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TV Series / Drama / Romance / Thriller
Cast :
Sunshine Dizon,Iza Calzado,Mark Anthony Fernandez
Type :
TV Series
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Impostora Online

The story starts out with conjoined twins, Lara and Sara, whose successful separation proves to be both a blessing and a curse. When the twins grow up, a freak accident will scar one of the sisters' faces. Nessa's lover, who is also a surgeon, will intervene and restore the face of the twin. But this time, it's a completely different face.
Series cast summary:
Sunshine Dizon Sunshine Dizon - Sara Carreon / - 80 episodes, 2007
Iza Calzado Iza Calzado - Lara Carreon / - 80 episodes, 2007

Dingdong Dantes was replaced by Alfred Vargas.

The original cast included Paulo Avelino in the role of Martin Escudero, Stef Prescott in Charee Pineda's role and Jewel Mische in the role of 'Jenica Garcia'.

Sunshine Dizon and Iza Calzado had worked four times before this series, two TV series and two movies. In the hit TV fantasy series Encantadia (2005), and the first political TV series in the Philippines Kung mawawala ka (2001); in both series they both play nemesis. In film, the reprises their role from Encantadia (2005) in Mulawin: The Movie (2005), and in the acclaimed film Sabel (2004).

Iza Calzado filmed all her final four weeks of the series, with the exception of the finale, within three days to go to America to film The Echo (2008).

Body count: 6.

User reviews



First of all, Impostora is very good, but does not match up the greatness of Bakekang and Kung Mawawala Ka. Impostora has some holes, but are easily been covered up with beautiful acting of the cast.

The mistakes of the director, Maryo J. de los Reyes, made were all overshadowed by the acting. The mistakes such as too bright lighting and sudden jump from a scene to another, were easily fixed by the dual evil-good role of the excellent Sunshine Dizon.

Basically, the story is about twin sisters separated during their childhood when their parents died. The weaker twin's face became disfigured caused by her lousy stepfather. Years later, she gets a plastic surgery, but was shocked when she found someone else's face on hers.

Both the leads and supporting casts were able to create an acting driven story, this is thanks to the greats such as Iza Calzado and Chanda Romero with Mark Anthony Fernandez in his finest performance yet and the comeback of being a villain of Jean Garcia.

The younger cast were able to keep up with actings of those above. Charee Pineda was excellent as always and Jenica Garcia (the daughter of the great Jean Garcia in real life) was able to surpass the acting criteria for newbies (this was her first acting role). StarStruck winner Mart Escudero was average, but lacks emotion in his scenes.

What's good about Impostora, is that it doesn't linger, or focus, its story on unnecessary character subplots. You have three arcs running at the same time: Vanessa/Sara, Lara and Yago/Karen. In fact, many of the characters are disposable, like in real life, and does not attempt to extend: they meet and then part. I commend the series for that factor!

Overall, if you want something different, if you don't want an all crying series, I suggest Impostora. Carefully crafted by one of the best writers in the Philippines RJ Nuevas, who drafted the superior Bakekang from the pages of Carlo Caparas' comics.