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Going Back (1984) Online

Going Back (1984) Online
Original Title :
Going Back
Genre :
Movie / Drama / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Ron Teachworth
Cast :
Bruce Campbell,Christopher Howe,Perry Mallette
Writer :
Ron Teachworth
Type :
Time :
1h 19min
Rating :
Going Back (1984) Online

In 1964 two high school friends, Brice and Cleveland leave their suburban neighborhood in Michigan to spend the summer in the countryside before going off to college. They are befriended by a lonely farmer, Jack Bodell, who offers them a place to stay. As days pass, Cleveland helps Jack around the farm and finds in him the father figure he lacks, while Brice falls in love with a local girl named Cindy. The unforgettable summer ends too soon, but the memories linger. Four years later Brice and Cleveland drive up to Jack's farm and learn that there is no going back...
Complete credited cast:
Bruce Campbell Bruce Campbell - Brice Chapman
Christopher Howe Christopher Howe - Cleveland 'Clee' Neal
Perry Mallette Perry Mallette - Jack Bodell
Susan Waderlow Yamasaki Susan Waderlow Yamasaki - Cindy
Vern Teachworth Vern Teachworth - Father

User reviews



At first glance, Going Back, doesn't seem like a very prominent entry in the Bruce Campbell library. But in truth, it's really the first film to showcase his genuine ability to act beyond the "bravado filled egotist" stereotype he's so often associated with.

For an independent film shot in the early 80's on a next to nothing budget, it's very well made. It goes without saying that it doesn't posses the sheen of a big budget feature. Whether intentional or not though, I feel like it only adds an appropriate atmosphere for it's simple small town story of two friends trying to recapture a time in their life that will never come again.

The acting is also well done and delivered with genuine sincerity. The many stories told by the characters within the film, especially Perry Mallette's Jack, instantly brought to memory many personal experiences of getting to listen in on family members reminisce of their younger days. One thing that seemed out of place (at least at first) is the way in which the characters tend to discuss all their thoughts and feelings outright leaving nothing unsaid. Yet without those moments and reflective pauses they bring, it would be a much more somber film. The mood it sets instead is one of an evening spent being gently given advice and life lessons by someone who's 'been there.' It's this slice of real life honesty that makes the film, though low in profile and budget, so worth viewing.

Bruce Campbell's hilarious audio commentary really makes the DVD! The man has a gift for making a commentary track worth the price of the film alone. Required viewing for every Bruce fan.


It is odd to see Bruce Campbell for a film like this since he is mostly a horror movie actor but it was still great. The movie focuses around Brice Chapman (Bruce Campbell) and Cleveland "Clee" Neal (Christopher Howe). These two guys are college friends who decide to take a vacation. When there car breaks down, they meet this old war vetern who owns a farm and who gives them a place to stay. Also Brice meets a girl there who he falls for. And they realize when they have to go home they can never go back. This movie I liked a lot. It's not like one of those draggy, boring, and pointless dramas but instead it hooks you and your mind tells you to watch it all. I recommend this film to all.



GOING BACK is a very low budget indie romance that's of interest for featuring Bruce Campbell in one of the leading roles. It's a stepping stone for the EVIL DEAD star, marking his progress as a leading man, and he brings a lot of his natural charisma to the role, although not much of the goofiness evident in his Sam Raimi flicks. The story itself is a wistful slice of nostalgia that follows the fortune of a couple of students as they spend a summer at a farmhouse and learn life lessons along the way. Where it all comes together is during the climax, which takes place after a break of four years, and is full of longing and regret. It's surprisingly deep for such a cheaply-made film.
lets go baby

lets go baby

Who would have thought it? Bruce Campbell (then 24) starring in a film that pulls an average/global user rating of 7.3, which is pretty much up there with the seriously popular film titles!

For once though, it is a rating that is spot on. A rarely glimpsed, ultra low-budget "rites of passage" flick that focuses on a couple of college friends who take a vacation together and who discover warmth, adulthood and in Campbell's case, young love. Very under-rated little movie and ultimately quite engrossing.

Quite frankly I had never heard of this film and but for a chance viewing on late night cable months ago, would have been none the wiser. Made after EVIL DEAD, it shows a side to Chapman rarely seen since, following his typecasting in horror films, often cameoing in those of his friend and mentor, director Sam Raimi.

Campbell was seen most recently (but probably not recognised) in Carrey's THE MAJESTIC
Gold Crown

Gold Crown

This little picture is very simple and yet tells a story that can touch anyone. Bruce Campbell is out of his stereotype here and does a really nice job. The story in strong in this low budget drama, but the production value is solid. The film does a nice job of using the Vietnam war as a back drop to the story. In that, there is a slight anti war theme running through a story about not being able to go back to our youth and recapture our experiences. Reminds me of Herman Hesse theme. Obviously shot on location, the film does an accurate job of creating an original mid west setting and acts as a time piece set in the mid 1960's. There is talent in this writer/ director.