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In Search of... The Mummy's Curse (1976–1982) Online

In Search of... The Mummy's Curse (1976–1982) Online
Original Title :
The Mummyu0027s Curse
Genre :
TV Episode / Documentary / Sci-Fi
Year :
Writer :
Francis Hitching,Robert L. Long
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
In Search of... The Mummy's Curse (1976–1982) Online

Probes the claim that a protective curse on king Tutankhamun's tomb accounted for a chain of mysterious deaths.
Episode cast overview:
Leonard Nimoy Leonard Nimoy - Himself - Host

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Best West

Best West

Inevitably, the series would deal with the curse of a mummy, and of course the most famous case is that of Howard Carter, who unearthed the tomb of King Tut, a largely forgotten young pharaoh who gained true immortality by his tomb being discovered by an expedition funded by doomed Englishman Lord Carnarvon, who died not long after, and became the first of several of a reputed curse, which may well have been just a series of unfortunate coincidences, or perhaps not... Another case of two young actresses being struck down by another Egyptian curse is in some ways even more eerie than King Tut, though entire episode is nicely handled and memorable regardless.


Leonard Nimoy can create a chilling narrative. The Mummy's Curse was a spooky episode in segments! The Mummy's Curse starts out with the history behind the dig, and the characters involved. When the tome was open the topic of the Mummy's Cures was analyzed. Suspicious deaths of the people involved where breached! Experts explain theories with opinions of: rubbish, coincidence, and many micro-virus for the deaths. The play scene was eerie. Then In Search of goes to modern times (1970's) with the modern exhibit in the U S and French scientist analyze a mummy for virus which could have been planted three thousand years ago. One of the better episode. There is only so much one can present in twenty two minutes. 7 out of 10 mummies for this one!


In Search Of... "The Mummy's Curse" (1977)

The eighth episode of the first season is certainly one of the greatest as it takes a look at various curses based around mummy's. The big example is of course the legend of King Tut and the various strange deaths that followed the entering of his tomb. We also learn about other Egyptian curses where many people believe deaths followed the disturbance of the tombs. As I said, this here is certainly the most entertaining episode up until this point because the stories being told are just so darn fascinating but the episode is also quite creepy at times. Obviously Nimoy does a great bit with the narration and we get some terrific images of various artifacts take from King Tut's tomb.

Episode: A