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Metal Gear (1987) Online

Metal Gear (1987) Online
Original Title :
Metal Gear
Genre :
Video Game / Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Hideo Kojima
Writer :
Hideo Kojima
Type :
Video Game
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Metal Gear (1987) Online

With his last words being "Metal Gear," Fox-Hound's best agent Gray Fox goes missing in action. After three days, Commander Big Boss sends in the rookie Solid Snake deep in South Africa to infiltrate the enemy fortress Outer Heaven and carry out two objectives: rescue Gray Fox, and destroy the bipedal tank Metal Gear.

The character of Solid Snake is based on Snake Plissken, Kurt Russell's character in Escape from New York (1981) (which is reportedly one of Hideo Kojima's favorite movies).

The character on the cartridge that is supposed to be Solid Snake is actually Kyle Reese (played by Michael Biehn) from Terminaator (1984)

Hideo Kojima came up with the stealth-based gameplay with the MSX2's hardware limitations in mind. Since the MSX could barely handle conventional action games (due to the fact that the screen would flicker when too many animated objects were present, and the hardware couldn't handle scrolling very well), Kojima decided to make a game where the player had to avoid contact with the enemy instead of fighting. Kojima got the idea from The Great Escape (1963) and originally wanted to make the game about a POW escaping from the enemy's prison. However, Kojima's co-workers advised him that a game based solely on avoiding the enemy wouldn't work by itself and that the player would need to have something to defend themselves with whenever the player is discovered. As a result, the original escape premise was replaced by an infiltration premise. Kojima took the infiltration premise from The Guns of Navarone (1961).

The codename of Snake's mission (Operation: Intrude N313) is actually an inside joke regarding the development of the game. After Hideo Kojima's earlier game, "Lost Warld," was cancelled, he was assigned to work on a nearly cancelled military-themed game bearing the working title of "Project N312." Kojima departed from the game's original premise and gradually turned the game into what eventually became Metal Gear. In the game, Grey Fox's failed mission was titled "Operation: Intrude N312."

The whole Metal Gear series has sold over 14 million units worldwide to the start of 2004.

The game takes place in 1999.

User reviews

in waiting

in waiting

This was one of the first really good games I played on the Nintendo. While I found some of the first parts rather challenging, the game is quite enjoyable to play once you get the hang of it. I had a lot of fun playing this game, and it was the first video game my dad played ever, even when I wasn't around (he actually finished the game before I did!). Sometimes I still wish I had it.


My first impressions of the game was that it was quite hard for a 8 year old to play let alone understand. Though I did play it quite often and it became one of my favorite games, but I never fully understood what was going on in the game mostly due to the fact that the NES version was a port. The game was originally released on the MSX. This version of the game was by far superior to the ported NES version. It wasn't till the game was re-released bundled with Metal Gear Solid 3 that I fully was able to enjoy the game. Metal Gear was much like the later ones in this long running series. Jam-packed with story and real world issues as well as running away from foes and hiding under boxes. Good game over all and I would suggest it to anyone who enjoys this series.



Starring: A spy, a big boss, a coward, a bunch of women, and POW's.

A lengendary spy is captured when he attempts to take down the terrorist's operation of Outer Heaven. A rookie spy is sent in to get back the other spy and take down Outer Heaven.

The game is an excellent Nintendo game. Fun bosses, fun plot, and great ending. Highly recommended.


You are Solid Snake and you must stop an uprising!

+)One of the first games to be story focused. It may be one of the first to have a twist at the end

+)Controls are very simple

+)Music is memorable

+)Some of the boss fights are fun

+)It is the first game in the Metal Gear series

~A LOT OF "Where do I go next." You WILL need a guide to get through this game ~No map to help you where to go ~Confusing layout ~Enemies are relentless if they spot you, but they will suddenly stop if you leave the screen ~Some of the boss fights are cheap. ~Item Management is horrible. You will have to go to the menu every time you want to use a keycard (There are many key card). You will have to go through all the keycard to see which one opens which door. ~Some poor level layout that will 100% cause damage to you

Overall for Metal Gear fans like myself, I felt obligated to play this game and see where it all started. It is worth the hassle if you can get pass all the frustrating parts. For the people who cannot go back and play an 8bit game, it is better to just read the story. You can read them in Metal Gear Solid(PS1).
Mustard Forgotten

Mustard Forgotten

Gameplay: Simplistic gameplay that works pretty well, but not without its rampant frustrations. You are going to need a guide for this game. But otherwise, the gameplay worked then, and it still works fine today, minus the key cards, backtracking, a few poor room designs, and backtracking.

Presentation: Mixed music with honorable mentions, but the visuals haven't aged well.

Narrative: Good story with a lot of room to breathe. Easy to wrap your head around, although you'll forget about most of it the closer you get to the finish line. The characters are obsolete and barely there.

Opposition: The enemy lineup is simple and quite boring, although it shouldn't actually start getting old until halfway through the game... in which case it'll fall face first into a pile of poop. The bosses are either fun, tedious, or frustrating, or all of them at the same time.

Difficulty: The game is not easy. There are many cheap moments in room design, getting through areas, and how Snake moves. There is an infinite ammo trick, but otherwise, not easy at all.

Replayability: There is a boss rush, and a few cheat codes, but there's barely any reason to replay the game. It's not a game to replay for nostalgia purposes, especially since there isn't something that's truly substantial.

Fun Factor: This is not a game I'm going back to anytime soon, but that's not saying it wasn't enjoyable. I had a lot of fun with the bosses, and I thought the first half of the game had both good pacing, good amount of story, and was pretty fun. On the other hand, the game wasn't great, was somewhat unforgiving, the second half wasn't worth it, and I really wanted to quit playing near the end. Props to the ending sequences, but otherwise, not the greatest.

Closing Summary: The gameplay hasn't aged well, but you'll still have fun for the first half, and I don't blame you if you drop it halfway. The visuals haven't aged well either, although the music is a good yarn. The story is simple and full of brevity, so this game is for someone who just has a lot of time to kill. It's not an easy game, and it has plentiful amounts of frustrating moments, but there is substance to be found. For Metal Gear fans, I highly suggest playing a bit of this game to get the history, but otherwise, only play if you have a lot of time on your hands, or you have easier access to playing it. It's not a bad game, but it certainly has its flaws.

Score: 6.4/10. OK


I should mention upfront that I beat this game about 20 years after it's initial release (on the MGS3: Substance bonus disc) and as such it was difficult to be wholly objective.

In the near future of 1995 (the game came out in 1987) a terrorist group has seized the Outer Heaven facility in order to acquire the newly developed super-weapon Metal Gear TX-55. Rookie operative Solid Snake is dispatched to defuse the situation, though the mission is not what it seems.

If the plot sounds like a hokey 80's action flick, that's because it's an 80's game based on hokey 80's action flicks. One of the game's bosses are a couple of cyborgs called 'the Arnolds' for god's sake. Compared to the rest of the games in the series, the plotting and story here are bare minimum. None of the long-winded speeches, none of the 20+ minute cut-scenes; for better or worse its all about the game play.

Judged strictly by modern standards, the game is woefully outdated. 8-bit color scheme, midi-style music and limited player functions. That being said the game has aged far better than most games of its era. Despite the technical limitations the title still holds up as a playable game even today, this is due to the obvious genius of the core mechanics. Many of the ideas set up in this entry will carry on throughout the series (stealth over force, inventive boss battles, big plot twists, huge assortment of items and weapons) and even some of the actual game play segments will survive (in updated form) all up to MSG2: SOL.

I can't really recommend this to casual gamers, as most will not put up with the dated structure and limited story/character development, but for fans of the series and retro-naughts, this is a must play.

Scoreboard Bleeding

Scoreboard Bleeding

This game was not exactly what I was expecting. The ad I saw in one of those video game magazines had me excited. The ad featured all the gear this guy had! It showed rocket launchers, various guns, and various other equipment. I was stocked, a game where you had an arsenal right from the get go. This game was going to be the coolest thing ever! I get it almost immediately upon its release and put in that game and was immediately disappointed as you started out the game with a flipping knife. Trust me, that ad was misleading as it said "We supply you the tools you need to complete the game", as the rest of the page featured all those cool weapons and things. Little did I know the game was more stealth than firing super weapons at multiple enemies. Instead it is best to take out the bad guys without being seen, otherwise a whole slew of enemies feel the scream as a warning siren sounds off. The game grew on me, however, and it was pretty fun. Though there was another major disappointment on the the horizon with this one. So during this military special ops mission you must evade troops and finally you will slowly, but surely get all the supplies that were promised to you in the ad. There are some rather interesting battles with some super powered villains, bosses if you will. Then you have the final showdown with Metal Gear! The cool super powered tank pictured on the cover...well not really. No, instead you fight one last guy and go up an elevator and that is it. No battle with the super vehicle weapon on the front cover. Can you say disappointment all over again? What is the point of shower me that thing on the cover if it is not going to make an appearance of any kind? We do not even get to see the thing explode at the end. Still, overall a good game. Besides what other game do you get to sneak around under a cardboard box?


I first came across the Metal Gear series with the release of Metal Gear Solid on the PSOne. It was being raved about by reviewers as revolutionary and the greatest PSOne title to date. And, its safe to say, I wasn't disappointed by the stealthy game play, gripping storyline and some of the best graphics on the PSOne. I believed it to be the beginning of an excellent series. However, I soon learned that it wasn't the beginning, and that in fact the original Metal Gear had appeared on consoles man years before. With this in mind, I began to hunt the original game.

There are two versions of Metal Gear: one for the MSX, which is in fact the first version and a version for the NES. The NES version, however, is quite different from the original MSX version, so I will be concentrating on the MSX version.

The story follows a young Solid Snake, the hero of Metal Gear Solid, who is a rookie member of the Special Ops team known as FOXHOUND. Under the orders of the FOXHOUND leader, aptly named Big Boss, Snake is sent to a terrorist strong-hold known as Outer Heaven, were he is to make contact with, and rescue, veteran FOXHOUND member Grey Fox.

The game play is simple enough, however revolutionary it was at the time. You make your way around the Outer Heaven base, avoiding conflict with enemy soldiers as much as possible. Between areas there are intervals were Snake must battle with various 'boss' characters, before reaching the ultimate(and surprising) final boss, who is controlling the ultimate weapon: a bipedal, walking battle tank called Metal Gear.

The controls are simple enough to master and the interface is quite user friendly. However, the restrictions of ancient 2D graphics mean that it is quite difficult to make your way from A to B without being spotted by the enemy. Also, when this does happen(which is frequent on your first play through) every guard in the area is alerted to your presence, making the idea of fighting back a rather dangerous one. This is really frustrating, and you find yourself restarting more times than you would like. But, persistence makes the game all the more rewarding.

Music and sound is used to good effect, considering the restrictions of the developers. The music provides a worthy atmosphere, and long spells of stealth can make the sudden sound of being identified quite frightening.

All in all, this game is really good, considering the ancient technology used to develop it. It is also interesting to see Snake's origin and the early battles that make him the warrior he is in Metal Gear Solid. A worthy purchase.


The first time I played Metal Gear I was about eight, I couldn't play it so I traded it for another game. Years down the track the urge to play the game again to finish it came up, so I bought it again.

If you like Metal Gear Solid, and you want to know about Solid Snake when he as a rookie, you might like it.

In terms of playability, Metal Gear is superb, while the graphics may not be on par with today's quality it still holds a firm standing as a great game.

The best part is the gameplay which holds its own against the gameplay of newer games.

A great game, buy it, you won't regret it.