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Big City Insults (2012– ) Online

Big City Insults (2012– ) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy
Year :
Cast :
Zane Carney,Norm Golden,Lauren Ruff
Writer :
Lauren Ruff
Type :
TV Episode
Rating :
Big City Insults (2012– ) Online

New York is cray. And so are all of the people that live in it, myself included. It is also wonderful and terrifying and small town-ish and hilarious. Really, it's like someone's weird uncle Bob who is predictable and inexplicable at the same time. New York and all of the people who live, work, call it home or are only here for a quick trip, are the meat and potatoes behind the web series Big City. Through two roommates who met on Craigslist, (as usually happens in New York), we are brought into the world of Big City Life. Each episode follows Dan,(a musician), and Josie,(an aspiring something or other), and the crazy situations they find themselves in. Though the story follows this duo who have a brother/sister like relationship - as if they were separated at birth or something, our main character, our tragic hero, our ingenue is the City itself. Each episode is based on something that has actually happened to someone, somewhere at some point in time. In the vein of I Love Lucy or ...
Episode credited cast:
Zane Carney Zane Carney - Dan
Norm Golden Norm Golden - Grumpy Man
Lauren Ruff Lauren Ruff - Josie