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The Flying Nun How to Be a Spanish Grandmother (1967–1970) Online

The Flying Nun How to Be a Spanish Grandmother (1967–1970) Online
Original Title :
How to Be a Spanish Grandmother
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Jerrold Bernstein
Cast :
Sally Field,Marge Redmond,Madeleine Sherwood
Writer :
John McGreevey,Ed Jurist
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
The Flying Nun How to Be a Spanish Grandmother (1967–1970) Online

Carlos is looking for a wife - only temporarily. His grandmother, Amalia Ramirez, is coming for a visit, and once, when it looked as if she was dying, he told her he was married with a family to make her happy. He doesn't know whether he should tell her the truth as she still has a weak heart. But thinking of a wife, he remembers back to the one who got away, namely Sister Bertrille's sister, Jennifer. When Carlos' grandmother arrives, she sees Jennifer's photo on Carlos' desk and assumes that's his wife. Telling her that Jennifer is away on vacation for a couple of weeks only makes his grandmother decide to stay in San Juan until Carlos' family returns. Carlos learns from Sister Bertrille that Jennifer is currently in Miami, and he calls her to come to San Juan on a medical emergency. Two complications arise when Jennifer arrives. First, she has a fiancé in tow. And second, Carlos' grandmother sees her. They need to extend the deception further and use two of the convent children as ...
Episode cast overview:
Sally Field Sally Field - Sister Bertrille
Marge Redmond Marge Redmond - Sister Jacqueline
Madeleine Sherwood Madeleine Sherwood - Reverend Mother Superior Placido
Alejandro Rey Alejandro Rey - Carlos Ramirez
Richard Anders Richard Anders - Dr. Paul Martinson
Ricky Cordell Ricky Cordell - Pepe
Debra Domasin Debra Domasin - Rita
Lillian Adams Lillian Adams - Amalia Ramirez - Carlos' Grandmother
Elinor Donahue Elinor Donahue - Dr. Jennifer Ethrington

Lillian Adams was 46 years old when she played Grandma Ramirez. Besides appearing in over 100 film and television roles, she was also known as the mascot 'Super Saver Lillian' in TV commercials for a national pharmacy chain.

In 1968, Puerto Rico had only one International Airport (SJU). Nonetheless, characters use a fictitious airport, as identified by the sign "San Tanco Aero Puerto Oficina" (on the wall, to right of Pepe/Carlito).

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The tables are turned when Sister Bertrille goes to Carlos for help. He is desperately auditioning for a 24-hour wife. His grandmother (Lillian Adams) in Argentina is coming to visit with Carlos and a promised family that he doesn't have. When he thought she was on her deathbed years ago he told her he was married with two children to please her. He regrets that Sister Bertrille's sister Jennifer was not interested in marrying him when they met. When his grandmother arrives she see's Jennifer's picture that Carlos keeps framed and assumes it to be his wife. He says that she is gone for two weeks and his grandmother says she will stay until she comes back. Carlos tricks Jennifer into coming to San Juan as his guest to see her sister, saying she is deathly ill. She arrives with her fiancee Dr. Paul Martinson (Richard Anders), complicating the picture. He is upset by the rouse, but it continues as to not upset the grandmother. Now she wants to see the children, bringing the rouse to the convent where two children play the part. As the lie grows deeper, so does the complications.