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Curse of DarKastle (2005) Online

Curse of DarKastle (2005) Online
Original Title :
Curse of DarKastle
Genre :
Movie / Short / Adventure
Year :
Directror :
Cecil D. Magpuri
Type :
Rating :
Curse of DarKastle (2005) Online

Follows the story of the corrupted King Ludwig as he tries to kill you during a tour of his castle.

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Curse of Darkastle is one of the most advanced rides in the world. It's a dark ride on steroids. It is loosely based off the story of King Ludwig. In the ride's lore, King Ludwig was a demented child. One day, as he is walking through the castle gardens, an old woman appeared. Ludwig became outraged at the woman for trespassing, and the woman transformed into a wolf and showed him his dark future. Ludwig became even worse, and demanded the throne to be his. Ludwig's parents refused, but they mysteriously went missing. Ludwig made himself king, and built his castle into an impenetrable fortress. He spent up the castle's treasure, and the investors wanted him gone. He threw them all a big party, after which he took them on a tour of his castle and killed them all.

The 3D is unbelievably amazing, and objects really do seem to come out at you. The decor of the ride itself is outstanding. I really wish it was longer! If you swing by Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Curse of Darkastle should be at the TOP of your To-Do list!