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Waldo: The Movie (2015) Online

Waldo: The Movie (2015) Online
Original Title :
Waldo: The Movie
Genre :
Movie / Short / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Christopher Barry
Cast :
Greg Mansfield,Ryan O'Leary,Blair Drummey
Writer :
Christopher Barry
Type :
Rating :
Waldo: The Movie (2015) Online

Odlaw wants the fame that Waldo has. Little does Waldo know, Odlaw is just one foot-step away from it all.
Cast overview:
Greg Mansfield Greg Mansfield - Odlaw
Ryan O'Leary Ryan O'Leary - Waldo
Blair Drummey Blair Drummey - Wenda (as Blaire Drummey)
Olumide Lucas Olumide Lucas - FBI Agent Skinner

User reviews



I am giving this film a 9 out of 10, for its flawlessness in cinematography. Cinematography is everything to me. If it doesn't look good, then I don't want to watch it. Each shot is colorful, and the space is taken up. There is barley any negative space is any shot. The number one flaw I see in amateur films is poor shot composition. Not only is each shot composed well, there are no award spots. Awkward spots kill the mood of the film. The acting choice is poor, but edited well to make the actors conversations quick and exciting. The plot lost me towards the middle. Is the movie based around Waldo's hope to make his dead wife proud, or is it to defeat Odlaw? Of course, it can be both--but I would have liked to see a little more detail into each dialogue scene.


The message is so powerful, you must watch it several times to clearly understand what you want this film to mean to you. A great film is one that is new every time you watch it. I feel like it was perfectly necessary to bring Odlaw in, it kind of stars Odlaw in a way. The only thing that felt off, or weak, was the audio. The characters from the book were well portrayed. The music suited the dialogue, actions, and emotions. There were a lot of subplots within the film, which I find cool. It kept a balance of message, and plot. Overall, this is a great short film. I hope to see more from Christopher in the future! I will be sure to follow his IMDb page for more news.