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Original Title :
Blue City
Genre :
TV Series / Crime / Drama
Cast :
Christopher Pickhardt,Sulaiman Lee,John Anantua
Type :
TV Series
Time :
Rating :
Blue City Online

Blue City is a crime drama that takes place in New York City. The story revolves around a group of NYPD detectives and four characters from the inner city that are surrounded by gangs, corruption, drugs and violence.
Series cast summary:
Christopher Pickhardt Christopher Pickhardt - Detective Alec Roth 10 episodes, 2015-2016
Sulaiman Lee Sulaiman Lee - Jules 'Juelz' Gibson 10 episodes, 2015-2016
John Anantua John Anantua - Cory Watson 9 episodes, 2015-2016
Boris Diaz Boris Diaz - Don Carlos Rodriguez 8 episodes, 2015-2016
Dwayne Parker Dwayne Parker - Detective Edward Jordan 7 episodes, 2015-2016
Adam Lindo Adam Lindo - Detective Antoni Ortiz 7 episodes, 2015-2016
Constantin Tripes Constantin Tripes - Detective Dino Muzzi 7 episodes, 2015-2016
Jason James Jason James - Christopher 'Chris' Clarkson 7 episodes, 2015-2016
Omar Corominas Omar Corominas - Vizcaino 'The Boogeyman' Peguero 7 episodes, 2015-2016
Chris Bryant Chris Bryant - Detective Lawrence Bray 6 episodes, 2015-2016
Vanessa Noel Vanessa Noel - Erica Carter 6 episodes, 2015-2016
Cynthia Diaz Cynthia Diaz - Probation Officer Veronica Perez 6 episodes, 2015-2016
Suga Sean Riley Suga Sean Riley - Biggz 6 episodes, 2015-2016
Stephen Austin Stephen Austin - FBI Special Agent Warren Burks 6 episodes, 2015-2016
Jeffry Mora Jeffry Mora - Luis Moya 5 episodes, 2016
Mark Moore Jr. Mark Moore Jr. - Tyrell 'Rellos' Peyton 5 episodes, 2015-2016
Seon Alleyne Seon Alleyne - Shiest 5 episodes, 2015-2016
Art Daudelin Art Daudelin - NYPD Captain Tom Whitfield 5 episodes, 2015-2016
Jodell Lewis Jodell Lewis - Capo 5 episodes, 2015-2016
John Toon John Toon - FBI Special Agent Brad Carson 5 episodes, 2015-2016
Kevon Archer Kevon Archer - Wildz 5 episodes, 2015-2016
Randie Graves Randie Graves - E-XL 5 episodes, 2015-2016
Shomari Shomari - Wayne 5 episodes, 2016

User reviews



I finished binge watching Blue City on Amazon a few days ago. I took a liking to it, because it was well written, and portrayed a realness that a lot of people would rather not acknowledge. Gritty, intense, authentic. Shows like this are what network TV and even Netflix are missing IMO. Usually a series this "real" would only be seen on Youtube, with street level actors. It was a relief to see this type of series get released with professional production and writing. Im ready to see Season 2