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Dream Machines  Online
Original Title :
Dream Machines
Genre :
TV Series / Reality TV / Sci-Fi
Cast :
Marc Parker,Shanon Parker,Jeffrey B. Halverson
Type :
TV Series
Time :
Rating :
Dream Machines Online

Brothers Marc Parker & Shanon Parker and team take the most imaginative vehicles ever seen in movies, comic books, and TV shows, and engineer them into on the road realities.
Series cast summary:
Marc Parker Marc Parker - Himself 6 episodes, 2012
Shanon Parker Shanon Parker - Himself 6 episodes, 2012
Jeffrey B. Halverson Jeffrey B. Halverson - Himself 6 episodes, 2012
Dean Cummings Dean Cummings - Himself 6 episodes, 2012
Karen Parker Karen Parker - Herself 6 episodes, 2012
Ron Sarnes Ron Sarnes - Himself 6 episodes, 2012
Paul Frommann III Paul Frommann III - Himself 6 episodes, 2012
Nathan Guthrie Nathan Guthrie - Himself 6 episodes, 2012
Donny Barnes Jr. Donny Barnes Jr. - Himself 6 episodes, 2012
Betty Gentry Betty Gentry - Herself 6 episodes, 2012
Jon Conner Jon Conner - Himself 6 episodes, 2012

User reviews

greed style

greed style

This show is about people who build concept cars. I like this show because I'm a huge sci-fi fan, and I've always been interested in cars. I like seeing their ideas on how to make the cars and the ideas that seem impossible until you finally see them on the car. If you love sci-fi or cars you will definitely love this show. It does have a lot of cussing but if you were working on these complicated cars you'd probably be the same way. They also love to prank each other which shows some comedy in the show. I think if they give this show enough time it really can be a really good show. I think it should at least have one more season to at least show if it just needed some time cause it would be a shame if they ended it after one season.


I love this show it got me interested with the commercial and it is just the next Pimp My Ride but showing us the future but with style. They make GREAT cars love the fighting in between because it shows in my opinion that building a GREAT looking car from the future isn't all easy and there are no fights. There are disagreements and just LOVE this show. Just shocked its already the season finale it was what like 5 episodes but still those episodes were worth the wait and short season but hope Syfy renews it. So I think if you are not interested well then watch one episode and you will ask for more (My guess that you will be wanting more). Just watch it and you will love. Do not know why this show got a bad rating just hope any fan of this show or Pimp My Ride need to help keep this show alive and keep the season's longer and more seasons. I just hope this doesn't get cancelled because I really like this show a lot. But see this to understand why I think this show should continue and well just watch the show.


It's amazing what these guys build. I wish there were more episodes of this show to watch. As far as the last geek not appreciating the build because he didn't get to see how many bolts were used... (whatever), that still does not diminish the awesomeness of the builds. And as far as reinforcing structures, it wasn't even about that. Watch & listen!!! As for everyone else... You should definitely Watch & Listen & Love it! I would watch this show over all others just because it is so unique in the vehicles being designed. I always look for cars like these at car shows and wonder why companies build concept cars but never release them. What's the point of building them and then releasing cars that look like all the others? At least these guys will let you take a "Concept to Reality" car home with you.


when I saw the ads for this, I was really excited, I thought I'd get to geek out at some really insane hardware. They might as well just cut to the last two minutes and show you the finished vehicle, for as much geek quotient as there...isn't. You get almost nothing about the technical hurdles they had to solve, nothing about the engineering, just a bunch of the same snippiness and yuk yuk backslapping that made American Chopper such a silly soap opera. Oh look, here's Mom with some pictures of us as kids, oh and now we're going to have a private party at a skating rink and watch the fat guy cling to the wall, oh now we're going to take a ridiculously unsafe trike out on the highway with no helmet...and oh, big surprise the stupid thing breaks at a critical point on the frame that should have been heavily reinforced anyway. I hope SyFy dumps these doofs and finds a better team who can deliver on the promise.