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Tõelised kuriteod Park Family Murders (2004– ) Online

Tõelised kuriteod Park Family Murders (2004– ) Online
Original Title :
Park Family Murders
Genre :
TV Episode / Documentary / Crime
Year :
Directror :
Jane Manning
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Tõelised kuriteod Park Family Murders (2004– ) Online

When a mother and her two small children disappeared in October 1996, their family and friends were baffled. Several theories began to emerge. There was a suggestion that they had been sold into the Asian sex trade; that she was in hiding or had committed suicide; or that they'd been tortured and killed as a warning to her gambling husband who wasn't paying his debts.

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When firefighters working in a national park opened a smouldering suitcase, they found it contained the body of a child. There was another case nearby, and although they hoped it would not contain anything quite so sinister, Australian police soon found themselves confronting a triple murder.

The adult body was quickly identified as that of Susan Park. Mrs Park was a mother of two, and her husband was already under suspicion for her murder. Sung Eun (Nick) Park appears to have been a compulsive gambler, which almost certainly contributed to this terrible crime. After murdering his family, he cleared out his wife's bank account and those of his children with the assistance of his unsuspecting mistress, and fled with her to Korea, at least she said she was unsuspecting. Although she was not charged as either an accomplice or an accessory after the fact, it is difficult to believe she had no inkling of what he had done, although the police appear to believe her.

Park was extradited from Korea and stood trial. He was gaoled for 26 years, although according to a news report he was given a minimum of 19 years, the judge saying the murders weren't in the "worst category", which begs the question, what is?

At least one of the men who investigated this case thought otherwise, telling the viewer he hopes Park rots in Hell.

The story is told through the eyes of the police with reconstructions, but nothing too graphic. There is also authentic footage including of Park's interrogation.