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The Nostalgia Critic Digimon the Movie (2007– ) Online

The Nostalgia Critic Digimon the Movie (2007– ) Online
Original Title :
Digimon the Movie
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Doug Walker
Cast :
Doug Walker,Jacob Hope Chapman,Joe Vargas
Writer :
Jacob Hope Chapman,Doug Walker
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
The Nostalgia Critic Digimon the Movie (2007– ) Online

The Critic caves in to popular demand and reviews Digimon: The Movie based on a cartoon he knows absolutely nothing about. Luckily for him, he knows someone who does. Guest starring Jesuotaku and Angry Joe.
Episode cast overview:
Doug Walker Doug Walker - Nostalgia Critic / SpongeBob SquarePants - Voice
Jacob Hope Chapman Jacob Hope Chapman - JesuOtaku / Sandy Cheeks - Voice (as Hope Chapman)
Joe Vargas Joe Vargas - Angry Joe

User reviews



I always find myself coming back to this crossover above all else. I don't know, with Cinema Snob and Diamanda Hagan, they just seem to be a little out of either's comfort zone in those cases along with The Critic. They're good little watches and far more worth watching than anything The Critic is putting out today and something similar can be said for pretty much all his crossover reviews. There are funny ones like Ferngully but this one just seems to get things right.

So The Critic is asked to review Digimon but he has no connection to the show and the fan base in general. So he decides to get the help of JesuOtaku. He says the critic can't properly represent the show but decide to watch the movie which claims to clear things up for newcomers.

I'll say JO and the critic are great together. Usually I don't like JO's comedy but here it seems to hit very well. The way they bounce off each other is worth watching if it was just them both sitting and talking, no movie. But while I'm on it, seeing The Critic tear something apart with the help of a fan of what he's tearing apart who's helping him is probably how I think these crossovers should be. Seeing a fan of the show with the Critic who hasn't seen it and both think are terrible, tearing it apart.

So... Yeah, this is my favourite traditional NC crossover (2 people, one movie, nothing else). I'll say it is worth watching if you like The Critic (or at least LIKED the critic... sorry, I'll probably never let go in my reviews his glory days are long gone!). I'll probably keep coming back to this review for as long as possible if need be, I just find it that funny.