends, you'll enjoy this movie. If you're looking for a standard comedy, look elsewhere. If you won't take it seriously and just want to have some laughs, you'll enjoy it. If you have ever been referred to as a movie snob, please avoid this movie at all costs.


Mike and the bots finally get their own movie, and it's a scream! They tackle 'This Island Earth', wreck the Hubble, and use an interociter to talk with some guy in the shower! Some people were upset that they used what is considered a 'classic' sci-fi movie, but fans of the film should give it a try. Fans of the show need no encouragement, and will recognise several elements from the show thrown into the movie (like the Torgo theme in one scene).


Do you find a really bad movie more amusing than annoying? Have you ever watched a lousy flick with friends and improvised dialogue for the actors or make remarks in jest about how stupid the film is? Have you ever wondered what happens to the other sock? If you answered yes, you will enjoy "Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie".

The premise is that the evil Dr. Forrester is subjecting Mike Nelson and his robot companions Tom Servo and Crow to some of the worst films of all time, as part of a plot to beat the world into submission. Yeah, this premise is pretty weak in itself, but the commentary from these three is what you'll be hooked by.

What this intrepid trio does best is make fun of stinky celluloid for the audience's amusement. They do the unimaginable; they make an utter piece of trash not only watchable, but hilarious. It's open season on ridiculous movies, and the film is merely a showcase of their regular television program of the same name. The film has been my first exposure to the show, which has selected episodes available on tape. Sadly, the show is not broadcast in my area, and sadder still is the news that the series will conclude this year. The unfortunate aspect of this is that I do have a sense of what I'm missing. It's a great concept, and has proven to be popular with many viewers.

The film for the mocking is "This Island Earth". A particularly cheesy selection that can actually be found on DVD in its original format without the hilarious commentary. Some people regard it as a sci-fi classic, but it's essentially been brought to better light with the help of the MST3K team. No one is safe. They even mock their own credits. Watch this one with friends if you can; it's really well done.


Let's get things straight right off the bat: I LOVE Mystery Science Theater 3000! It was, is, and forever will be my favorite television show of all time, in all its incarnations. And the movie is very funny and good and you should see it.

That said...

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie (hereafter called MST3K:TM for time-saving purposes) could of been a LOT better than it was, and it's NOT the fault of the folks at Best Brains, Inc. (The production company that made the TV show, hereafter called BBI). I place the blame entirely on the fine (HA!) folks at Universal, who forced several changes to the movie and it's wonderful riffing, forcing the folks at BBI to "dumb down" their product, mess with their tried-and-true break format, and shoot an entirely different (and stupid, compared to the original) ending, as well as trimming it down to 74 minutes (because at 88, it was TOO LONG! As Servo would say "...the HELL?) When you come right down to it, BBI makes MST3K one way, and the studio told them to do it a different way. And ANY other way is the WRONG way! I really wish that BBI had held out for an offer with more creative control, but if ifs and buts were candy and nuts, etc. I don't blame BBI for taking the offer, but the selfish part of me would of rather the film never got made than compromised so radically. Then the realist in me tells me to be grateful that it DID get made, and succeeds (somewhat) in spite of (and believe me, not BECAUSE of) the restrictions placed on it. 4 stars to the fine folks at BBI, -1,000 stars to Universal, 2 1/2 stars to the movie itself. It hurts me to say that about the movie, but it's true.


It was a blast! If you, the viewer, are not familiar with Mystery Science Theater 3000, better known as MST3K, I recommend that you rent/buy/borrow, beg, or steal tapes to become a tad familiar with the concept.

The concept is: riffing a B-or-worse-scifi-movie; the victim, er-- subject, in this case, is "This Island Earth", a classic from the 50's. There's this guy (Mike) who's been shot up to an orbiting space station (the Satellite of Love, or SOL) by a Mad Scientist (Dr. Clayton Forrester). Mike is a replacement test subject (Joel, who made the robots for companionship, escaped), and he and Joel's 'bots (short for ro-bots) ease the stress of being test subjects by making [email protected]$$ remarks while the movie is running. Then there are little interval segments that attempt to tell a coherent narrative.

The catch is that the bots are actually only puppets made from a gumball machine head, salad bowl, Tupperware interlocking set of flower vases, and armatures from folding adjustable desk lamps. The original actor who voices Crow T. Robot is Trace Beaulieu, who also plays Dr. Forrester (ah, the magic of motion pictures!). The guy who voices Tom Servo is Kevin Murphy-- well, if you really want to see him, you'll have to find the episodes on tape and go looking for his appearances as other characters.

This movie is much better than the episodes that have appeared either on Comedy Central or the Sci-Fi Channel, primarily because Best Brains, the production company, had more money to make better sets, props, and better staging of gags. The Hubble was great, as was the amusing and embarrassing segment where Dr. Forrester ends up in the Metalunan guy's shower. [aaagghhh!!!]

The only two things I miss are Joel Hodgson, who was the original host, and Frank Conniff, who played Dr. Forrester's assistant, "TV's Frank". Joel was a much different "test subject" than Mike-- Joel was more introspective, did many more musical bits on the show, was more creative ["Invention Exchange" was Joel's idea; as a comic/magician, he made most of the bizarre and funny inventions on the show.] I feel that Joel's presence, as writer and actor, would have given a tighter, more coherent slant to the experiment (but then, again, I could be biased!).

Frank Conniff, as TV's Frank, was the best inept sidekick an inept Mad Scientist could have, and Frank was the perfect foil for Forrester. Their gags tended to be more physical, slapstick comedy.

But MST3K: The Movie is, I hope, the first in a long line of franchise movies (like Star Trek: The Motion Picture!). I hope that Best Brains, Inc. does another MST3K movie--it's like no-calorie chocolate!!!
Brick my own

Brick my own

It was a really boring night and me and my sisters came across this movie. At first I didn't notice the silhouettes at the bottom of the screen. WE had missed the first half unfortunately.

Anyway, it was the best laugh i've had for ages. I just can't describe how blooming funny this film is but we were giggling just about the whole way through!

It's such a clever idea and so well done. I have bought a box set and hope it will be as good.

We had never even heard of the tv series and are not sci-fi fans, but still enjoyed the film very much.

I give it 9 1/2 out of 10, because nothing is perfect!


The evil scientist Dr. Clayton Forrester (Trace Beaulieu) locks Mike Nelson (Michael J. Nelson) and two robots in a spacecraft to watch terrible low-budget movies as part of his scheme to conquer the world. He projects 1954 "This Island Earth" (Title (Brazil): "Guerra Entre Planetas") with the intention of driving them crazy. However, the trio laughs and makes funny comments in every scene and dialogs, having good-time instead, and Dr. Forrester's ambitious plan does not work.

The first time I saw "Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie" on 01 February 2000 I loved it a lot and I gave a nine. I had watched the cheese "This Island Earth" a few months ago and the comments of Mike Nelson and the two robots made me laugh a lot. Today I have just watched this film again and it is still hilarious, but my rating is lower this time. "Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie" was released in Brazil on VHS by CIC-Universal Distributor. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Filme Mais Idiota do Mundo" ("The Most Idiot Movie of the World")


"Mystery Science Theater 3000"(MST3K)is an American program which features Mike Nelson and two funny robots(Tom Servo and Crow T.Robot)seen in silhouette,making fun of some trashy movie playing on the screen before them.This time Mike and the robots settle in to watch truly awful science-fiction film "This Island Earth"(1955,Joseph M.Newman).The wisecracks are clever and really amusing-I laughed a lot during the film.Some of my favourite lines are: Crow T.Robot "The secret government Eggo Project!","Eat my photons,punyheads!" etc. My rating:8 out of 10.Highly recommended.


I would be hard pressed to name any movie that disappointed me as much as `MST3K: The Movie'. After being a rabid fan of the show for several years, a feature film version was a mind-blowing possibility that I couldn't wait for. Of course, it only played "major cities" for about two weeks, then quietly plopped onto video store shelves, where I finally got to pay to see it. I've got to admit, I wasn't that crazy about it. In fact, it seems that Best Brains was engulfed and dominated by a overly-elaborate, poorly-planned studio mentality that couldn't grasp the concept of the show.

MST3K is about a good natured temp worker (Michael J. Nelson) who is stranded on a spaceship with witty robots and is forced to watch bizarre and awful movies by a demented scientist. The fact that the bulk of the show is showing movies, translating the concept to a theatrical presentation seems like it should be no problem.

The film they chose to riff, `This Island Earth', was a perfect choice. It has great production values and would look great back on the big screen, with crisp imagery and competent special effects. Despite it's technical competence, though, it's saddled with some ridiculous dialog, rock-stupid heroes, dumb situations, unbelievable plot twists, and a really silly/cool rubber monster. What's not to love?

But for some damn reason, the movie was edited for it's use in `MST3K: The Movie'. Now `This Island Earth' seems rushed and worse than it really is. They delete a scene where Cal (the big, dumb scientist played by Rex Reason) breaks more equipment, making their later jokes about Cal's clumsiness sort of strange, as we only see him break one thing. These cuts also create a continuity gaffe, as Ruth's dress changes from one shot to another. After all the cuts, `MST3K: The Movie' is actually shorter than the un-MSTied `This Island Earth', even shorter than an episode of the MST3K TV show- without commercials! What the Hell?

So the movie segments are disappointing, but still really funny (despite the wisecracks being less esoteric and frequent then on the TV show). Then there's the host segments. There's a good introduction by the great Dr. Forrester (Trace Beaulieu), but the rest of the host segments are overly simple and childish, lacking clever word play and gags. They were able to use different angles and cuts within scenes (unlike the TV show), but this seems to hinder the writer's imaginations rather than embellish it. In these scenes, none of the characters get any good lines or comedic sequences, and Tom Servo (Kevin Murphy) and Crow (Beaulieu again) become interchangeable, colorless characters. What the Hell?

Perhaps I am being overly harsh on this movie because I love the television show so much. I didn't hate the movie, in fact, there is much to recommend. The movie segments are hilarious, and the show's colorful toy-store sets adapt well to the big screen (in theory, I mean, I never got to see it on the big screen).

It's just is distressing to think that many people's introduction to the world of MST3K was this watered down version.

I pray that Universal gets around to releasing a special edition of this movie. There were a few cut host segments, including an alternate ending, that would be interesting to see. Plus, they could show the entire, uncut `This Island Earth', giving the strongest point of `MST3K: The Movie', the movie-mocking, more screen time. But in the mean time- what the Hell?!?!?


This is definitely THE funniest damn movie ever made!Bar-none!period! They say a great movie is any movie you could not live without seeing again and again, well this is the one! This is the one movie I could not leave on the shelf. I've taken it out over and over again and I always seem to find something new and funny. Each time I play it for someone new they're like"what the hell is this?MST3K? Oh my gawd!!This is awesome!.It also has some of the greatest one liners you'll ever hear!!! Its currently selling on ebay for hundreds of dollars!!! What does that tell ya?

please oh please oh please bring back MST3K to the networks!!!!


Wow!! This is the FUNNIEST movie that I've ever had the honor of watching!!! You'd have to be INSANE to not like this film!!! The writing is Spectacular!!!! In my opinion, it would be very difficult to make a full length feature film from a 90 minute television show, but these guys nailed it. It's a shame the show isn't on TV anymore. Too bad. :( Maybe they'll make another movie in the future. We'll have to wait and see. A lot of the comedy "gold" is a result of fine acting by the puppets. Most people couldn't sit through a movie that relied on puppets (aside from all the excellent Jim Henson films), but this movie has a number of factors to consider. They manage to take horrible old science fiction movies and make them enjoyable to watch. It's amazing what a little humor can do, eh? A Complete 10 out of 10!!!


Now, I will probably get a lot of hate for this but remember, this is really my opinion.

What is it that could get me flamed? Simple, I don't like The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Movie but let me explain before you start to make flaming comments.

The thing is, the main problem I have with this movie is that, it's a toned down family friendly version of the series and this is coming from someone who is a fan of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 television series. I mean, there's barely any profanity, drug references, and such. But the film being toned down was never the intention in the first place. You see, the company Gramercy Pictures simply forced those intentions onto Best Brains, the company that produces the show and the movie itself. In fact, here's some interesting trivia making the film was not a happy experience for the filmmakers, due to frequent studio interference. Years later, at a cast reunion appearance in New York City, Trace Beaulieu was asked what the worst movie featured on MST3K was. His reply was, you guessed it, Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie.

But I'll get back to that later. Anyway, the film is about well as usual that Mike and the Robots are doomed to watch bad movies but something a little different happens. You see, Mike, Tom and Gypsy are startled to find Crow deep in the lower sections of the Satellite of Love (The spaceship) pounding at the hull with various digging instruments. He has convinced himself that he can tunnel back to Earth, he tells them. A hull breach soon follows (Checking his digging calculations, a confused Crow discovers that he already knew this was inevitable: "Look at that, "Breach Hull, All Die." Even had it underlined!"), which Tom Servo remedies in an unexpected way.

But as soon as they get back to the bridge, Dr. Clayton Forrester has them watching a film called This Island Earth. So, they end up "riffing" the film as they always do with other films.

Now I like to point out the good things about the film, it does show for the first time ever other parts of the show (I personally laughed at the Mike on the mouse wheel scene, funny stuff), the characters mocking the film, those are always the best parts and of course, an explanation as to what happened to Dr. Clayton Forrester before Pearl took over as the villain for the rest of the series and the infamous "end credits riffing." But despite those aspects, I still didn't like it. I mean, it wasn't as funny as the TV show as it was toned down to a family friendly level which I despise a lot. I mean, why tone down something that wasn't made to be family friendly in the first place? I'm sorry everyone but the film did not impress me, if anyone is reading this, save your money and buy the TV show on DVD instead of the movie.

Overall Rating: 4/10.


This was my introduction to the TV series and soon I was hooked.

Looking back its no were near as funny as the TV series but still, in Britain, it may be the only way you get too see MST3K. Especially since the SCI-FI Channel refuse to repeat it.

This Island Earth was a strange choice for MST3K. It is counted as a classic amongst certain circles. But still it manages to be funny. So join Mike, Crow and Tom Servo on the Satellite of Love. They will make you laugh. And cry (from laughing).

And after you have watched it hunt out the TV shows on American DVD's.

Look there legs are sticking out...


In an experiment he hopes will eventually turn mild mannered Mike Nelson into a raging beast and allow him to take over the world, Dr Forrestor forces Nelson to sit through the sci-fi This Island Earth. However Nelson and his robot friends appear to take it all in their stride and are more concerned about how they can pilot the ship they are trapped on back to earth.

I have never heard of the TV series from which this came but was attracted to this by the unusual title. When I started it I was put off by the corny acting and horrid cheap effects in the first 10 minutes or so and wondered `wtf have I taped?', but I stuck with it. Once the viewing of `This Island Earth' starts, then the film really picks up. It only drops when the viewers leave the cinema and pick up some sort of plot of trying to pilot their ship back to earth.

For information I don't think This Island Earth is that good a film, but I certainly don't think it is the worst or cheesiest of the many sci-fi films made in the period, but it is certainly an easy target for the film. To describe this movie, it can only be thought of as an evening in with friends, beer and wise cracks. Basically the viewers sit and wise crack all the way through it. If you are a fan of This Island Earth then it is probably akin to being in hell, but for everyone else it seems quite funny.

I admit that the idea of people talking all the way through a film is unappealing to me but, once I got into the mood, I couldn't stop laughing. It is all very silly and I can see why this film never made it to UK cinemas (and took 7 years to reach UK tv) but it is funny. And, because it is scripted, the wise cracks know what is coming and can be based on that! If you like silly smart-assed humour then this is for you, otherwise it is probably best avoided. For me I loved it and will watch it again simply for the line where Exeter says `our people are looking for leading scientists' only to have one of the robots blurt out `you know any' - and other silly lines.

While none of this sounds great, I was kept laughing simply because the jokes keep coming all the way through it - even though some miss the next one is never far off. The effect of watching a film with a running commentary seems annoying but most of us will have done it on DVD. So ignore the rubbish bits which go on outside of the film viewing and enjoy This Island Earth with an astronaut and a couple of smart mouthed robots!


The show, to me, was the most original, unique TV shows to hit the air waves as long as I can remember. The great thing about it is that you're guaranteed to laugh. They were very good at making fun of movies, most likely better than you and your friends. That of course (I'm sure) is helped a lot by their multiple viewings and written scripts.

Anyway, I'm glad they stayed faithful to the show and kept the same routine with the movie. They've done funnier, but it isn't saying much since this movie is hilarious. One of my favorites of all time, I give this movie an 8 out of 10.



Mike and the bots are forced to watch "This Island Earth". Dr. Forester wants to drive them insane with his bad movies. The movie plays and the MST guys make fun of it.

One of the reasons the TV show would be hit or miss depended a lot on the movie itself. Some of the movies were so unbelievably awful that it was hard to find any humor, ("Manos" was hard to watch but it had it's funny moments). There were always slow spots, even in the best ones. The MST movie works well because "This Island Earth" is not that bad a flick. Sure it's goofy 50's sci-fi but pretty good for it's time period.

There are a lot of funny lines in this movie. The first 45 minutes had the best stuff. When the "Island Earth" movie moves into outer space, the laughs dim a bit. But overall it's pretty hilarious. If you liked the show, you'll like the movie. Success.


Growing up (and still watching the re-runs) of MST3k, I had to revisit the one I've only seen once – 'MST3k: The Movie' and I did see it in the theater. I remember then, (1996) thinking how great it was to see one of my favorites on the big screen, and then being disappointed to one of their weakest efforts. (Side note: they continued the downward lack of effort on the DVD – special features include closed captions and – wow – I can have it dubbed in French. That's it?) Sure, there were a few funny one-liners ("Well believe me, Mike, I calculated the odds of this succeeding versus the odds I was doing something incredibly stupid... and I went ahead anyway" and "What's this 'and the rest' crap" referring to Russell 'Gilligan Island's Professor' Johnson) but overall, people need to watch any of the episodes, namely 'Manos: The Hands of Fate' and 'Eegah,' to really see the genius that was MST3k's approx 700 jokes per episode. This is a pretty good introduction to the man & robots vs B-movies series, but it gets a lot better on the smaller screen.(Never thought I would ever write that.)


the funniest movie i have ever seen, a true masterpiece. Some of the jokes will have you almost wetting yourself, even if you've seen it already different bits will make you laugh. Mystery science theater 3000: the movie is a truly great film. The one liners of the characters and the ability for the characters to be able to improvise equals hilarious consequences. I hope that there is another film like this as the plot can be used on any movie you have ever seen. I know that i am not the only person who has taken the mickey out of a movie when it is so bad or cheesy. This is a must see movie, what ever your type of humour there is something for everyone. Go and see it!!!!


OK iv got this movie on video and iv watched it countless times and every time its as funny as the first time this movie is basically 1 guy and 2 robots making fun of the old classic movie "This Island Earth" you've watched poor movies and done your own voice overs to make it more amusing well this is what this film is.

This is one of those films that you just have to see for its sheer simplicty yet incredibly effective ideas.

My vote is 10/10 iv seriously not seen a funnier movie even today i was quoting one of the many jokes from it and laughing great film a MUST see!


I love MST3K. Luckily, I recently got a hold of the movie. This time, they take a supposed "stinker" called "This Island Earth". Apparently, this is one of the better movies that have been MST3Ked (albeit still not too watchable without MST3K's protection).

I laughed. This movie was so funny, the effects were so crappy, and the commentary by Servo/Crow/Mike really added on.

If you are an MST3K fan, this movie is for you... obviously. If not, I suggest you get acquainted with the series first, might I suggest watching the episodes: Pumaman, Space Mutiny, or Mr. B Natural. Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie is worthy of a cool 10/10.


I love MST3K. Seeing it for the first time whilst on holiday in the States, back home I vividly recall leaving a long play video recording the sci-fi channel each Saturday night with fingers crossed there would be one on. (These were the days before in channel planners, series linking and even broadband internet connections). Gradually as the years passed, I could import some of the DVD's from the states until eventually the internet could provide a more regular source of them. For a while though, "The Movie" was one of the few episodes that you could reliably see.

In this episode, Mike and the Robots are exposed to the Universal film "This Island Earth" in Dr Forrester's latest attempt to find the ultimate mind destroying movie. Keep in mind, Mike can't control when the movie begins or ends, but he tries to keep his sanity with the help of his robot friends.

"This Island Earth" isn't a great choice for the MST3K treatment. Despite being dated and virtually plotless (in the way it's presented here), it's both coherent and in focus, which puts it way above some of the other movies they've done. Maybe because of that (and the apparent backstage studio issues they were having) it's not a great episode of the show, relative to many of the ones that made up the series. The acting is perhaps less forgiving in this format, than it is on the regular show and though there's extra money for the effects, the skits are less fun than normal - perhaps most damaging is that the commentary is not as funny as an average episode of the show was, although that might have something to do with my familiarity from having seen this movie a few times.

It works as a fine introduction to the show and there are laughs to be had, and any MST3k is better than none. It's just that for an example of the series that has the highest exposure it's not as good as the series highpoints.


As a fan of MST3K, I was very excited to see this film. I was lucky enough to see this in theaters, and it was even more fun than your usual episode of the series. It's a little shorter than an episode, but being that the jabs at the film are hysterically funny, it evens out. Now, I heard that making the film wasn't fun for the crew, as producers made the cast change lines and many other things, but you'd never know it from watching it. It's also very interesting to see more of the ship, and see things in a broader way, due to a bigger budget. This ranks up there with the best episodes, and I've been quoting it repeatedly since seeing it, so many years ago. For me, as a fan, this was worth all the effort and frustrations the crew went through, I truly enjoy it and appreciate it!