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Madonna: Drowned World Tour 2001 (2001) Online

Madonna: Drowned World Tour 2001 (2001) Online
Original Title :
Madonna: Drowned World Tour 2001
Genre :
Creative Work / Documentary / Music
Year :
Directror :
Hamish Hamilton,Carol Dodds
Cast :
Madonna,Niki Harris,Donna DeLory
Writer :
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
1h 45min
Rating :
Madonna: Drowned World Tour 2001 (2001) Online

A video concert showing Madonna's Drowned World Tour in 2001.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Madonna Madonna - Herself
Niki Harris Niki Harris - Herself - Vocals (as Niki Haris)
Donna DeLory Donna DeLory - Herself - Vocals (as Donna De Lory)
Mike McKnight Mike McKnight - Himself - Keyboards (as Michael McKnight)
Stuart Price Stuart Price - Himself - Keyboards and Guitars
Marcus Brown Marcus Brown - Himself - Keyboards
Monte Pittman Monte Pittman - Himself - Guitars
Ron Powell Ron Powell - Himself - Percussion
Steve Sidelnyk Steve Sidelnyk - Himself - Drums (as Steve Sidelynk)
Christian Vincent Christian Vincent - Himself - Head Dancer
Ruth Taveras Ruth Taveras - Herself - Dancer (as Ruthy Inchaustegui)
Nito Larioza Nito Larioza - Himself - Dancer
Tamara Levinson Tamara Levinson - Herself - Dancer
Marlyn Ortiz Marlyn Ortiz - Herself - Dancer
Anthony Jay Rodriguiz Anthony Jay Rodriguiz - Himself - Dancer

The first tour where we see Madonna play guitar.

This tour promots Madonna'a "ray of light" and "music" albums. As of 2018 "impressive instant, candy perfume girl, beautiful stranger, nobody's perfect, MER girl, sky fits heaven, I deserve it, what it feels like for a girl, gone, secret & the funny song" have never been featured or sang in any other tour by Madonna.

The act with Asian settings and costumes was in inspired by Madonna's "nothing really matters" 1999 music video. This song is not featured in this tour nor did Madonna ever use the song in any future tour as of 2018.

Title on DVD jacket has "open your heart (swell.") The track is just intro music.

User reviews



I watched the Madonna concert when it aired on HBO, and I enjoyed it. I decided to buy the DVD and I was BLOWN AWAY! The sound is spectacular, different camera angles are featured, all to give the viewer the best Madonna experience. I HIGHLY recommend buying the Drowned World Tour DVD. It really seems like Madonna is enjoying herself onstage and having a really good time performing. Her voice is top notch and her dancing is superb. People always talk about how much Madonna has changed over the years, but her performance of Holiday takes you back to 1981. All that's missing is miss-matched lingire and some bracelets.


It was more like a complete sensory experience. I saw the show in DC about 2 weeks before the HBO airing & was blown away. Madonna has always taken the concert experience to a new level & this was her zenith. A lot of people complained that she did not perform her "old hits," but that is a ridiculous. This show took each song & wrapped it into a story arc all from the viewpoint of 5 different characters - Punk Rock Glam Gal, Arial Butt-Kicking Geisha, Cyber Cowgirl, Latina Goddess & Pimp Mommy. The efx were amazing...from floating on a cloud of smoke when we first see her enter the stage TO flying through the air assaulting a gang of rogue ninja TO riding a mechanical bull. She has raised the stakes of pop music once again.


I've never really been a fan of Madonna's music. Don't get me wrong, I respect her for the icon she is, she's like Elvis and the Beatles. She's done everything from pop to r&b. She's molded music videos into what they are today and she's the ultimate trendsetter. I've just never really been into the style of music she does. I had a chance to watch the Drowned World Tour in person and HBO. My friend had an extra ticket, and I was just blown away. She played guitar, danced, sang great, all at 43 is it? Incredible! And when she flew in the air and did martial arts, I thought it was one of the most coolest things I have ever seen in person. The concert made me even go out and buy the "Music" and "Ray of Light" albums, and I love them both. Madonna, you rock and you keep on going, and never stop recording or performing!


Madonna's "Drowned World" concert is ultimately the best concert I have ever seen. The concert is very innovative. My favorite part of the show is the whole "Asian" theme, especially the performance of "Sky Fits Heaven". The dancers are extremely talented and her singing is as perfect as can be even when she's dancing at the same time. She didn't overwork herself, she played her guitar very well. I just can't get over how excellent it is!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!


Because I was lucky enough to See Madonna's Drowned World Tour live in Philadelphia, I was extremely excited that she was releasing the DVD. Madonna, as always, never disappoints. I loved the show and will always have it to remember...awesome.


When this live broadcast first aired on HBO in 2001, mainstream audiences unfamiliar with a newly energized Madonna saw a drastically different version of the Material Girl here. Eschewing pop hooks and intricate productions in favor of hard guitars and free-flowing punk energy, this show is very un-Madonna in its aesthetics, and its that audaciousness that makes the show so compelling. It's fascinating to watch Madonna wear a new sonic identity as she does here, focusing mostly on songs from "Ray of Light" and "Music," and taking to the stage with all the ambition of a newcomer. By the time the thunderous climax rolls around, set to her then-latest hit single "Music," it's a release of a lot of pent-up musical restraint that results in one of the most entertaining, joyful finales of her career.


Since the Girlie Show Madonna was ready to tour again with the Drowned World Tour. All the themes in this show are amusing from Cyber-Punk to Geisha to Cowgirl and then Spanish.

The costumes and makeup were all made to look effortless. The Detroit crowd were happy that she was performing there again for it had been a while since the Girlie Show.

It was good with the DVD that you were able to look at all the photos that have been taken of Madonna during her career in the music industry. As for this show it was well edited, and the Japanese animation was interesting as an interlude.



I've just bought the other day the amazing Madonna: Drowned World Tour -dvd. Since I didn't have the chance to attend the concert cause I live in Finland, I had to buy the dvd. Let me tell you it's one of the best concerts I've seen in a long long time. The opening of the concert with Madonna slammin' on a guitar is out of this world. Personally my favourite part of the concert was a geisha-sequence, which reminded me of the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon -movie. Also the dolby stereo 2.0 sound makes the experience all the more real. At some point I felt like I was truly there in the audience, what really impressed me was the fact that Madonna sounded as great as 9 or 10 years ago and It looks like nothing can stop her, to me she's a such an inspiration. Buy this dvd if you have the opportunity and I assure you you're in for a real treat.


Madonna has given yet another fantastic tour. The Drowned World Tour of 2001 was definitely the hottest ticket of the year. Every show sold out in record breaking time. This HBO taping is great. Watching this woman give one amazing show stopper after another is proof of what a talented and brilliant entertainer and performer she is. In the tradition of The Virgin Tour, Who's That Girl Tour, Blonde Ambition Tour, and The Girlie Show Tour, Madonna delivers the goods and once again captures the world's attention. Forever the biggest star on Earth - It's all about you Madonna.