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TV Series / Drama / Family
Cast :
Vanessa Furst,Anne Ridler,Melissa Docker
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TV Series
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A sheltered gypsy girl finds it hard to adapt to life at a mainstream British school. {locallinks-homepage}
Series cast summary:
Vanessa Furst Vanessa Furst - Kizzy 6 episodes, 1976
Anne Ridler Anne Ridler - Olivia Brooke 6 episodes, 1976
Melissa Docker Melissa Docker - Prue Cuthbert 6 episodes, 1976
John Welsh John Welsh - Admiral Twiss 6 episodes, 1976
Patrick McAlinney Patrick McAlinney - Peters 6 episodes, 1976
Toby Bridge Toby Bridge - Clem Oliver 6 episodes, 1976
Lisa Welsford Lisa Welsford - Elizabeth Oliver 6 episodes, 1976
Isobel Gordon Isobel Gordon - Mary Jo 6 episodes, 1976
Angela Browne Angela Browne - Mrs. Cuthbert 5 episodes, 1976
Meg Ritchie Meg Ritchie - Mildred Blount 5 episodes, 1976
Paddy Ward Paddy Ward - Nat 5 episodes, 1976
Ben Howard Ben Howard - Lumas Doe 3 episodes, 1976
Michael Wardle Michael Wardle - Mr. Blount 3 episodes, 1976

User reviews



Great story from my childhood and I would love to see it again along with a load of other fondly remembered TV programmes. Very disappointed and nonplussed as to why it (and other programmes) are not available to buy. Anyone know of a way of getting hold of a copy of Kizzy? Also The Phoenix and the Carpet, The Peppermint Pig, The Changes, Touch and Go, The Singing Ringing Tree.....I could go on and on.....

Kizzy itself was one of those programmes that everyone seemed to watch and most still remember. It was a strong story about alienation, prejudice and bullying that is surely as topical now as it was then. I remember it being well-made and acted, it certainly made a great impression on me, but of course without access to a copy of it that evaluation must go unchecked. If it is the case that none or few of these programmes are available to buy, then I'm amazed that the BBC or, ITV for the occasional classic it managed to muster, have failed to see the financial potential of releasing them for nostalgia junkies like me to buy.


I fondly remember this series from the 1970's, absolutely loved it along with many other drama series devised for children during that time. I remember it really clearly, and the message it got across to viewers as to how awful bullying was and being different to other children (in Kizzy's case, that of a gypsy). I can still remember the scenes vividly and how horrible the children were to this poor girl. Really perplexed as to why this series has never been repeated (not to my knowledge anyway), because if it was shown today it would still be relevant and not outdated at all. There were many quality children TV programmes made during this time, but just seem to have been forgotten. Such is their impact, I can still fondly remember them and wish that my children could view them too. I can remember other great programmes (The Changes, Catweazle, Lizzie Dripping, Phoenix & The Carpet) that have been forgotten by the TV archives. Any chance that any of these wonderful programmes could be repeated again in the future?


I clearly remember this and would love to see it again. I would've been about 9 when this was first shown. Would also love to see Striker and Rocky O'Rourke again. I remember watching the programmes and then reading the books at the library. In the 70s every programme seemed to have a 'TV tie-in' book! Can't understand why the BBC don't release these - surely the interest is there? And what about the programmes that were on at tea-time on a Sunday? Phoenix and The Carpet and The Prince and the Pauper spring easiest to mind. I think all of these programmes originally aired in 1976. So either that really was the best year for kids TV or it's that I first started to appreciate great drama then!


I've been looking up old favourite TV programmes of childhood and this one had special significance for me. When i was small there were a lot of Romany camps around and during our trips out in the car my Mum would threaten to sell me to the gypsy's if i didn't behave. Of course this didn't work, i was fascinated by them, and later after we moved up north, like Kizzy i was bullied for being an outsider who was different so i had an empathy with her character. In her case the family were hounded by the authorities to give her an education so she had to go to school with the local kids in the area. Whilst living in the country i became friends with the children of a wealthy farmer who had ponies. In the story, Kizzy has her own pony, when he is threatened with the slaughter house a rich family offer to look after him for her. During her plight of bullying he becomes ill and has to be put down leaving her feeling even more alone in the world. True to all BBC children's drama there is a moral and a happy ending where the children fromm the school club together to get her a new pony. If only real life were like that.


I often think about Kizzy and wish I could watch it again. Even though I cannot remember all the details anymore, I do remember Kizzy had an impact on me. I wanted to live in a gypsy caravan and I loved her name.I remember there was a moral to the tale and it involved a little girls struggle to be accepted by society. It must have appealed to my imagination and sense of drama, I am sure I can remember what Kizzy looked like from 33 years ago and would love to see a picture of her. I was about 9 and I would love to revisit the show and see if it still has a hold on my imagination. I also wish it could be shown again on TV.