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Original Title :
Aliens in the Family
Genre :
TV Series / Comedy / Sci-Fi
Cast :
John Bedford Lloyd,Margaret Trigg,Paige Tiffany
Type :
TV Series
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Aliens in the Family Online

A sci-fi/fantasy sitcom that aired on ABC as part of its much-publicized TGIF lineup. A single dad marries an Alien wife and they try to blend their family in with the neighborhood.
Series cast summary:
John Bedford Lloyd John Bedford Lloyd - Doug Brody 8 episodes, 1996
Margaret Trigg Margaret Trigg - Cookie Brody 8 episodes, 1996
Paige Tiffany Paige Tiffany - Heather Brody 8 episodes, 1996
Chris Marquette Chris Marquette - Adam Brody 8 episodes, 1996
Julie Dretzin Julie Dretzin - Sally Hagen 8 episodes, 1996
Joey Mazzarino Joey Mazzarino - Spit 8 episodes, 1996
Alice Dinnean Alice Dinnean - Snizzy 8 episodes, 1996
David Rudman David Rudman - Bobut 8 episodes, 1996
Peter Linz Peter Linz - Performer 5 episodes, 1996
Jack Gilpin Jack Gilpin - Mr. Bellamy 3 episodes, 1996
Kristanna Loken Kristanna Loken - Tiffany Kindall 3 episodes, 1996
Ken Kamlet Ken Kamlet - Jimmy / - 3 episodes, 1996
Carmen Osbahr Carmen Osbahr 3 episodes, 1996
Christopher Newman Christopher Newman 2 episodes, 1996

User reviews



I used to work for the Jim Henson Company, who produced this show for ABC.

Eight episodes were made in total but ABC only broadcast 2 in prime time, then when they put it on Saturday mornings I think it only lasted a week or two...

It wasn't a bad show, it was kind of a case of Henson management trying to do something original but they communication was so poor in the company that what came out was probably not as good as intended. We sold this show along with the new Muppet Show (MUPPETS TONIGHT) with a lot of fanfare, and my job was to pick up the pieces from all the networks who bought AITF at top dollar and scheduled it in prime time, only to hear that it was canceled right away and there will be no more episodes... shame it's not on DVD as it would probably do well as a cult show.


I liked this show. It was kind of funny but it really was not given the chance most shows get. It was on TGIF, but quickly cancelled and later showed up on ABC's Saturday morning only to again be cancelled. The show was not unique. It had a theme played on by the Brady Bunch.


Yeah, the series only lasted eight episodes or so and was pretty corny for the time, but... y'know, I think if it had been given some more time to be tinkered with it probably would've been alright. Just saying.

One thing's for sure, it'll be probably be forever gone. There used to be a channel with full episodes of the show but they've long since been taken down. It's unfortunate: if the show was as bad as people say it was, a bit of preservation would've been awfully nice as it's a piece of history to review, mock, have a laugh with for how goofy it really was.

It was probably meant to be. Shows that never last longer than eight episodes usually wind up destroyed or recorded over.

If anyone has full episodes, please contact me. I'd love to see it again.


I loved this show. I laughed from the moment it stated till the end. It's the best stupid comedy ever made for television.

As for it's being a "rip-off" of 3rd Rock. I don't think so. It's far better than 3rd Rock has ever been.

I just wish I could get it on video somewhere.


The premise of this show wasn't bad, but it's timing and time slot may have done it in.

Alien Brady Bunch? Perhaps. The baby had funny lines that became catchphrases around my house. Alien kids from Henson's Muppet Shop, so they were quality. I would have liked to see more, and see the episodes I missed which may have given exposition on the looks of the kids...

Well written, to my mind. Easy to watch, laughs abound in each episode. Is that so bad? It was supposed to be a comedy. However, most well written comedies don't survive anywhere on TV, much less basic cable. Such a shame.

Nice lighthearted fare, safe for the whole family.


At 35, this is the worst sitcom I can remember seeing in my entire life. Considering some of the stinkers to hit TV, that's a heck of a distinction.

The mixed puppet/human cast (some sort of bad Alf rip-off) didn't work. The characters were awful and the jokes were pitifully hackneyed. If they showed this on a TV in a prison, the convicts could sue for cruel and unusual punishment. It was that BAD.

Anyone who fondly remembers this was probably 4 years old when they saw it, because anyone over that age (or over that *mental* age) would be hard pressed to stomach one episode of this.


Aliens in the Family is really the Meccah of the absurd. The show makes no sense, it doesn't pretend that it makes sense, and it proudly wears it's complete and utter disregard for quality. I guess the show has a "plot" of some sort, but that really doesn't matter. There is absolutely no reason to watch this show, unless your looking for the cheesiest, campiest, most poorly written, most poorly acted, most blatantly horrible show ever made. Watching this show is much like commiting suicide. You know it's probably not the best thing to do, but that doesn't mean you've never contemplated it. Normal writing can't describe this, so I've written a Haiku. "A Frightening Dream, This Show was on the T.V.


Well, I'm 37 and I absolutely adored this show. I still remember Bobut's Lambie-Pie & Stinky Stevie, and "I require Choc-O-Yum chocolate pudding", his vestments being too heavy, Tweeznax, Doug's mug and the plot of all the episodes I saw on Saturday mornings, even though I only saw them once.

The humor was similar to Family Guy, with Bobut being a baby (alien) with adult intelligence and wanting to his kill his nanny Sally. I thought it was much wittier than Alf. I don't understand how a show like Alf could succeed and this smarter show could fail.

I would LOVE to have this on DVD or to purchase for download on Amazon.