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Terror Faces Magoo (1959) Online

Terror Faces Magoo (1959) Online
Original Title :
Terror Faces Magoo
Genre :
Movie / Animation / Family / Short / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Jack Goodford,Chris K. Ishii
Cast :
Jim Backus,Daws Butler
Writer :
Bill Scott,George Atkins
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Terror Faces Magoo (1959) Online

Mr. Magoo is watching a TV program named "Home Roam" which examines the homes of various families and subsequently learns that he and Waldo have been scheduled to air on tonight's broadcast. Magoo proceeds to show the cameramen the various rooms and exhibits of his house. Unfortunately, his publicity is threatened by a burglar and his trained gorilla who break into Magoo's house and attempt to rob it. Of course, Magoo doesn't notice the gorilla (he even mistakes it for Waldo) and reassures the cameramen that Waldo will be all right even if he does have "the manners of a gorilla".
Cast overview:
Jim Backus Jim Backus - Mr. Magoo (voice)

The last theatrical UPA cartoon, and the only one done by the studio's New York branch, which mostly worked on commercials.

The "Home Roam" TV show is a parody of "Person To Person" which featured Edward R. Murrow and later, Charles Collingwood as interviewers.

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This short is the last one produced for movie theater release, both in the Magoo series as well as the last made by the studio. Magoo goes out in perfect form and style. The plot revolves around a television program and a most unusual burglary. The standard Magoo sight gags and a most entertaining finale to the run. Well worth tracking down and getting. Most highly recommended.


Everyone's favorite myopic solipsist Mr. Magoo (wonderfully voiced with tremendous hearty aplomb by the great Jim Backus) gets a surprise visit from the camera crew of a local TV show that want to shoot a feature about his home. Trouble occurs when a cat burglar and his hulking trained gorilla Wilfred also show up to steal all the valuables in Magoo's abode. This delightful cartoon offers plenty of great laughs without ever becoming cynical or mean-spirited; the good-natured sense of gleefully nutty humor goes a long way in making this animated short both amusing and endearing in equal measure. Moreover, Muzzy Marcellino's infectiously bouncy score and the vibrant, colorful animation greatly enhance the superior quality of this often hilariously wacky romp. Single funniest moment: Magoo opens up the blinds to his living room window and thinks that everything he sees outside are various different TV programs on his television screen. A real hoot.