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Drahé tety a já (1975) Online

Drahé tety a já (1975) Online
Original Title :
Drahé tety a já
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Crime
Year :
Directror :
Zdenek Podskalský
Cast :
Natasa Gollová,Eva Svobodová,Iva Janzurová
Writer :
Eva Jelínková,Zdenek Podskalský
Type :
Time :
1h 15min
Rating :
Drahé tety a já (1975) Online

Two kind but foolish sisters live together in their villa in a small town in South Bohemia. Fany (Natasa Gollová) has never married and Andelka (Eva Svobodová) is a widow. In the morning, the two sisters go into town. They need to buy fuel oil, put money in the bank and give plums to the teller. In the meantime an smallish orange Skoda MB car parks at their house, with Hermínka (Iva Janzurová), the old ladies' niece, and her fiancé Michal (Jirí Hrzán) in it. Michal has forgotten to bring flowers and has to go into town to fetch them. At the bank, Fany wants to deposit money but the minute the teller opens the safe, a thief arrives. He knocks the teller and Fany unconscious and runs away with the money. When Fany comes to her senses again, she sees Michal and accuses him of being the thief.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Natasa Gollová Natasa Gollová - Fany Toufarová
Eva Svobodová Eva Svobodová - Andelka Horácková
Iva Janzurová Iva Janzurová - Hermínka Sklenárová
Jirí Hrzán Jirí Hrzán - Michal
Ota Sklencka Ota Sklencka - kapitán SNB Jedlicka
Svatopluk Benes Svatopluk Benes - Drogista Vilda
Jirí Koutný Jirí Koutný - Tomecek
Vera Bublíková Vera Bublíková - Svatonová
Jan Faltýnek Jan Faltýnek - strázmistr VB
Miriam Kantorková Miriam Kantorková - Hostinská
Jan Skopecek Jan Skopecek - Zeleznicár
Josef Hlinomaz Josef Hlinomaz - Houbar
Mirko Musil Mirko Musil - Boucek
Jirí Bruder Jirí Bruder - nadporucík VB Bartos
Karel Urbánek Karel Urbánek - Porucík VB Pácl