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Hai xun jian bing (2005) Online

Hai xun jian bing (2005) Online
Original Title :
Hai xun jian bing
Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Tom Lin
Cast :
Chieh Chang,Yu-Chieh Cheng,Jag Huang
Writer :
Tom Lin
Budget :
TWD 1,200,000
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Hai xun jian bing (2005) Online

On the night of March 18th, 2000, the presidential election, as usual, three coastguards are on patrol by the seaside of Yi-Lan. Private First Class, just out of lock-up, is equipped with a walkie-talkie. The Private (second in command) has a military 65-K2 rifle and the Private recruit (rookie) has two clips of ammunition. From the walkie-talkie comes the news that the captain is heading back to base and is done with that nights post checks. Seeing that it's still a long, boring night ahead, The Private starts looking for excuses hazing the rookie. At first, Private First Class doesn't seem to mind too much. Until the trick, "The moon chase" is pulled on the rookie does Private First Class start feeling sympathy towards the rookie. As the hazing turns more ugly, Private First Class urges The Private to stop his immoral actions. The two argue and Private First Class slowly comes to the realization that he too, was once picking on rookies; and he is actually responsible for this ...
Credited cast:
Chieh Chang Chieh Chang - Rookie
Yu-Chieh Cheng Yu-Chieh Cheng - Private First Class
Jag Huang Jag Huang - Private (as Chien-wei Huang)
Pinky Juan Pinky Juan